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Mushtaq Abdul Razak Memon/Nadim Memon

Tiger Memon
Born November 24, 1960(1960-11-24)
Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Occupation Businessman
Spouse(s) Reshma Memon/Nilopher Memon
Children 2

Mushtaq Abdul Razak Memon/Nadim Tayab Memon better known as Tiger Memon is an Indian gangster and the prime accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case and is wanted by the Interpol and the CBI.

He is married to Reshma Memon/Nilopher Memon and has two children ,Naief Memon and Duresha Memon.[1] His role as the prime accused in the blasts along with Dawood Ibrahim has been confirmed by the Special court after the conviction of the other accused in the case.[2] There is reason to believe that Tiger Memon is now in Karachi, Pakistan and moves under aliases to evade authorities. He was recently reported to have opened a restaurant in Dubai[3] His ties with Indian Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, also known as Ibrahim Kaskar the infamous underworld kingpin have been reviewed and are concrete, for Tiger is believed to be his right hand.

to hide in Dubai, the morning before the blasts. His fortune has been estimated to be in the millions[citation needed], with operations in drug dealing, money laundering, property, stocks and industry. The D-company as it is infamously known has grown thanks to Dawood. Tiger Memon is one of his most trusted henchmen[citation needed].

On September 12, 2006, The special TADA court hearing the long-drawn case around the 1993 Bombay bombings convicted four members of the Memon family - Yakub, Essa, Rubina and Yusuf. Three other members of the Memon family - Suleiman, Hanifa and Rahil - have, however, been acquitted with the judge giving them the benefit of doubt. The four Memons have been held guilty on charges of conspiring and abetting acts of terror. They face jail terms ranging from a minimum of five years to life imprisonment. Yakub Memon, the brother of prime accused 'Tiger' Memon, has been charged for possession of unauthorised arms.


Sentencing in Mumbai Blast Case

Yakub Memon, the younger brother of Tiger Memon, has been sentenced to death. Three other Family members have been given Life Imprisonment. Rubina, the sister in law of Tiger Memon escaped the death penalty as she is a woman. Yusuf and Essa were acquitted as they were mentally unstable. Yakub was under treatment for depression.[4] Yakub memon was a chartered accountant by profession.

In popular culture

The activities of Tiger Memon has been a major part of Anurag Kashyap's film Black Friday (2004) which is based on the 1993 Bombay bombings. Memon was played by Bollywood actor Pavan Malhotra. Malhotra's portrayal made Tiger Memon in the film appear to viewers as a ruthless but calm gangster having a good leadership abilities and strong influences over the subordinates. The storyline also had Tiger's brother Yakub Memon who has been portrayed by another Bollywood actor and also a director (Jab We Met) Imtiaz Ali.


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