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Following a general election in March, 2006, the Prime Minister and leader of the Kadima party, Ehud Olmert, formed the 31st government. His coalition government initially included three other parties; the Labour party, the Sephardic Shas party, and Gil, the pensioner's party. His proposed list of Ministers was put before the Knesset and approved on 4 May 2006. The cabinet had 25 members and the parties were represented as follows: Kadima with 12 Ministers, Labour with 7, Shas with 4 and Gil with 2.

The nationalist party Yisrael Beiteinu joined the coalition in November 2006, resulting in a slight reshuffle; along with other changes, this left the distribution of ministers as follows: Kadima with 11, Labour with 6, Shas with 4, Gil with 2 and Yisrael Beiteinu with 2, alongside one independent non-MK, Daniel Friedmann. There is also one Deputy Minister (of Defense). In September 2007 another Labour minister was added to the cabinet. Yisrael Beiteinu left the coalition on 16 January 2008 in protest at peace talks with the Palestinian National Authority.[1] Another Kadima MK (Eli Aflalo) was added to the cabinet on 14 July 2008.


Last members

As of 14 August 2008, Israel's 31st Cabinet comprised the following Ministers:

Portfolio Minister Party
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Kadima
Vice Prime Minister
Minister in the PM's Office for State Policy
Haim Ramon Kadima
Acting Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Tzipi Livni Kadima
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Defence
Ehud Barak Labour
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Industry, Trade and Labour
Eli Yishai Shas
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Transportation
Shaul Mofaz Kadima
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Shalom Simhon Labour
Minister of Communications Ariel Atias Shas
Minister of Education Yuli Tamir Labour
Minister of Environmental Protection Gideon Ezra Kadima
Minister of Finance Roni Bar-On Kadima
Minister of Health Yaakov Ben-Yezri Gil
Minister of Housing and Construction Ze'ev Boim Kadima
Minister of Immigrant Absorption Eli Aflalo Kadima
Minister of the Interior Meir Sheetrit Kadima
Minister of Internal Security Avi Dichter Kadima
Minister of Justice Daniel Friedmann None1
Minister of National Infrastructure Benjamin Ben-Eliezer Labour
Minister of Negev and Galilee Development Yaakov Edri Kadima
Minister of Pensioner Affairs Rafi Eitan Gil
Minister of Religious Services Yitzhak Cohen Shas
Minister Science, Culture and Sport Raleb Majadele Labour
Minister of Tourism Ruhama Avraham Kadima
Minister of Welfare and Social Services
Minister of the Diaspora, Society and Fight Against Antisemitism
Isaac Herzog Labour
Minister without Portfolio Ami Ayalon Labour
Minister in the Finance Ministry Meshulam Nahari Shas

1 No party affiliation as Friedmann is not a member of the Knesset.


Deputy Ministers

Portfolio Minister Party
Deputy Minister of Defense Matan Vilnai Labour
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Majalli Wahabi Kadima

Former ministers


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