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This is a list of characters in the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents.

Main characters

Timmy Turner

Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner
First appearance "The Fairly Oddparents! (Pilot)"
Portrayed by *Voiced by: Tara Strong
Alec Baldwin (Older Timmy)
Mary Kay Bergman (Oh Yeah! Cartoons)
Years 1998—present
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality United StatesAmerican
Parents Mr. Turner
Mrs. Turner
Cosmo (fairy father)
Wanda (fairy mother)
Sibling(s) Poof (fairy brother)
Spouse(s) Tootie (future) or
Trixie Tang (future)
Children Tammie Turner (future daughter)
Tommy Turner (future son)
Grandparents Pappy (grandfather)
Cosma (fairy grandmother) Big Daddy (fairy grandfather)

Timothy Tiberius "Timmy" Turner is an English American 10-year-old boy and the main protagonist of the series. His parents are rarely around and take little interest in him, which makes it easy to hide Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof. He wishes for nearly everything he wants, which sometimes causes havoc. Timmy is smart, but has a short attention span, which leads to failing grades (although his teacher enjoys giving him an F when he is correct). He marries Tootie or Trixie in the episode Channel Chasers and has two children named Tommy and Tammy (which is funny since Tommy is one of the names Trixie or even his parents mistakenly call him during the show). So far, he is one of the few 2D animated characters to have a crossover special with Jimmy Neutron, a 3D animated character. Timmy wears a pink shirt with a pink hat because Timmy's parents thought he would be a girl. He also wears dark blue pantyhose. Sometimes, he is shown in briefs and others in boxers.

Timmy comes from a middle class background which is often referenced. He is also indubitably selfish and wishes for things that will help him; nonetheless, whenever his wishes go wrong, Timmy works to set things right. Timmy's English background is mentioned when his great, great, great, great, great uncle Nigel P. Turner was a upper middle class banker in 18th century London. His age is perfect as he does things a 10-year-old normally would do. Oddly, he always stays the same age even after his school had a summer vacation three times. Timmy's age difference is shown a handful of times. In the episode Baby Face he is turned into a baby to escape Francis' wrath. He is smaller and wears a pink baby cap. As a 16-year old he is very muscular with big arms and a sleeveless pink shirt. He is quite a few feet taller. As an adult, he is still muscular and a white shirt with a pink tie and same blue pants. In the bleak future, he wears a indigo suit with light black shoes. He loves comic books, video games, cartoons, and baseball. He is the average American boy.

Timmy longs to be popular and regularly stands up against teachers and bullies, and isn't above torturing his enemies for his own amusement. Timmy wishes so many things away that an entire island had to be created as a storage for his "unwished" wishes. He is also shown to be addicted to wishing to the point that he lost nearly all of his resourceful and physical skill and needed to go to "wishing rehab," where he re-learns how to rely on his own skills again. In Fairly OddBaby, Timmy gets a fairy baby brother (who Cosmo has instead of Wanda) who he names Poof. In Wishology, Timmy is revealed in the Cave Prophecy in Fairy World as the one to defeat the Darkness and its forces. Actually it was supposed to be Turbo Thunder, but he fell asleep before the Darkness arrived. In a season six episode, Timmy finally celebrates his 11th birthday.

It is seen in Add-a-Dad, while Timmy and his dad are playing catch, that Timmy is left-handed.

The concept of Timmy first came from series animator Butch Hartman's idea of a male version of Cinderella who is watched over by a fairy godmother.[1]

Cosmo and Wanda

From left to right: Wanda and Cosmo

Cosmo Cosma and Wanda Venus Fairywinkle Cosma are the married pair of fairy parents that are assigned to Timmy Turner. They are more like the smarter, caring parents Timmy never had. To keep themselves a secret, they usually masquerade as Timmy's pet goldfish and live in a magical castle inside of his fishbowl. Timmy is forbidden from revealing their existence, for the penalty is losing them for good, though there are several loopholes to this rule. In the beginning of Season 6, they had the first fairy baby in over 10,000 years, whom Timmy names Poof. In the series' beginning, Cosmo and Wanda were a charming, daffy pair very much in love; in later seasons their personalities deteriorated into a smart wife/dumb husband stereotype; in addition, Cosmo became abusive and Wanda was labeled a nag, although she did nothing to earn the epithet. Cosmo is shown to be excessively stupid and immature, and it is often his (bad) advice that Timmy follows, while Wanda is the smarter and more sensible of the two, though both Cosmo and Timmy typically ignore her. It is also revealed in one episode that Cosmo is directly responsible for many historical tragedies, such as the volcanic eruption that destroyed the city of Pompeii, Italy and the sinking of Atlantis. He also destroyed Pluto in Vicky Loses Her Icky. However, Wanda is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Throughout their careers as fairy godparents, they have been assigned to many famous people, such as Tina Turner and Bill Gates. Before Poof was born, Cosmo was the youngest fairy in existence.


Baby Poof

Poof Thomas Fairywinkle-Cosma is Cosmo and Wanda's only natural child, and Timmy's little fairy brother. He was the first fairy baby born in over 10,000 years; the last one was Cosmo, who caused so much damage, that after he was born, the Supreme Fairy Council forbade any more fairy babies to prevent these events from repeating themselves. Poof is possibly much smarter than Cosmo. His untapped magical powers are channeled and controlled through a magical rattle that acts like a normal wand. Without it, Poof's hiccups cause natural disasters, his laughter causes good things to happen, crying causes bad things to happen, his burps cause the person holding him to get struck by lightning and his flatulence seems to have the ability to warp reality and completely blow away problems. His name was given to him by Timmy because his volcabulary is largely limited to his name, though he sometimes says other simple words. Poof is shown to have a close fondness of Timmy as his name is the first word he says other than his own name (the episode "Mission Responsible" when aboard Dark Laser's ship). In Wishology, Poof becomes a Ninja after watching part of a movie based on Timmy's victory against the Darkness in Part 1 and throughout the show beats up someone using Ninja moves (usually Cosmo or Wanda ). It's unknown if Poof still has these moves after the special, but they are extremely useful as Poof took down an entire gang of Eliminators after escaping the prison cell. Poof was also seen without his rattle during moments of the special, but his crying and other emotions caused nothing to happen (unlike what happened in Fairly Odd Baby), which probably means that he hid his rattle.

