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A thread is a kind of thin yarn used for sewing. Thread may also refer to:

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THREAD (0. Eng. praed, literally, that which is twisted, prawan, to twist, to throw, cf. "throwster," a silk-winder, Ger. drehen, to twist, turn, Du. draad, Ger. Draht, thread, wire), a thin or fine cord of two or more yarns of fibrous substance, such as cotton, silk, wool or flax, tightly twisted together (see Spinning and Cotton And Cotton Manufacture). Thread, whether as silk or cotton thread, is particularly used for sewing, but it is also used in weaving. Lisle thread, a hardtwisted linen thread, originally made at Lille in France, is specially used in the manufacture of stockings (see Hosiery). Apart from the figurative sense of that which runs through the course of a subject, narrative or speech, as a connecting thought, idea or purpose, the term is also applied specifically to the spiral part of a screw.

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Thread m.

  1. thread (computing: unit of execution)

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Simple English

Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for:

Thread could mean:

  • A kind of thin yarn, thin fibers spun together, for sewing
  • Screw thread, a ridge running in a spiral down the length of a screw
  • Threaded discussion, a group of messages to a newsgroup, mailing list or Internet forum on a single topic
  • Thread (computer science), a sequence of instructions which may execute in parallel with other threads
  • Threads, a 1984 BBC docudrama concerning the after-effects of a nuclear attack on Sheffield
  • Thread, a destructive mindless alien spore in the Dragonriders of Pern series of science fiction novels
  • "Threads", a Season 8 Stargate SG-1 episode
  • Thread (unit of measurement), a cotton yarn measurement, equal to 54 inches
  • Thread, a 1999 album by Wideawake
  • Thread, a sugar stage in candy cookery
  • Thread (business technology), a connection made to publicly record the quality of a business transaction


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