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Tim Haywood is a writer, composer, designer, sound designer, and actor. He is best known for his work on the video game Shadow Man. Born: 16 July 1972, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

Tim Haywood has been an Audio Director, Composer, and Sound Designer. Tim Haywood has now joined Frontier Developments as Senior Audio Designer (Lead), working on their production "The Outsider"

Tim Haywood has said on his facebook page that; a piece of music written on the AMIGA computer by Tor Bernhard Gausen was his initial catalyst to becoming a composer, also referencing Rob Hubband, and Martin Galway as early influences that encouraged him in his love of video game music.

Tim Haywood started writing music in 1991, his first professional work was done in 1992. Tim Haywood is rumored to be releasing a Sci-fi Cyber Dark Ambient project called "Escape from the Planet Jaloon", which will be downloadable for free from the internet, and also released as videos on Youtube.

Tim Haywood has also confirmed via the Shadow Man website that he is currently planning to re-score the Shadow Man soundtrack. It is unknown at this time if this will be a public release as there is still question marks over the legal aspects of releasing the music, as Valiant Comics hold all rights to Shadow Man (currently).

Tim Haywood is working on the story and script for a new sequel to the Shadow Man original Shadow Man game (not a sequel to the 2nd game called 2nd Coming, but a new sequel to the original release, starting at a point when Shadow Man is defeat by Legion. 2nd Coming was a sequel based on Shadow Man defeating Legion at the end of the original game.

Tim Haywood is also working on a Book called : Shadow Man : Asylum, which is about the origins of the Asylum, and the history of Deadside.



Tim Haywood has been playing electric, acoustic and semi acoustic guitars for 21 years. He claims that he "can play any instrument badly", and that this also applies to his guitar skills, saying that he plays well enough to add guitar elements to his compositions, but tends to play for private and personal pleasure. He has only performed live twice, once at the age of 16 and the other at the age of 29 for an Acclaim Company Christmas Party, where he performed alongside many other musicians in a super group called 16 Monkeys. (Including musicians such as, Tim Jennings, Nick Arundel, Pete Hodbod, and vocalist Neil Holmes, and Simon Phipps)

Tim has had several guitars since 1988, the first guitar was a Biscayne Six (White), which was an extremely cheap guitar made in Asia and distributed by Tropical Music Exports in Miami. It was the guitar that was used in his first public performance. This was sold to a 2nd hand music shop either is Lincoln or Newcastle (possibly Smokey Joes in the city center).

Tim's 2nd guitar was a Green Flying V, custom made in Newcastle (1990) by an unknown guitar maker, it was incredibly heavy wood and uncomfortable to play, it actually sounded very good, but it was never a favorite and was subsequently sold most likely in Newcastle to Smokey Joes 2nd hand shop.

Tim's 3rd guitar was an Ibanez RG550 in Red and Black bought 2nd hand in 1991, though it was only 6 months old. This guitar also did not last too long, it was subsequently sold to purchase a synth.

Between 1991 and 1996 it is unknown what guitars Tim owned and played during this period.

The Shadow Man Guitar

Tim's next guitar that is known about he still has today, and its a Squier Stratocaster By Fender (1996) in Burgundy, that was made in Korea. Bought from Sound Control in Manchester. This is the first guitar that Tim felt was suitable for him as a player, not to heavy to hold, a guitar that has matured and improved with age. The Strat has been used on the track "Milton Dead" from the Shadow Man soundtrack. In recent years this guitar has had the 6th string (High E) removed, and he has played it as a 5 string guitar, the guitar has also almost always been detuned to drop A, Tim has said that this is his thrasher guitar but it will be replaced soon with a custom guitar made specifically for heavy trash playing, and the Strat will be reconditioned, with new custom made pickups, fretwork redone, strings replace, 6th string added, and electrics all checked out by a guitar specialist. - He has also stated that he may have some artwork created for the guitar in tribute to the Shadow Man game, and it will be renamed "The Shadow Man"

1997 Tim started to use a Takamine FD360SC Semi Acoustic guitar (Bought from Sound Control in Newcastle), that he still has to this day. This guitar has not been used on a commercial track yet, but it has been used by another guitarist during the 16 Monkeys Gig. The Takamine is another favourite of Tim's and it is highly unlikely that he will ever part with this, though it does require a Luthier to give it a spruce up. The electrics of the Preamp and FX unit are in working order, but the pickup inside the guitar has a fault. (as of 2009). Its understood that this fault will be repaired, but the guitar will not have any further customisation.

In 2001 Tim used a Gibson Studio when he lived in Dublin, Ireland. This wasn't to be the start of a love affair with Gibson, in fact the guitar was hardly played and eventually sent to Microsoft Game Studios in Redmond, USA.

In 2003 Tim bought 2 Palmer Electric guitars from a work mate, and also another guitar from a Guitar Retailer in Stock on Tees, but none of these guitars were liked or retained. However a Peavey Bass, and 2 Amplifiers by Peavey were purchased around the same time and have been used periodically since.

In 2009 Tim bought a Fender USA Telecaster that was subsequently returned to the seller after a Luthier discovered several unreported issues with the guitar. Tim also bought another Squier Stratocaster for £20 from a work mate, its a 1995 Japanese model, that is unique that the previous owner decided to decorate the guitar with dinsoaur stickers, and has give the guitar a rather unusual look. The Electrics of the guitar are somewhat broken as some DIY work by the previous owner has caused problems with the volume pots, but surprisingly the electrics are still functional. This guitar is set to be reconditioned, but the artwork is to be left as is.

Tim Haywood has now bought a G&L telecaster (Korean), with a Colin Fulton setup, and an Ibanez RGT6EXFX customised with Bare Knuckle War Pig Humbucker Pickups again setup by Colin Fulton.

Current Guitars:

G&L Telecaster (Korean), with CF Setup

Ibanez RGTEXFX with Bare Knuckle War Pig Humbuckers

Squier Strat (Japanese) 1995 Dino

Squier Strat (1996) The Shadow Man Guitar

Takamine FD360SC Semi Acoustic

Peavy Bass

Credited Game Work

1993 : Burning Rubber : Ocean Software.
1993 : Sink or Swim  : Zeppelin Premier.
1994 : Lillehammer Winter Olympics 1994 : US Gold.
1994 : The Machine (aka Universal Warrior) :Merit Studios.
1995 : Bud Tucker in Double Trouble : Merit Studios.
1996 : Motor Mash : Ocean Software.
1999 : Shadow Man : Acclaim Entertainment.
2001 : Shadow Man 2 : Acclaim Entertainment.
2002 : Train Simulator : Microsoft.
2004 : Jack Chan Adventures : Sony.
2004 : Darkwind : In2games.
2004 : Miami Vice : Davilex.
2005 : Big Mutha Truckers 2 : THQ.
2006 : Rail Simulator : EA.
2007 : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix : EA.
2008 : Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem : Vivendi
2008 : Shellshock 2 : Eidos.
2008 : Star Wars Battle Front 3 : Lucas Arts
2009-: The Outsider : Frontier Developments

Tim Haywood has also worked on several titles "uncredited", and also on several unreleased titles.

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