Strangely, Poof is shaped like a ball when he was born, yet Cosmo's birth in Fairly Odd Baby had him shaped more like a human. Also, Poof is a new super sidekick puppy to Timmy, as Cleft, when he visited the Crimson Chin in "CHINdred Spirits". It has been confirmed that there is now a new character called Foop (aka Anti-Poof), and unlike Poof who is shaped as a ball when he was born, Foop is a cube. Poof also seems to have a bond with Denzel Crocker as revealed in the episode "Bad Heir Day". Also, Cosmo once stated Poof welds when he's nervous.

Main Villains


The Anti-Fairies, as their name suggests, are the exact opposite of fairies. The anti-fairies are responsible for all the bad luck on earth and, according to Cosmo, to the anti-fairies, Friday the 13th is "their Christmas." The Anti-Fairies are the exact opposite to their fairy counterparts, the Anti-Cosmo (Daran Norris) is a cynical, evil, and smart British fairy who also is hinted to be the leader of the Anti-Fairies, and the Anti-Wanda (Susan Blakeslee) is portrayed as a dumb, hillbilly fairy who "eats with her feet." The Anti-Fairies reside in Anti-Fairy World, an enclosed environment within Fairy World, first shown as a chamber with a gate sometimes guarded by Jorgen. After Timmy accidentally set them free on Earth (which caused unprecedented bad luck around the world), Anti-Fairy World was later turned into a prison-styled containment facility, where residents live in cells and wear suits preventing them from using magic or flying. The high levels of security were still penetrable in part to a group effort to get Anti-Cosmo out of Anti-Fairy World so he could be used as a donor for an operation.


Foop (a.k.a. Anti-Poof) (voiced by Eric Bauza) is the evil opposite of Poof, first appearing in the TV special "Anti-Poof". Like all anti-fairies, he is evil. However, unlike Poof, who is shaped like a ball, Foop is shaped like a cube. Though he is merely a newborn, he has the mental capacity of an adult, can speak fluently, and even possesses facial hair. He is extremely powerful, due to being a newborn. He uses a bottle instead of a rattle like Poof. As he is Poof's opposite, his mannerisms cause the opposite effect of Poof's; for example, when he is defeated, his crying reverses all of the damage he caused. His father, Anti-Cosmo, is shown to not like him much. Anti-Wanda, on the other hand, adores him and cannot see his bad side. What is odd about him is that rather than calling him "Anti-Poof", his name is "Foop" which is just "Poof" spelled backwards. All the other anti-fairies have the exact same name as their fairy opposite, just with the prefix: Anti- in front of it (for example, Cosmo = Anti-Cosmo, Wanda = Anti-Wanda, Jorgen = Anti-Jorgen, etc...). He's also embarrassed that his name is Foop. Anti-Cosmo gave him his name, and remarked afterwards, "That sounded much evil in my head." Upon learning about Poof and his immense popularity, Foop decides to kill him and become the only fairy baby in existence. After transforming Anti-Fairy World into a happy land of stuffed animals, Fairy World into a dull black-and-white area, and infecting Dimmsdale with several plagues, Foop fights Poof in a large-scale brawl, is ultimately defeated when Poof lulls him to sleep, and he is now in maximum security time out, where he vows to return and get revenge on Poof.

Denzel Crocker

Denzel Crocker (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is Timmy's fairy-obsessed teacher and one of the main/major villains of the series along with Vicky due to the fact that he poses immediate threat or danger to Timmy and his fairy godparents and that he has a very strong obsession towards fairy godparents. He is often depicted as a seemingly insane/mentally-ill person. He correctly suspects that Timmy has fairy godparents of his own, and is (oddly enough) often able to tell what Timmy has wished for by the smallest, most irrelevant clue. His unshakable belief in fairy godparents leads to his being viewed as mentally ill by other adults. Every time he mentions fairy godparents he spasms uncontrollably (similar to his uncle who spasms to the word "Genie"), which has been the subject of several jokes and occasionally causes him to be injured. He also speaks with the same accent that is used for the voice of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

It is revealed that Crocker is Cosmo and Wanda's ex-godson. His only identified relatives are his mother, Delores Day Crocker, his Canadian genie-paranoid uncle Albert, his stepson Ricky, and his probable ancestor the witch-paranoid Alden Bitterroot, who is a warlock. Despite being the sinister villain he is, Crocker was in fact a good child, having been a hero and even having his own honorary day on March 15 (before it was ruined by Timmy, who had traveled back in time to prevent the incident that turned Crocker evil only to accidentally cause said incident). Despite all of that, his home life was miserable: his mother was rarely around, and he was regularly tormented by an evil babysitter named Vic. He is in Cosmo and Wanda's fairy godchild hall of fame. In the episode It's A Wishful Life, it is revealed that if Timmy hadn't existed and ruined his childhood, Denzel could've been a handsome, burly, college professor. Crocker is the main antagonist of Abra-Catastrophe! and The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. He also appears in Channel Chasers, School's Out! The Musical and Fairy Idol.

It's also revealed that if Timmy never existed, Crocker would have no trace of fairy evidence anywhere after Timmy went back in time and caused him to lose his fairies and write "Fairy godparents exist!" on the back of a tracker and thus cause him to become obsessed. However, it is shown that Cosmo, in his trademark stupidity, openly revealed himself as a fairy to all of 1970s-era Dimmsdale while Crocker was trying to give a speech; thus, it would seem that Crocker's obsession with fairies was predestined to happen, regardless of whether or not Timmy went back in time. It is also revealed that Denzel and Stephen Hawking were actually college roommates. One thing that Crocker (Abra-Catastrophe) and Vicky (Channel Chasers) share in common is a monomaniacal desire to be supreme dictators of the world (Crocker is more ego driven and Vicky is more vicious). His appearance seems to be based on Dr. Lobe, the main antagonist in WB's Freakazoid!.

In Wishology he teams up with Timmy to save everyone from the darkness, in return Timmy would show him his fairies. It should be noted, of the three villains he promised something to help him, Crocker is the only one that actually received what he was promised. He is also known in some occasions that people tell him that he has an ear on his neck (which is true).

Crocker vows to show the world his brilliant knowledge of the existence of fairies and sometimes he nearly succeeds.


