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A time bomb (or timebomb, time-bomb) is an improvised explosive device with a timer which may be set to detonate at any given time.


Construction and usage


Explosive charge

Diagram of a simple time bomb in the form of a pipe bomb

The explosive charge is the main component of any bomb, and makes up most of the size and weight of it. It is the damaging element of the bomb (along with any fragments or shrapnel the deflagration might produce with its container or neighboring objects).


Timers can vary from wind-up alarm clocks to cheap wrist watches, digital kitchen timers, and even notebook computers. Timer circuits can be designed using electronic components.


The detonator is the source of heat that will start the combustion (or chain reaction in case of nuclear explosives). It is itself an explosive, with a lower ignition point than the main explosive charges.

List of notable incidents involving time bombs

In popular culture

Time bombs are very common in action/thriller TV series, cartoons, films and video games, where heroes often escape the blast area or defuse the bombs at the very last second.

Such fictional appearances include:

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Simple English

A time bomb is bomb with a timer on it. When the timer counts down to zero, the bomb explodes.

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