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Thomas Charles Lethbridge
Nationality English
Other names T. C. Lethbridge
Ethnicity Caucasian
Citizenship United Kingdom
Education Wellington College, Cambridge University
Occupation Explorer, Archeologist and Psychic Researcher
Known for The Power of the Pendulum

Thomas Charles Lethbridge (3 March 1901 – 30 September 1971) was a British explorer, archeologist and psychic researcher.



Lethbridge was educated at Wellington College, before attending Trinity College, Cambridge, Cambridge University at the age of eighteen, where he discovered an interest in archeology. Once he had completed his degree, he began working as a voluntary digger for Louis Clarke, the curator of the Archaeological Museum in Cambridge. Although he had a private income, Lethbridge became the keeper of Anglo-Saxon antiquities at the museum. He remained in Cambridge until 1957, bored with what he called “the academic trade-unionism” that existed within his profession. During this time he wrote a series of books about British history. These, however, are generally eclipsed by the much more famous and controversial series of books he wrote at his home, Hole House, in Branscombe, Devon between 1961 and his death in 1971. Lethbridge claimed there is a link between the length of a pendulum and the object being doused for (see 'external links' below).

Occult studies

Lethbridge was a dedicated researcher who considered matters known as "the occult" with a scientific approach and put forward theories on ghosts, witchcraft, dowsing, psychokinesis and even aliens. His book The Power of the Pendulum, documents his research into dowsing by means of the pendulum. Lethbridge died while the book was still in draft form.

The book is a conclusion to the author's lifelong study of the worlds of the unexplained and the occult. Through his experience with the pendulum and his work with dreams, Lethbridge concluded that there are other realms of reality beyond this one and that the soul is probably immortal.


  • Umiak 1937
  • Merlins Island: Essays on Britain in the Dark Ages 1948
  • Herdsmen and Hermits: Celtic Seafarers in the Northern Seas 1950
  • Coastwise Craft 1952
  • Boats and Boatmen 1952
  • The Painted Men: A History of the Picts 1954
  • Gogmagog: The Buried Gods 1957
  • Ghost and Ghoul 1961
  • Witches: Investigating an Ancient Religion 1962
  • Ghost and Divining Rod 1963
  • ESP: Beyond Time and Distance 1965
  • A Step in the Dark 1967
  • The Monkey’s Tail: A Study in Evolution and Parapsychology 1969
  • The Legend of the Sons of God: A Fantasy? 1972
  • The Power of the Pendulum 1978

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