Francis (voiced by Faith Abrahams) is the school bully and another of Timmy's worst enemies. He rarely bathes or gets enough sun, causing him to have gray skin. He gives wedgies and otherwise tortures Timmy and all the other kids, both male and female, to no end; in one episode, he was even shown to have no qualms against punching out Tootie when she tried to stand up for Timmy. Since getting Fairy Godparents, Timmy has been able to torture the bully thoroughly, pulling him up a flagpole by his underwear and having him stung by bees. Francis is shown to be a shoplifter and jailbird, and his clothes and underwear are ragged, making his bottom visible during several episodes. He is 12 years old as stated by Vicky and seems to have failed a grade twice. It is revealed that if Timmy were not alive that he would have no one to mainly bully and would instead put all his anger and strength into football instead of bullying and would be a successful student and very kind, as well as have a tan from playing football in the sun so long and be well groomed and cleaned. He also has extensive karate training (even giving lessons) and some form of organization (of whom he will bully through the week). Of Timmy's primary enemies, Francis is the only one that has not been the main villain of a movie. His role is identical to another same named bully character's, that is the Francis Dutweiler, the main villain of the Wish Kid series.


Pixies Inc. (all voiced by Ben Stein), are an organization of magical creatures, portrayed as monotonous businessmen who do not like anything that is fun. The pixies utilize mobile phones instead of wands, dress in predominantly greyscale outfits, and require that wishes be submitted as multiple written copies and be subject to approval. The Head Pixie and Sanderson Pixie are the two heads of Pixies Inc. Strangely, for boring businessmen, they also like to rap (as shown in School's Out! The Musical).

The pixies on numerous occasions have attempted to take over Fairy World and replace all fairies with pixies using elaborate business schemes. In their self-titled debut episode, they managed to pull this feat off in a hostile takeover, and also gave Cosmo the position of "rice president", however the fairies re-gained control when Timmy challenged the Head Pixie to a winner take-all round of miniature golf that he had wished for. The Pixies also used the image of Jorgen Von Strangle as a lure for Timmy to enter a "Wish Fixers" program operated by the pixies, using shock collars attached to his fairies, activated at higher levels each time Timmy made a "bad wish" as defined by a contract that he had signed (which was implied to have not been read over beforehand). The contract specifying that wishing Fairy World were run by the Pixies was the only "approved wish" he could make without the collar either going to its highest setting, or having to give up his fairies for Pixies as also dictated by the contract. Timmy dodged this by wishing Cosmo and Wanda were made of rubber — mitigating the effects of the shock collar), and destroying the robotic Jorgen whilst bouncing around the room.

The pixies also serve as the main villains of "School's Out! The Musical", one of the villains in "Fairly Odd Baby" (teaming with the Anti-Fairies to capture Poof), and competing against the Anti-Fairies and the Fairies in "The Fairly Oddlymipics".

Vicky the Babysitter

Vicky the Babysitter (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is an evil 16-year-old babysitter who constantly tortures Timmy and other children, and she is also one of Timmy's arch-enemies. She has no friends and enjoys money, torturing children (mostly Timmy), and watching TV. She has shown to be quite open and accepting of her own cruelty; for example, she cheerfully replied "Thank you!" when Timmy shouted that she was "the worst human being on Earth." It is implied that the only reason she is mean is because she was mistreated by a babysitter as a child as she is shown to be rather sweet as an eight year old or some other trauma. In the episode "The Switch Glitch", Timmy, wanting to get revenge on Vicky, wished that he was her babysitter and regressed her to the age of five, where he then gave her a taste of her own medicine.

She is Tootie's sister, her parents are scared of her and her possible relative is "Vic", effectively a male version of Vicky who tortured Denzel Crocker as a child. Despite her tortures, Timmy doesn't want Vicky to leave (he's had several chances of finally getting rid of her) since she is the main reason he received Cosmo and Wanda in the first place. If she is gone and Timmy seems happy, he will lose his godparents forever. Nonetheless, Timmy has shown to relish the thought of Vicky being replaced or fired and often attempts to get his parents to do so; though these attempts succeed at times, Vicky always returns to babysitting Timmy by the end of the episode.

Vicky only fears Mr. Turner's wallet being empty. She enjoys firing truth serums at Timmy to learn the truth about his fears. Vicky is referenced in Sharon Lamb's book Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers' Schemes, where she is referred to as "the meanest teen in the toon".[2] Vicky serves as the primary antagonist of Channel Chasers.

It's also revealed that if Timmy never existed, she would have nobody to mainly torture (she loves torturing him more than any other kid) and would, instead of causing kids pain, lose her evil tendencies and give kids laughing gas at the dentist as an assistant to Dr. Bender to stop their pain (the job also pays better than babysitting); as noted above she was a sweet child at eight so possibly Timmy had something to do with it. Her diabolic personality overshadows the non-cited fact that she is a very beautiful red-haired girl. Both Vicky and Denzel Crocker have desire to be supreme dictators of the whole world, though from the events showing what the world would be like, it appears Vicky's rule would be far worse than Crocker's.

In the episode "Vicky Loses Her Icky", Timmy wishes that Vicky was a nice babysitter, and an evil parasitic insect comes out of her rear end; this bug may be the source of Vicky's evil, but whether or not it is simply Vicky's evil personified is never addressed.

Vicky came very close to marrying her teen idol Chip Skylark-until she found out that he wasn't rich and the she would be stuck with his bills! Vicky has three pets-a dog; cat and hamster. Vicky makes a cameo on the unwish Island episode as among the hundred of "unwishes" that hate Timmy Turner. In Wishology she teams up with Timmy to save everyone from "The Darkness", in return Vicky would get $20 from Timmy. In the episode "Dream Goats!" she receives a wedgie from Chompy whilst in a pillory, exposing her pink panties.

Secondary Villains

Bronze Kneecap

The Bronze Kneecap (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is the archenemy of the Crimson Chin. Former pre-villain name is Ron Handbone, a former famous jai alai player known for his consistent record of winning third-place bronze. He played against the Chin in a celebrity jai lai tournament, and was beating him, putting him in a place to win his first ever first-place trophy. Later on, as Chin was signing autographs and bent over to pick something up, Ron tripped over Chin's massive mandible and shattered his kneecap, ruining his career. Winning another 3rd-place bronze trophy, he melted them all into a villain suit and was known from then as The Bronze Kneecap. His primary goal is to take revenge on the Chin, and is often shown sticking out his kneecap, saying "Don't make me use this". He is also seen robbing banks, but it is mentioned in one episode that he doesn't even need the money because he collected inheritance from his parents which made him a very wealthy man. The reason he is still a villain is because the Chin never apologized.

