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This article is about Timbuctoo, the children's book series. For the city in Mali, see Timbuktu; for the community in California, see Timbuctoo, California.
Original 1978 edition of "Oink". Other characters and books in the series had a similar appearance.

Timbuctoo is a series of 25 children's books, written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves, better known for his Mr. Men series. It was published from 1978-1979. The books tell the stories of a group of animals, each of whom is named after the sound that they make. An amimated series of Timbuctoo was shown CITV in 1998, featuring the voices of Ronnie Corbett

List of books

The books are named after their primary character, and are as follows:

  • Woof (a sort of dog)
  • Meow (a sort of cat)
  • Moo (a sort of cow)
  • Neigh (a sort of horse)
  • Bray (a sort of donkey)
  • Squeak (a sort of mouse)
  • Trumpet (a sort of elephant)
  • Roar (a sort of lion)
  • Oink (a sort of pig)
  • Hiss (a sort of snake)
  • Snap (a sort of crocodile)
  • Chirp (a sort of bird)
  • Buzz (a sort of bee)
  • Grizzle (a sort of bear)
  • Puff (a sort of panda)
  • Chatter (a sort of monkey)
  • Sniff (a sort of rabbit)
  • Baa (a sort of sheep)
  • Bleat (a sort of goat)
  • Growl (a sort of tiger)
  • Honk (a sort of seal)
  • Croak (a sort of frog)
  • Quack (a sort of duck)
  • Cluck (a sort of hen)
  • Hoot (a sort of owl)
  • Squawk (a sort of parrot)

In addition to appearing in their own books, many of the above also appeared as secondary characters in other Timbuctoo books. Additional characters include the Timbuctoo Wizard who goes about the place making things better for Timbuctoo's inhabitants (as in "Squeak"), the Timbuctoo Farmer, who among other things tends a prodigious apple orchard (in "Oink"), and the Timbuctoo Postman, who occasionally delivers mail to naive chickens (in "Cluck").



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