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The prefix thio-, when applied to a chemical, such as an ion, means that an oxygen atom in the compound has been replaced by a sulphur atom. This meaning is especially valid in organic chemistry. For example, the word ether refers to an oxygen-containing compound having the general chemical structure R-O-R', where R and R' are organic radicals and O is an oxygen atom. Thioether refers to an analogous compound with the general structure R-S-R' where S is a sulphur atom covalently bonded to two organic radicals.

Thio- can be prefixed with di- and tri- in chemical nomenclature.

It came from Greek θειον = "sulphur" (which occurs in Greek epic poetry as θεειον and may come from the same root as Latin fumus (Indo-European dh-w) and may have originally meant "fumigation substance".)

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