Other enemies of the Crimson Chin include The Brass Knuckle, The Titanium Toenail, The Iron Lung, H2Olga (a Russian woman made of water who appears in "Crime Wave"), Spatula Woman, and Hair Razor (originally created by Timmy as the Chin's love interest, Golden Locks, but was later changed to a villain when the comic started getting too mushy).

Dark Laser

Dark Laser (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is a toy from a catalog that Timmy made come to life with his magic copier in "Hard Copy". He became a much recurrent villain in season 6, appearing in "Mission: Responsible", "The End of Universe-ity", "Dread 'n' Breakfaast", and "Momnipresent" He is a parody of Darth Vader. He has attempted to go through with evil plans, as in his first appearance he made the Death Ball, parody of the Death Star. In "Escape from Unwish Island", he helped Imaginary Gary to defeat Timmy. He also pretended to have his own university in his final appearance in "The End of the Universe-ity" to recruit Timmy over to the dark side. Dark Laser also has a toy dog called Flipsie, which was also made by Timmy in the magic copier, and then Dark Laser stole him as his companion and fellow toy pet. In Wishology, Timmy coaxes him to help him get to the blue moon of Veagon by putting an embarrassing video on Tooyube (a parody of Youtube) making fun of his irritable bowel (a secret he had told Timmy in confidence). He teams up with Timmy to defeat the darkness, in return he would get to destroy Timmy, only to get blasted into the Darkness along with Timmy's friends, family, and other enemies by the Destructinator. Upon getting out, he remarked how dark it was in there, even for him. He also mentioned he has an ex-wife and still has her fur coat.

Of all the 'unwishes' on Unwish Island, Dark Laser is the only one that has appeared again after "Escape from Unwish Island".

Doctor Bender

Doctor Bender (originally voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) is an evil dentist. He has an obsession with perfect teeth and is mean to anyone who doesn't have teeth as good as his. To this, he is mean to Timmy the most for his giant buck teeth, and was first seen in "The Same Game". His son, Wendell (also voiced by Gottfried) is just as tooth-hygienic as he is, but sometimes hates it when his dad scares off other kids, claiming "You're the reason I don't have any friends!" before storming away. As a dentist, Dr. Bender enjoys performing seemingly pointless work on children's teeth. He even encourages children to eat refined sugar to boost his business, as seen in the Halloween episode "Scardy God Parents". He once stole Chip Skylark's shiny teeth but lost them to Timmy, who used special tools from the Tooth Fairy to get them back. He was last seen in "Teeth For Two".


Gary (voiced by Jason Marsden) is Timmy's former imaginary friend, whom Timmy originally stopped playing with at age five. As he is from Timmy's imagination and thus a part of him, Cosmo and Wanda have to grant his wishes as well. The main reason for his evil is because Timmy alienated him and threw him aside like a toy when he (Timmy) got real friends.

Nega Chin

The Nega Chin (voiced by Jay Leno) is a comic book villain and is the evil twin brother of the good Crimson Chin and possesses the same powers. But he wears a gray costume instead of red, has red eyes and pointed teeth. In one episode, he demonstrated having some control over Cosmo and Wanda and took away Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad's powers; in the case of the former, this is because Timmy, not knowing who he really was, wished for Cosmo and Wanda to give him whatever he wished for. He is the main antagonist of The Big Superhero Wish. He is probably a parody of Bizarro, an inverted duplicate of Superman.

Norm the Genie

Norm (voiced by Norm Macdonald) is tired of being trapped in his lamp (which is actually a lava lamp). He longs to be a fairy godparent and sabotages a "Fairy Idol" contest to become one. He wins (after putting Cosmo and Wanda out of commission) and later explodes because of magic buildup. Norm hates Canada (ironically, both Norm Macdonald and Tara Strong, the voices of himself and Timmy, respectively, were born in Canada) apparently because he claims they've "had it too good for too long". Norm has appeared in several episodes, attempting to cause Timmy torment. Norm was named after the actor who voices him, Norm Macdonald. Norm is the main villain of Fairy Idol, where it is shown he has a powerful singing voice, however in this episode it is also shown that he just wants to travel the world rather than destroy it, enslave it, etc. In one episode Norm and Crocker became allies to destroy Timmy Turner. He even told Crocker that the latter may use his third wish to "wish for three more wishes. We always tell them we can't, but actually you can. We've been bluffing for centuries"; however Crocker gave Norm so many wishes for plans that never worked that Norm nearly had a nervous breakdown and temporarily teamed up with Timmy to send Crocker to Mars (which he kept suggesting for Crocker to do to Timmy). Norm was voiced by Robert Cait in Fairy Idol.

Princess Mandie

Princess Mandie (voiced by Tara Strong) is Mark's somewhat psychotic alien fiancee, since her first appearance she has tried to marry Mark or destroy him. Her name is not pronounced "Mandy," but rather "Man-DIE." In each of her appearances she has become more sadistic and in the episode "King Chang" it was revealed that she had no feelings for the Yugopotamian prince since she had Mark in the dungeon and ruled Yugopotamia with an iron fist, she was defeated by Timmy and Vicky. The fact she had no true feelings for Mark and vice versa may explain why Cosmo and Wanda had no problem's simply poofing her away and making her forget where he is when she finds Mark, as if she truly loved him, it'd be against Da Rules to do so, as they'd be interfering with true love.

Remy Buxaplenty

Remy Buxaplenty (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a rich kid who is one of Timmy's rivals. His appearance is similar to Richie Rich (maybe a parody of him). Despite being very rich, Remy is very unhappy because of his wealthily distracted parents. To this, Remy has a fairy godparent, Wanda's ex-boyfriend, Juandissimo Magnifico. Both Remy and Timmy are aware of each other's fairy godparents, as they discovered the truth on their own. He is constantly trying to deprive Timmy of Cosmo and Wanda, primarily out of jealousy that Timmy has both fairy and human parents who love him (however, this is not completely true, as Timmy's parents frequently leave him at the first opportunity). Eventually, he and Timmy become friends. Aside from Timmy, he is the only known child with a fairy godparent although many episodes have featured a cameo of at least one unknown child with his/her fairy godparent. He will appear in Season 7.

