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Thizz Entertainment
Founded 1999
Founder Mac Dre, Curtis "Kilo Curt" Nelson
Genre Bay Area Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap, Hyphy
Country of origin US
Official Website MySpace

Thizz Entertainment is a San Francisco Bay Area-based, independent record label, started as Romp Records in 1996 by rapper Mac Dre. When Dre moved to Sacramento in 1999, he changed the label's name to Thizz Entertainment to avoid connections ' '; '; "to the Romper Room Gang.[1] Dre thought the name Thizz perfectly expressed how it felt when you were high on ecstasy[1] which was becoming popular in the Bay Area hip hop scene.[2]

When, on November 1, 2004, Mac Dre was shot and killed after a performance in Kansas City, Missouri Dre's business partners Miami tha Most and Curtis "Kilo Curt" Nelson took over the label, and added Mac Mall as co-owner.[1] The label's base of operations was then moved back to the Bay Area.



The label is known for producing "Thizz music" or 'feel-good music',[citation needed] a genre of hip-hop coined by Mac Dre "blending Shock G’s nasally sonic smirk with E-40’s love of language and odd vocal inflections."[citation needed] It is also partially responsible for the Northern California hyphy movement.[citation needed]

Over sixty artists have released albums through Thizz Entertainment and its various divisions.[citation needed] Thizz Entertainment also sponsors parties and other promotional events.

The label nurtures a music scene largely ignored by the major record labels and their promotional dollars.[citation needed] Thizz sells their CDs on the Internet and markets them largely by word of mouth.[3] They offer the benefit of the label's name recognition to artists who otherwise might not be able to successfully push a record.

In 2007 they diversified, adding imprints: Thizz South, Thizz Latin, and Thizz Northwest[4]


Thizz Nation series

  • 2003: Thizz Nation Vol. 1
  • 2003: Thizz Nation Vol. 2
  • 2005: Thizz Nation Vol. 3
  • 2005: Thizz Nation Vol. 4
  • 2006: Thizz Nation Vol. 5
  • 2006: Thizz Nation Vol. 6
  • 2006: Thizz Nation Vol. 7
  • 2006: Thizz Nation Vol. 8 (featuring Mistah F.A.B.)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 9 (featuring Rydah J. Klyde)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 10 (featuring Bavgate)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 11 (featuring Johnny Cash)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 12 (featuring Money Gang)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 13
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 14 (featuring Thizz Latin)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 15
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 16 (featuring The Crest Creepaz)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 17 (featuring J-Diggs)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 18 (featuring Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 19 (featuring Starr Studded)
  • 2007: Thizz Nation Vol. 20 (featuring Geezy)
  • 2008: Thizz Nation Vol. 21 (featuring Gorilla Pits)
  • 2008: Thizz Nation Vol. 22 (featuring Meez)
  • 2008: Thizz Nation Vol. 23 (featuring Thizz South)
  • 2008: Thizz Nation Vol. 24 (featuring Sky Balla)
  • 2009: Thizz Nation Vol. 25 (featuring J-Diggs & Keak Da Sneak)
  • 2009: Thizz Nation Vol. 26 (707 Say It Backwards)


  • Treal T.V. (2003)
  • Treal T.V. #2 (2006)
  • The Block Report (2007)

Thizz Entertainment divisions

  • Thizz South Records (Run By Magnolia Chop and Trill Real)
  • Thizz Latin Records (Run By Gold Toes)
  • Thizz Latin Sac Valley (Run By Don Changolini 4000)
  • Thizz NorthWest (Run By Kilo Curt)
  • Romp Records (Run By J-Diggs)
  • Faeva Afta Entertainment (Run By Mistah F.A.B.)
  • M.G.M. Records (Run By Rydah J. Klyde)
  • B.M.R (Run By Bavgate)
  • Town Thizzness (Run By J. Stalin)
  • ASquad Inc (Run By HowieKrakk)

Thizz Kennels (Pitapino Rich)

Thizz Kennels (Ran by Pitapino Rich)


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