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You may be looking for Thrasymedes of Paros, the sculptor.

In Greek mythology Thrasymedes (Θρασυμήδης) was a participant in the Trojan War. He was from Pylos and was the oldest son of Nestor and Eurydice (or Anaxibia), and the elder brother of Antilochus.


Thrasymedes was one of the more prominent younger leaders portrayed in the Iliad, though not to the extent of his brother. He fought bravely throughout the entire war. In the Iliad he was one of the lead sentries and was present at night when the Greek wall was built. When Diomedes and Odysseus went on a spying expedition he gave the former his armour and sword before they left. When his brother was killed by Memnon he helped his father fight for possession of the dead body, but due to Memnon's superior strength they were forced to withdraw and enlist the help of Achilleus. Once he whipped Odysseus, mistaking him for a beggar after the latter stole the Luck of Troy. He was also one of the Danaans to enter the Trojan Horse.

Thrasymedes survived the war and returned home with his father, presumably inheriting his kingdom when his father died.


In the Odyssey, Telemachus visited him at Pylus whilst searching for news on his lost father Odysseus.



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