Wishology Villains

Other characters


  • Chester McBadbat (voiced by Frankie Muniz (2001-2003); Jason Marsden (2003-present)) is a brace-face kid and one of Timmy's best friends. He lives in a run-down trailer with his father, in an impoverished who constantly wears a bag over his head due to humiliation because of a blunder he made during an important baseball game. Nobody knows what happened to Chester's mother, although his mom was mentioned in the episode "Teeth for Two". It's revealed that if Timmy never existed that somehow (since he never showed any sign of being miserable despite his poor lifestyle and is rather very cheery, thought it's possible he becomes miserable without Timmy and with A.J. at college in that timeline) Cosmo and Wanda would be assigned to him and he'd be rich (a triple decker trailer held on eight gold bricks) and would have no braces (Both conditions were probably wished for, although since money wishes are against the rules and there's no way Timmy could have caused him to be poor, it's unknown how he wished to be rich, possibly by wishing his dad a better baseball player). Its been repeatedly shown that he cares for others above himself, as every time he's obtained magic, firstly Norm as a Genie then a fairy and in an alternate future Cosmos and Wanda, he used his wishes to try to improve the lives of others. He became Matter-Muncher-Lad once because of Timmy's wish (a parody of Matter Eater Lad).
  • Alan "A.J." Johnson (voiced by Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad (2001-2003), Gary Leroi Gray (2003-present) A.J. is the African American genius in Timmy's class, and one of his best friends. He will sometimes get jealous if someone else wins 1st place. A.J. comes from an upper middle class background. It's stated if Timmy never existed, there would be nobody to hold him back (as Timmy is the only reason why A.J. wants to stay in 5th grade) he would graduate high school at the age of 5 and with a full head of hair (an afro, to be exact) and would be a college senior at the age of 10. He gets nothing but straight As in school. In fact, his mom and dad are all genius. They don't know, however, that A.J. has a secret lab. He has constructed an older brother who defends him from bullies, since he doesn't have a real one. Evidence of A.J. affluent lifestyle is his large 3-story house and very smart parents (they both went to Harvard). Places he has been include Aspen, Colorado, Beverly Hills, California, Dubai, Palm Beach, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. He has a large television and a spacious living room. His lab has been considered the greatest lab in Dimmsdale. He has fun with video games and comic books like his other friends in spite of his superior intellect. Also, despite his money and bookworm nature, his is picked on by school bullies. However, his smarts are used to do homework and other academic assignments. His relationship with Chester is a great one despite have obvious contrasts. A.J. always helps out his friends, especially Timmy. On the other hand, his intellect can get abused. However, he always is a very good person.
  • Elmer (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a nerdy kid with a large boil, named Bob, on his face. His boil's name comes from Bob Boyle. Elmer's name comes from Butch Hartman, who real name is Elmer. He is second to A.J. in intelligence. Elmer's whole family has boils and participates in many Native American and Chippewa festivals. Elmer is also picked on by Francis more than Timmy or the others. His mother is great friends with Timmy's, A.J.'s, and Sanjay's moms. Elmer is Timmy's 4th friend. However, he and Timmy are great friends. He has been to Mount Rushmore when he was 5. Also when he was 7, he had tonsillitis. His boil has a mind of its own also voiced by Baker. Despite his evil boil and nerdy status, he is quite cheerful. He has been known to gloom at times, however.
  • Sanjay (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is a 10-year-old who sometimes has an obsession with Timmy. He lives with his mom (who resembles him greatly). He has a strict military stepfather and a stepbrother. He is Indian American. Sanjay often makes references to Indian animals and Yogi Bear. He has never been to Timmy's house. He daily has to put up with his father's military ways as if he were at training camp. He has traces of Cosmo and Wanda's magic like the others. He may be of upper middle class since him and his family could afford a visit to the Taj Mahal.
  • Tootie (voiced by Grey Delisle) is the younger sister of Vicky, a geeky girl who has an obsessive crush on Timmy, often to the point of spying on and stalking him; in "Kung Timmy", Timmy goes so far as to place a restraining order on her. When Vicky isn't torturing the kids she babysits, she tortures her, meaning she is miserable enough to have Fairy Godparents (in fact, she's twice as miserable as Timmy), but it is revealed in "Birthday Wish" when Timmy lends Tootie his Fairy Godparents for a day as a birthday present, that she can't keep a secret, and she may have lost her fairy godparents this way. She is also jealous of Trixie. It is implied at the end of "Channel Chasers" that she and Timmy may possibly get married in the future, based on the appearances of Timmy's future children. She doesn't have any friends, due to the fact that every kid is afraid of Vicky. She reappeared in "Dread N' Breakfast".
  • Trixie Tang (voiced by Dionne Quan) is the Chinese-American school diva/most popular girl in Timmy's school, and is also one of the wealthiest children in the city. The things she likes always change usually within five minutes. It is revealed that Trixie secretly loves male-oriented things and is secretly a tomboy, which means she likes things such as action figures and comic books, instead of liking the usual girlish things like makeup, dolls, and dresses. Timmy has an obvious crush on Trixie, but she frequently rejects him. In many episodes he is seen making wishes on how to get Trixie to fall for him. Sometimes she falls but later rejects him due to her reputation. Another time, he rejects her, most likely because he sees Tootie sitting and crying, which causes Trixie to have an immediate liking to him. In the movie "Wishology", Timmy tells his feeling and they share a kiss before going into the monster, the Darkness. She, like Timmy and his friends, gained super powers in the "Big Super Hero Wish", becoming Wonder Gal (a spin off of Wonder Woman), gaining Super Strength, Super Speed, and Super Popularity.
  • Veronica Star (voiced by Grey Delisle) is Trixie Tang's less popular, but rich, Dutch American obsessive best friend. There are times where she wishes she was Trixie, often putting on black wigs and screaming "I AM TRIXIE!!". Her room is decorated with pictures, posters, and dolls of Trixie, and she frequently mangles them. It appears as though she can't live without Trixie as a best friend, as evident by the way she clutched her chest in pain when Trixie tore a picture of her in half. She is also secretly in love with Timmy very much like the lead girl in another Nickelodeon show, Hey Arnold.
  • Tad and Chad (voiced by Tara Strong and Grey Delisle) are two of Timmy's popular classmates who are also rich. They often make fun of Timmy and unpopular kids. Friends of Trixie and not so much of Veronica. Sometimes dates Trixie.
  • Molly (voiced by Grey Delisle) is a tomboy goth girl that was sent to the Wishing Well with Timmy to learn how to make less wishes. She seems to grow rather close to Timmy throughout the episode. She hates when people touch her, and Timmy finds out that she gets it from her Fairy God Parent Swizzle.
  • Dwight (voiced by Charlie Schlatter) is a scaredy cat who was sent to the Wishing Well along with Timmy and Molly. Dwight's worst fears are harpoons because he dreamed he was a whale once and people wanted his blubber. Dwight may be a possible parody of Chuckie Finster from Rugrats. Dwight's fairy's name is Irving.


