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Cities and settlements

Item Place Latitude/Longitude
Capital (of an independent nation) Wellington, New Zealand 41°17′S 174°47′E
Permanent settlement of any size Amundsen-Scott Base, Antarctica 90°00′S
City or town > 1000 Puerto Williams, Chile 54°56′S 67°37′W
City > 50 000 Ushuaia, Argentina 54°48′S 68°18′W
City > 100 000 Punta Arenas, Chile 53°10′S 70°56′W
City > 1 million Melbourne, Australia 37°49′S 144°58′E

Shops and service facilities

Item Place Latitude/Longitude
Kindergarten Puerto Williams[4], Chile 54º55'59"S 67º37'00"W
UNESCO world heritage site (cultural) Cueva de las Manos, Argentina[1] 47°9'S 70°40'W
UNESCO world heritage site (natural) Macquarie Island, Australia[1] 54°38'S 158°52'E
Restaurant [5] (Depending on definition) Galley at Amundsen-Scott station, Antarctica; Camblor, Puerto Williams, Chile
Primary school Escuela Nº 38 “Presidente Julio A. Roca”, Esperanza Base, Antarctica [2] 63°24′S 57°00′W
Secondary school Puerto Williams, Chile[6] 54º55'59"S 67º37'00"W
Tourist office Puerto Williams[7], Chile 54º55'59"S 67º37'00"W


  • Land (ice covered): the Geographic South Pole, Antarctica, 90°S
  • Land (ice free): variable
  • Sea (ice covered): variable
  • Open sea in summer: variable
  • Tripoint: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, 30°11'S 57°38'W





Gardens, zoos and aquaria

  • Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve [11]





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