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Tiwana (Punjabi: ਟਿਵਾਨਾ, ٹوانہ) is a Punjabi Rajput caste that hails predominantly from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. There are two branches of the tribe, those of Khushab, and those of Samana in Patiala District. The Khushab Tiwana use Malik as a title, while those originally from Samana use Chaudhary. The Tiwanas of East Punjab are Sikhs who claim Jat heritage and the Tiwanas of West Punjab are Muslims who claim Rajput heritage.


Prominent Tiwanas


Sikh Tiwanas in India

Gurcharan Singh Tohra (Tiwana) "Pope of the Sikhs" famously known as "Tohra" named after his village in Punjab, was President of SGPC (the Sikh gurdwara ruling body) for 27 years until his death in 2004. He served as a member of Lok Sabha (lower house) and Rajya Sabha (upper house) of Indian Parliament during his long political career. He worked for the common public 24x7 and was respected and honoured by people from all walks of life.

Dr Dalip Kaur Tiwana, Leading Punjabi novelist, most popular and productive female writer of all times hails from Punjab. Dr. Tiwana is considered one of the founders of modern Punjabi literature.

Harpal Singh Tiwana, one of the most prominent Punjabi playwrights of all time, and a Punjabi play and film long da lishkara maker/director. He performed "Banghra" dance in various Hindi Bollywood films

Sardar Sadhu Singh Tiwana who was the first Sikh Tiwana graduate and served as Nazim (District Collector) and Sessions Judge in Patiala State. He was well known throughout the erstwhile Patiala state for his integrity and acumen. He belonged to the well known Chinarthalia family of Patiala state

Justice Charan Singh Tiwana,son of Sardar Sadhu Singh Tiwana, legendary Judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court who authored the famous Tiwana Commission Report that exposed police torture in the 1980s

Justice Iqbal Singh Tiwana,son of Sardar Sadhu Singh Tiwana, reputed Judge and brilliant lawyer of the Punjab and Haryana High Court who had also served as Acting Chief Justice at the time of his demise.

Late Sahib Bahadur Sardar Harmohinder Singh Tiwana of Chinarthal Kalan(1927-2005) belonging to the well known respected Sardar family of the village .He stayed member Panchyat of the village for at least 20-25 years. His son Sardar Sukhvinder Singh Tiwana Chinarthalia is Known as Numberdar by inheritance and is settled in Patiala.

Muslim Tiwanas in Pakistan

  • Fateh Khan Tiwana, Jagirdar in the neighbourhood of Dera Ismail Khan. d.(1848)
  • Nawab Sir Malik Umar Hayat Khan, Highly decorated soldier of the Indian Empire who had the titles of Honorary Lieutenant, Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel, Honorary Major-General, Honorary Extra Aide-de-camp to George VI, and Honorary Magistrate.

Places Named in Honor of Muslim Tiwanas




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