  • Jorgen Von Strangle (voiced by Daran Norris) Toughest fairy in the Universe (as he says) is a high-ranking official in Fairy World. He uses an over-sized wand, the tallest fairy, and so far the only fairy who does not levitate, but his feet touch the ground like a human. He has a muscular build, and is proud of his strength. Unlike other fairies who "poof" from place to place, Jorgen appears and disappears in the form of an atomic explosion, and he has a jet pack in place of wings; he states that he has the jet pack and giant wand because the normal fairy wands and wings are "too wimpy" for him. He has had only one known godchild, named Wendell in "The Zappies"; however, it is revealed in "Temporary Fairy" that Jorgen has no full-time godchild, mainly because his extreme wish-granting and daredevil stunts frequently endanger the lives of the godchildren. He is a big supporter of "Da Rules" and his wife is the Tooth Fairy. He is also in charge of bringing children who made the world better by wishing that they were never born to a dimension named as such. He finds pain quite amusing and enjoys the idea of others cowering in fear of him, but not pure evil like Vicky does, though it affects his ability to have friends (besides Cosmo and Wanda). During "Merry Wishmas!", it is revealed he doesn't like the image Santa Claus has on Christmas, and feels that it is sorely lacking the "buff image" that the holiday season needs. He has a Austrian accent and is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although Jogen is known as the toughest fairy in all of fairy world he is seen multiple times crying in front of Cosmo and Wanda. He threatens them not to ever tell anyone about the times he shows weakness. Jorgen has a smaller wand hidden in his boot as seen in "Wishology Part 1: The Big Beginning".
  • Binky Abdul (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), a meek yet optimistic fairy who is always getting hurt or beaten on by Jorgen, of what's assistant.He may also work or help Big daddy's garbage company as it was his turn to buy lunch. He's the star of the former Fairyworld TV show "Leave It to Binky" (parody of "Leave it to Beaver").
  • Wandissimo Magnifico (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is Remy Buxaplenty's beefcake fairy godparent and speaks with a Spanish accent which sounds similar to the late Jonathan Weed from Family Guy, who ironically is also voiced by his voice actor, although he does not mention various Spanish terms like señor (mister) or amigo (pal). His rule's book has in its cover the Spanish article El (instead of Da along with the word rules), unlike the books of the others fairies. It can be said that he is a villain in the episodes that he appears along Remy Buxaplenty, in which he and his godchild oppose Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda. He thinks that he is the best-looking fairy in the world. He has a large chest, washboard abs, and bulging triceps. He is sexy and sung the song I'm Too Sexy for My Sexy. All the female fairies are attracted to him. He is also Wanda's ex-boyfriend who is still infatuated with her and constantly tries to get her back. Cosmo is extremely jealous of him as he makes attempts to steal her. He is known to rip his tight white shirts with his muscles sometimes even several times consecutively. He works as a well sought-after (by various female fairies) massage practitioner.
  • Cupid (voiced by Tom Kenny), Not really a fairy. Extremely effeminate, who promotes love throughout the universe. His arrogance contrasts his love-themed abilities. In "Love Struck" it is revealed that Cupid loses his powers if there is no love in the world.
  • Tooth Fairy (voiced by Grey Delisle), one of the few adult-sized fairies. She is married to Jorgen. She is also a parody of Wonder Woman[citation needed].
  • The April Fool (voiced by Daran Norris) a character that always pulls bad pranks and is sent back to Fairy World if they can't be completed. His nasal voice and trademark punchline, "What's up with that?", are modeled after comedian Jerry Seinfeld. He is also a doctor where Dr. Rip Studwell works.
  • Blonda (voiced by Tara Strong and Susan Blakeslee), Wanda's famous "identical yet somehow hotter" twin sister and Poof's only known aunt, who stars in the Fairy World soap opera All My Biceps(which is a parody of the soap opera All My Children). It is revealed in the episode Fairy Idol that she isn't a natural blonde but it is never mentioned what her real hair color is. According to Wanda, their mother favored Blonda as a child. The two originally openly hated each other, believing that the other had the "easy life", but they made peace shortly after they assumed each other's lives and discovered just how tough they both have it.
  • Big Daddy (voiced by Tony Sirico) Wanda and Blonda's father. He's the only fairy in Fairy World that can take care of "Stinky Magic" and is one of the few fairies (or people) that can intimidate Jorgen. He is the head of both Fairy World's garbage disposal company and mafia. Big Daddy dresses and speaks like a stereotypical 1930's movie gangster, although his looks and voice are an obvious parody of the notorious gangster, Al Capone. He also mentions that he dislikes Cosmo for his stupidity and not listening to Wanda. He becomes infatuated with Mama Cosma, with whom he is one main thing in common: They both hate who their child married. Despite his devoted love to his daughter Wanda, Big Daddy doesn't seem to mind Mama Cosma's motives of destroying her, and even becomes more attracted to her on each attempt. Big Daddy is Poof's only still alive Grandpa.
  • Mama Cosma (voiced by Jane Carr) Cosmo's mother, who loathes Wanda and repeatedly makes attempts to get rid of her. She admitted that Wanda is not the reason for her attempts—she would do it to any girl that stood in the way of her and her son. Once, however she tried to get Cosmo to leave Timmy and Wanda and come live with her, though she changed her mind after seeing that Cosmo caused Wanda occasional misery. Recently she has acted more civil towards Wanda, possibly due to Poof's birth, which may have caused a truce. Mama Cosma is Poof's only known Grandma.
  • Sandman (voiced by Jackie Mason) is a fairy that owns a mattress company.
  • Dr. Rip Studwell (voiced by Jim Ward and Butch Hartman) A golfing fairy doctor who insists on being referred to by his full name. Whenever he says, "I...," someone in the room says, "Dr. Rip Studwell." before he continues talking. He pulls off his glasses to deliver "bad news," while putting them on for "good news," and putting his arm over his forehead dramatically for "horrible news".
  • Simon Sparklefield (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is a parody of Simon Cowell.
  • Billy Crystal Ball (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is a parody of Billy Crystal.
  • Dr. Poof Everwish (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui), a doctor on Blonda's 18-season running soap opera, All My Biceps (parody of All My Children) . He ironically shares the same name as Poof the child of Cosmo and Wanda.
  • Fairy Hart (voiced by Mary Hart), a fairy reporter. She made cameos in a few episodes.
  • Bob Glimmer (voiced by Bob Goen), another fairy reporter. He made cameos in a few episodes.
  • Fairy Taxi Driver - Appears before Godparents who are no longer needed by their Godchildren, thinks all humans look alike.
  • Fairy reassigner (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) Appears in "The Switch Glitch".
  • Fairy Mason - A fairy lawyer who was only seen in "Genie Meanie Minie Mo". He is an obvious spoof of Perry Mason.
  • Papa Cosmo (voiced by Daran Norris) The father of Cosmo. He was turned into a fly by Cosmo. Raising the question if he is alive or not being that flies have a life span from 15 – 30 days. But being that fairies live forever, Papa Cosmo might still be alive.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner - (voiced by Daran Norris and Susan Blakeslee respectively) are Timmy's dim-witted and gullible parents, who, until he turned eight, cared about him a lot. Wanting to get out of the house more often, they told a lie, and Vicky was made Timmy's babysitter (though Mr. Turner was unwilling to leave Timmy alone for even one second until Vicky bribed him): they are totally oblivious to the fact that she's evil (even when it seems perfectly clear); in fact, the two are often oblivious to what should be obvious. Though they do indeed love Timmy, they are often careless, constantly forget his birthday, tend to punish him for ridiculous reasons or for situations that are entirely beyond his control, lied to him constantly until "Abra-Catastrophe!", and frequently take any possible opportunity to dump Timmy with Vicky so that they can go out and have fun on their own. Besides them both having goofy behavior, Mrs. Turner can be more serious and maternal at times, but is a bad cook. Mr. Turner has the tendency to be more immature, as well as a bit accident prone. Many of their household appliances were made by Mr. Turner himself (such as a lawnmower and blender); though many of them are obviously dangerous, Timmy and Mrs. Turner use them because they love Mr. Turner and is happy to see them use his inventions. Mrs. Turner works as a real estate agent/home dealer and Mr. Turner is a typical office employee/"pencil pusher". Their first names are commonly unknown as they are casually referred to as Timmy's Mom and Timmy's Dad (even as kids). In the Oh Yeah! Cartoons series, they were only shown from the neck down, with their faces hidden. Timmy's Dad is based on his voice actor.
  • Grandpa Pappy - (voiced by Daran Norris) Father of Mr. Turner and grandfather of Timmy. He gave Timmy his giant teeth by letting him suck on a pacifier too long as a baby. He likes Old Cartoons and dislikes any kind of new stuff in the world.
  • Vlad and Gladys Vladislapov, Mrs. Turner's parents, are Ustinkestanian immigrants who came to Dimmsdale 50 years prior to the series to open a Yak-based fast food restaurant, Yak-in-the-Box. Their restaurant became a national chain, making them millionaires. They don't visit often, possibly because they dislike Mr. Turner (whom they refer to as "son-in-law we don't like" before giving him a sack of rabid weasels), but they work nearby at their very first restaurant.


