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Tina McGee
Tina McGee in Flash vol. 2 -3.jpg
Tina McGee from Flash vol. 2 #, art by Jackson Guice
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The Flash v2, #3,
August (1987)
Created by Mike Baron (writer)
Jackson Guice (artist)
In-story information
Supporting character of Flash

Tina McGee is a fictional character appearing in The Flash comic book series published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Flash vol. 2 #3. Tina McGee is a nutritionist and researcher for STAR Labs. She originally received a grant from Harvard to study Wally West's metabolism. Tina had been married to Jerry McGee, but asked him for a divorce after his research in hyper-physiology left him mentally ill and abusive. After her husband fell in a coma, she entered into a romantic relationship with Wally West and eventually moved in with him.

Tina McGee talks with Wally West in Flash vol 2 #4 Artist: Jackson Guice

In other media

Tina is probably most remembered for her appearance in the 1990-91 Flash television series, in which she was portrayed by Amanda Pays.



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