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Tiny Titans
Tiny Titans 1.jpg
Tiny Titans #1 (April 2008). Art by Art Baltazar.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics (Johnny DC)
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date June 2008-Present
Number of issues 25
Main character(s) Robin
Wonder Girl
Beast Boy
Kid Flash
Creative team
Writer(s) Art Baltazar
Franco Aureliani
Artist(s) Art Baltazar

Tiny Titans is an Eisner Award-winning comic book series by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. It is published by DC Comics, beginning publication in February, 2008. The first issue was also released as part of the annual Free Comic Book Day promotion in May, 2008.

Tiny Titans stars alternate versions of the DC Universe's characters, primarily those from the Teen Titans series. It is set in a kid-friendly, elementary school environment. Issues typically consist of several individual stories as opposed to one cohesive storyline.


Recurring Characters and Jokes

Although the comical nature of the stories feature a wide variety of characters, several are part of recurring jokes.

  • Robin is one of the more featured characters and is generally considered the leader, though no one seems to take him seriously. In one attempt to prove his character, Robin briefly changes his name and costume to Nightwing, but still fails to garner any respect.
  • Beast Boy and Terra appear as part of a very one-sided relationship, in which Beast Boy's romantic (though ridiculous) advances towards Terra are met with thrown rocks.
  • Deathstroke (Slade) is the principal of the kids' school, Sidekick City Elementary. The kids tend to think of Principal Slade as a mean guy, and they're usually right.
  • Psimon is often called Brainiac because of his exposed brain, and he always has to remind people what his name is, but they don't listen.

The team catch phrase is "Aw yeah, Titans" which everyone eventually says, except Miss Martian and Kid Devil, who, being newer characters, are infants

References to DC continuity

Trade Paperback Collections

Vol. # Title Collected material Pages ISBN#
1 Welcome to the Treehouse Tiny Titans #1–6
144 ISBN 1-40122-078-9
2 Adventures in Awesomeness Tiny Titans #7–12
144 ISBN 1-40122-328-1




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