  • Catman - (voiced by Adam West) Alter ego of actor Adam West and also a real world hero of Timmy. He is widely considered insane by most people but is a good friend of Timmy. Despite appearing unable to deal with normal criminals and overreacting to things, he is actuelly a capable superhero, as shown when he easily defeated several of the Crimson Chin's enemies that the Chin had difficulty with and even the Chin himself when Timmy wished him into the Chin's webtune. He believes he's half cat and suffers from severe Cynophobia. He is a parody of the Batman's enemy Catman, who wears a identical and same-colored cat-costume.
  • Crash Nebula - A largely ignored, but frequently mentioned space hero.
  • Crimson Chin (voiced by Jay Leno) - Timmy's favorite fictional hero, that sometimes Timmy brings to real world with the help of Cosmo and Wanda. Sometimes it's Timmy who goes to his world, that is actually the Crimson Chin's comic book.
  • Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad - Superman-like versions of Timmy's parents, who wished twice in the series that they had incredible powers and became super-heroes.


  • Mark Chang (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the alien prince of Yugopotamia, resembling Kang and Kodos from The Simpsons. His species is generally warlike and loves painful or disgusting things, which explains why Mark fell in love with Vicky the instant he saw her; many of his appearances involve his attempts to woo her. Because Timmy has proven invulnerable to most of the things that harm Yugopotamians---such as chocolate, flowers and teddy bears---they erroneously believe him to be a great warrior. He has a fiancé named Mandie (second syllable pronounced like die) whom he fled to Earth to avoid marrying; he currently lives in the Dimmsdale dump, disguised as a human. He is one of the few people allowed to know about Timmy's fairy godparents because they met through a wish. He and Timmy have become good friends over the course of the series.
  • King Grippulon (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the alien king of Yugopotamia and Mark's father.
  • Queen Jipjorrulac (voiced by Laraine Newman) is the alien queen of Yugopotamia and Mark's mother.
  • Jeff and Eric - Mark's best friends from another planet and in ways resemble A.J. and Chester. They appear in 2 episodes.
  • Turbo Thunder - (voiced by Brendan Fraser) The original chosen one in 'Wishology'. He is from a planet called Wonder World, where everyone has superpowers.


