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Diesel 10

Diesel 10 is based on a British Rail Class 42 with an ochre-colored paint scheme. In The Magic Railroad, he was played by improvisational comedian Neil Crone, who reportedly created such character traits as the name "Pinchy" for Diesel's claw. Crone was hired when the producers decided to reedit the movie due to test audience responses. Keith Scott played Diesel before the cuts were made.

After Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Diesel 10 has appeared briefly in two specials released by HiT Entertainment. In Calling All Engines, Diesel used his claw to lift scrap metal and debris into trucks on The Fat Controller's railway. Thomas and Percy were frightened of him and made sure to avoid him whenever possible. Eventually, Thomas needed help in order to clear a wreck at the airport, and to patch a feud between steam and diesel engines. Thomas turned to Diesel 10, and convinced Diesel that helping the engines at the airport would make him the most useful engine of all. Diesel agrees, and with his help to clear scrap, the airport opens on schedule. Diesel appeared briefly in a later special, The Great Discovery. He was one of a number of diesel engines waiting at the quarry when Thomas went missing. Although he is a mean Diesel, over the years he becomes an independent engine.


Appearance in Magic Railroad

Diesel 10 (Neil Crone) is a large diesel engine with a large claw (which he calls "Pinchy") extending from his roof, and the main antagonist in the movie Thomas & the Magic Railroad . The engines say he's rated "ten out of ten for devious deeds and brutal strength." When he first came to Sodor, he tried to destroy Lady, a magic steam engine. Burnett took Lady into hiding, and Diesel spent a long time plotting to destroy her and bring an end to all steam engines. He repeatedly terrorized the steam engines and Mr. Conductor in an attempt to track down Lady and the Magic Railroad. Diesel recruited two other diesel engines, Splatter and Dodge, to help him find Lady. The diesels grew tired, however, of Diesel 10's attitude, and refused to help him when Lady returned to Sodor. Diesel chased Lady and Thomas until the three came to a collapsing viaduct. Lady and Thomas were light enough to make it across, but the track couldn't hold Diesel and he fell into a barge.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Thomas and the Magic Railroad was the first theatrical Thomas and Friends movie.


Lady is a purplish and gold tank engine who has magical powers. A long time ago Diesel 10 chased her, and made her have an accident. For years Burnett Stone has worked on her and kept her in his workshop on Muffle Mountain.

Lady does not appear to be based on any particular kind of steam locomotive, but it has been suggested that she bears some resemblance to Gladstone, the steam locomotive featured in the British 1936 film, Oh, Mr. Porter! (K&SER Northiam with the rear cab cut off and an enlarged chimney). Lady's face only appears on the Island of Sodor.

Magic Railroad

Lady (Britt Allcroft) holds the Magic Railroad together - she emits colorful shavings that turn into gold dust. Because of this, she is kept hidden in Burnett Stone's workshop in Muffle Mountain after Diesel 10 made her crash. Stone repaired her, but she would not run. Eventually, his granddaughter Lily suggested using Sodor coal, which finally allowed her to make steam and return to the Island of Sodor. Diesel 10 found Lady, and chased her and Thomas. Thomas and Lady outran him, leaving Diesel 10 to his fate. It was found that Lady was the source of Mr. Conductor's gold dust.

Appearance in Calling All Engines

Lady later appeared in Calling All Engines. She appeared in Thomas' dream alongside Rusty, telling him how to get the airport finished.

In the Calling All Engines DVD's Character Gallery, Lady is mentioned as "... a magical engine. When she works along the rails, she spreads gold dust along the rails. Lady has been known to help Thomas and his friends when there was no other engine to turn to..."

Splatter and Dodge

Splatter (Neil Crone) and Dodge (Kevin Frank) are the two bumbling sidekicks of Diesel 10. He collectively refers to them as "Splodge" claiming that saying he doesn't have time to say both names. Although the other engines do fear them, they do not have intelligence or villainy to match Diesel 10. Splatter is purple and more talkative than Dodge. Dodge is olive and more intelligent than Splatter. The two grow disdain for him at the end of the film, abandoning Diesel 10 as he tries to catch Lady and Thomas. Their whereabouts at the end of the film are unknown. The reason they have not appeared since the film is because after filming, their models were repainted into 'Arry and Bert. The two are based on British Rail Class 08 shunters.

