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Thomson may refer to:


  • Thomson (surname), includes a list of people with this name and a description of its origin


  • thomson (unit), a unit for mass-to-charge ratio, symbol: Th; named in honor of J. J. Thomson
  • Thomson effect, named for William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, which is the heating or cooling of a current-carrying conductor when a temperature gradient is present


United States


  • The Thomson Corporation, a Canadian-based information services company
    • Thomson Reuters, a media company created by The Thomson Corporation's purchase of Reuters on 17 April, 2008
  • Thomson-CSF, former name for the company Thales Group
  • Thomson Local, the UK business directory published by Thomson Directories
  • Thomson SA, formerly known as Thomson Multimedia, a French electronics manufacturer and media services provider
    • Thomson MO5 and MO6, TO7, TO8 and TO9, microcomputers by Thomson SA in the 1980s
  • Various businesses of TUI AG:
    • Thomson Holidays, a UK-based travel company founded by the Thomson Corporation in 1965; now a subsidiary of TUI UK
    • Thomsonfly, a UK airline, part of TUI AG, formerly Britannia Airways
    • Thomson Airways, a UK airline formed from the merger of Thomsonfly and First Choice Airways

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From LoveToKnow 1911

THOMSON (1810-1864), who subsequently became medical officer of health for St Marylebone, London, and after 1846 he ceased active work altogether. He was a most energetic professor, and, according to his colleague, but no relation, Lord Kelvin (Sir William Thomson), founded the first chemical laboratory for students at a time when practical work was scarcely recognized as a necessary part of chemical education. He did much to spread a knowledge of Dalton's atomic theory, and carried out many experiments in its support, but his strong predilections in favour of Prout's hypothesis tended to vitiate his results, many of which were sharply criticized by J. J. Berzelius and other chemists. In addition to various textbooks he published a History of Chemistry (1830-1831) which has provided material for many chemical biographers, but which, although it reads very plausibly, cannot be regarded as an authority of unimpeachable accuracy. His eldest son, Thomas Thomson (1817-1878) graduated as M.D. at Glasgow in 1839, accompanied Sir J. D. Hooker on his travels in Sikkim in 1850, and collaborated with him in publishing his Flora indica in 1855 and in 1854 was appointed superintendent of the botanic gardens at Calcutta, also acting as professor of botany at the Calcutta medical college.

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Proper noun




  1. A British surname, variant of Thompson, originally meaning son of Thomas. Being derived from Thomas ultimately gives this surname an Aramaic derivation - teoma 'twin'.


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Thomson may mean

  • Carl Gustaf Thomson (1824–1899) - Swedish Entomogist - Thomson is his official abbreviation
  • Thomas Thomson (1817-1878) - British physician and botanist - Thomson is his official botanical author abbreviation according to IPNI

or possibly

  • Scott Thomson (1966-) - Australian Taxonomist and Palaeontologist (turtles). Generally abbreviated as S. Thomson


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