  • Chip Skylark III - (voiced by Chris Kirkpatrick and Tara Strong (Chip Off The Old Chip), a pop star known by his shiny teeth, and descendant of the former singing sensations, Chip Skylark I & II. His full name Chip Skylark III was seen in "The Good Old Days!" He is a parody of Justin Timberlake.
  • Doug Dimmadome - (voiced by Jim Ward), the owner of the Dimmsdale Dimadome and several other buildings in Dimmsdale . He shows up in several episodes and is always either helped by Timmy or has his plans destroyed by him. The top of his hat has rarely been seen, due to the fact that it usually seems to go up forever. He also has a long lost son (Dale) who worked as a slave for Vicky making lemonade. Whenever he would introduce himself, the audience would say "Doug Dimmadome" and he would respond to that by saying, "That's right, Doug Dimmadome". He is a somewhat parody of Donald Trump
  • Chet Ubetcha - (voiced by Jim Ward), a midget news reporter (referred to as a "vertically challenged newscaster") known for his trademark opening line of "I'm Chet Ubetcha" In the special "Abra Catastrophe", his name was changed to "Chet Ubowdown" when Mr. Crocker took over the universe. In The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, it is revealed that he was not actually a midget as he was quite tall, but was mutated by radiation from the '80s cellular phones. His mother is named Nanette and his daughter/niece is named Yvette.
  • Britney Britney - (voiced by Tara Strong), a pop star parody of Britney Spears. In Truth or Cosmoquences, she was hypnotized to think she was with Chip Skylark at the Dimmsdale Music Fest so Cosmo would have a rich and famous human "wife" to show off.
  • Bradley Cuspidor - Announcer of the Teeth TV channel who is often seen promoting Chip Skylark's latest hit, an obvious reference to overly peppy MTV-styled young adult announcers.
  • The Doughnut Guy - A guy who brought donuts to the director of the Crimson Chin movie. He got the part of Cleft.
  • The Director of the Crimson Chin movie Description in name. He is a parody of Steven Spielberg.
  • Sylvester Calzone - (voiced by Jim Ward) A parody of Sylvester Stallone and the character of Rocky Balboa.
  • Skip Sparkypants - A rival of Chip Skylark that lives in his shadow. Skip wears sparky pants and underpants. He looks like Chip with a different color scheme.
  • The Bad Parent Hunter - A parody of (and voiced by) the Late Steve Irwin.
  • Writer of The Crimson Chin - A man in his late-30's\early 40's who still lives with his mother. His apparently running out of pick-me-up lines for the Chin to say. He is first mentioned in Chin Up where Timmy calls him a "40 year-old geek who lives with his mom" Chin then asks him how much money he makes, where Timmy points out the "lives with his mom" part. He first actually appears in The Big Superhero Wish special where he is beaten up by the Nega Chin who is angry that villains never win. His mother really wants him married, so much to the fact that she will lock him out of his house unless "he returns with grandchildren. He is the only character to be played by live character (not done by animation).

Real People

  • TV's Adam West (voiced by himself) is the Adam West from television and completely insane. He is often seen dressing up as "Catman" (in reference to West's original portrayal of Batman). As seen in "Lights, Camera, Adam", when people say "TV's Adam West!", he says "where", and says he loves that gag. In "Go Young, West Man", it is revealed that during his childhood, he never got a chance to be a real kid. He is currently a mouse exterminator with an old lady with super a buff body.
  • Billy Blanks (voiced by himself) appeared in Kung Timmy.
  • Scott Hamilton (voiced by himself) was Timmy's co-anchor at "The Fairly World Games".
  • Stephen Hawking appeared in Remy Rides Again.
  • James Piercy (Portrayed By Himself)
  • KISS (with voices Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley) appeared as fairy guardians in Wishology.
  • Patton Oswalt (live-action performance) as Crimson Chin creator.


  • Chompy the Goat (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui) is Dimmsdale's town mascot who Timmy once set free, however he comes back at Timmy's distress with his family and is put back in captivity free to come and go as Chompy pleases. He is usually found by the Mayor's side and being asked for advice.
  • Doidle (voiced by Frank Welker) - Vicky's just as evil dog.
  • Dinkledog (voiced by Frank Welker) - The Dinklebergs' dog.
  • Bippy - A.J.'s monkey. In Abra-Catastrophe he uses Timmy's Magical Muffin to turn the entire world to a simian version ruled by apes. Cosmo and Wanda end up being his godparents as a result of this; but later on he wishes the world back to normal.
  • Possum - Chester's minor possum.
  • Halloweeniedog - Easter Bunny's dog and the supposed spirit of Halloween.
  • Flipsie - an allegedly popular toy dog that barks and does backflips. Timmy created a Flipsie toy using a magic photocopier, but Dark Laser stole him as a companion and fellow toy pet. Dark Laser has often consulted Flipsie for advice in situations, even though it is just a toy. In "Pixies Inc.", several Flipsie toys with different costumes bought by Jorgen are shown on a shelf, suggesting other varieties are available.
  • The Sewer Gator (voiced by Frank Welker) - A fierce monster that is said to live in the sewers of Dimmsdale. This is, in fact, true, as Timmy was attacked by it when he went to save Cosmo and Wanda. He was ultimately beaten up by Mr. Turner.
  • Eddie A recurring gerbil. In his first appearance, "Chin Up!", he is/was the Crimson Chin's imaginary friend, and a vision of him re-motivates the Chin to fight crime.
    In "That's Life", he was Timmy's pet, who was left in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Turner while Timmy was at summer camp, but the two completely forgot about him and he starved to death; he, and several other pets that Timmy and his parents owned and neglected to take care of (a kitty, bunny, ferret, ocelot, puppy, and parrot) were subsequently buried in Mrs. Turner's vegetable garden, and they lied to Timmy, telling him that they ran away while Timmy was at camp. They are all subsequently resurrected as zombies when Timmy wishes to fill everything in Mrs. Turner's garden with life; though he manages to reconcile with Eddie, it is unknown if he did so with the others.
    His next appearance is in "Information Stupor Highway", where he and a scamper wheel are used as the power source for Mr. Turner's homemade computer.

Inanimate Objects

  • Philip is Cosmo's favorite nickel that is his friend and he often sleeps with. Apparently, Philip is good with math. Although the male name, Philip is actually a female nickel.
  • Rock is a rock that is more popular than Timmy.

Other characters

  • Principal Waxelplax is the principal of Dimmsdale Elementary.
  • The Dinklebergs are the Turners' next-door neighbors and Mr. Turner's arch-enemies. They seem to have nicer things than the Turners do except they have no children.


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