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Tika can be:

  • A Nepalese name for Tilaka
  • A nickname for Petrika the Albanian variation of Peter
  • A title in certain Indian monarchies for a Crown Prince
  • A place in Abkhazia
  • A place on Saturn's satellite Rhea, named after the last place
  • A name in various Indian languages (ṭīkā) for certain commentaries such as:
  • A pendant worn in place of the red spot (tilaka or 'tika') on the foreheads of Hindu women. Originally, the red spot was a sign which a priest would paint on the brow of a visitor to the temple. Later the tika became a standard part of the costume of a Hindu woman. The tika can be stuck on or drawn, or, in the form of a pendant, suspended between the eyes. Also known as Maang Tika.
  • Tika Waylan, a major character in the DragonLance series of fantasy novels
  • A software module for extracting text from binary files. Apache Tika is a subproject of the Lucene


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