Mr. Conductor

Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin) is the railway conductor who often helps to run the railway for Sir Topham Hatt when he is not helping out at Shining Time Station. When Sir Topham Hatt goes on holiday, Mr. Conductor travels to Sodor to keep Diesel 10 in order, but he runs out of gold dust, and can't get back to Shining Time Station nor find out how to make more, leaving him powerless. He eventually finds a clue and when Burnett Stone travels to the island, his engine, Lady, provides him with gold dust. He was played by Alec Baldwin. The role is based on the character in the series Shining Time Station, previously played by Ringo Starr and George Carlin.

Lily Stone

Lily Stone (Mara Wilson) is the granddaughter of Burnett Stone. She lives in a big city, but comes to visit him during the film. After getting on the wrong train, she arrives at Shining Time Station, where she meets C. Junior. The station master, Stacy Jones, drives her to Burnett's home, and tells Lily that she wishes she could visit Shining Time. Lily meets Junior again, and they travel to Sodor. Later, she and Thomas find a way back to Muffle Mountain. She finds Lady and helps Burnett find a way to make her run and get to the island.

Burnett Stone

Burnett Stone (Peter Fonda) is Lily's grandfather and Lady's caretaker. He keeps her in Muffle Mountain. He was very sad when Lady crashed and he could not make her work again. He was even more devastated when his wife Tasha died. He couldn't get Lady to start until Lily got coal from the Island of Sodor. He did get Lady to work, and became her driver as they outran Diesel 10.

C. Junior

Mr. Conductor Jr. (Michael E. Rodgers) is Mr. Conductor's cousin, who was on holiday at the beach. Mr. Conductor urged him to travel to Shining Time Station. There, Junior met Lily, and they went to Sodor to find Mr. Conductor. They did find him at a windmill, but Junior became stuck on the windmill, and was flung onto the back of Diesel 10. He ended up in the scrap yard, flung onto James' cab. The two were nearly sent into the smelting pit, until Junior used his gold dust to transport them away. Junior then found Mr. Conductor, who told him that their gold dust was almost depleted. When Lady returned to the Island, he and his cousin found their gold dust again. He seems to like surfing.


Patch (Cody McMains) is a local boy who works for Burnett Stone. He finds Lady and asks Burnett about her. Later he meets Lily and ends up with her until Lily departs for Sodor. The three of them later travel to Sodor in Lady.


Mutt is Patch's dog, who tries to help Lily and can sense trouble in the world.

Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones (Didi Conn) is the manager of Shining Time Station. She is frequently helped by Mr. Conductor and when Lily arrives at the station by mistake, Stacy drives Lily to Burnett. Didi Conn reprised the role she played on Shining Time Station.

Billy Twofeathers

Billy Twofeathers (Russell Means) is a train driver who works in the Indian Valley, driving trains to Muffle Mountain, Shining Time, and other places. Billy was a character on the Thomas and Friends spin-off, Shining Time Station, on which he was played by Tom Jackson.

P.T. Boomer

P.T. Boomer (Doug Lennox) was the character originally filmed as the main villain of Magic Railroad. Boomer was always jealous of Burnett's relationship with Tasha, and grew into a drifter. He owned a motorcycle and caused havoc wherever he went. Boomer was responsible for putting Lady in a state of disrepair. By chance, Boomer landed on the back of Diesel 10 as he chased down Thomas and Lady, and fell with the diesel from a viaduct into a barge. Boomer's scenes were cut or altered when test audiences considered his character too frightening.

Calling All Engines

No characters appeared exclusively in Calling All Engines, the first straight-to-DVD special.

The Great Discovery

The Great Discovery introduced one new character to the series.


Stanley is a strong tank engine who made Thomas jealous when he arrived on Sodor.

Hero of the Rails

Three new characters were introduced in Hero of the Rails.


Hiro is an old, lost steam engine. [1][2]


Victor is a tank engine who manages the Sodor Steamworks.[3][4]


Kevin is a young crane who works at the Sodor Steamworks.[3][5]

Misty Island Rescue

Three new characters are to be introduced in Misty Island Rescue.


Bash & Dash




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