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Can of Tizer
Type carbonated soft drink
Manufacturer A.G. Barr plc
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Introduced 1924
Colour Red
Related products Vimto

Tizer is a red soft drink from the United Kingdom with a very sweet and slightly fruity taste. The name originally comes from the phrase 'Tizer the Appetizer'. It was launched in 1924 by Fred Pickup of Manchester when it was known as 'Pickup's Appetizer'. After the death of Pickup it was owned by the Armour Trust before being sold to A.G. Barr plc (the makers of Irn-Bru) for £2.5 million in 1972.

Tizer famously produced a product called 'Tizer Ice' in the late 1990s. The concept of Tizer Ice was that the drink would taste ice cold even at room temperature. This was done by adding menthol to the product to create a cold sensation in the mouth whilst drinking. Tizer Ice didn't sell well and was swiftly removed from sale, despite being rebranded "Ice by Tizer" towards the end.

Tizer and Scottish soft drink Irn-Bru are both manufactured by A.G Barr. Tizer sponsored a roller coaster in Southport called the 'Traumatizer'. The TraumaTizer was closed with the park in 2006 and relocated to Blackpool, where it became known as Infusion.

The drink was promoted in the early '90s through a memorably surreal, minimalist series of TV and cinema adverts. A character filmed in black and white would wander onto a background of bubbly red liquid and mutter a few words. The ad would conclude with half-words such as 'appe', 'chas', 'depu' and 'adver' voiced, often in an electronically-distorted manner. It was left up to the viewer to realise that the word 'tizer' had to be added to these half words to make the whole word, which then made sense of the character's pronouncements. The drink also sponsored the Chart Show on ITV for a period in 1997.

The exact recipe has not been made public (as with Barr's other famous drink Irn-Bru), although a list of ingredients and nutritional data is available on the product itself.

In 2007 Tizer was re branded with the slogan 'Original Great Taste' and a classic Tizer recipe with fewer additives and no E numbers. It was also been given classic style packaging without the 'Ed The Head' character. However, despite the relaunch making great play of the addition of real fruit juice and the absence of artificial flavourings, colourings and sweeteners, the recipe was re-altered in 2009 to remove all the real fruit juice and reintroduce natural flavourings, natural colours and sweeteners (Acesulfame-K).


The 1974 song "Back in Judy's Jungle" by Brian Eno mentions the soft drink, as does the 1991 song "King Leer" by Morrissey.

In Billy Connolly's "Casual Vomit" Sketch, found on 'The Best Comedy Album Ever'; Bacardi and Tizer is mentioned as the ingredients in a vomit inducing pint.


In the Black Books episode 'Cooking the Books', Manny says that his computer plug went in some Tizer.

In Monty Python's Flying Circus's third season episode "The Cycling Tour," The protagonist Mr. Pither, played by Michael Palin, asks an adulterous man in a pub if he or his mistress (whom Pither assumes is a daughter) like Tizer.

In an episode of the show Spaced Mike, a very enthusiastic member of the T.A., mentions replacing the enemy's blood with Tizer.

In the TV show Bottom, Richie needs something to calm his nerves. Eddie gives him a drink, to which Richie reacts to it, as one would to alcohol. When Richie asks Eddie what it was, Eddie simply says; 'Tizer...'

In the TV show The Fast Show, the Fat Sweaty Cops characters were very fond of Tizer, possibly due to its high sugar content. While on traffic duty one police officer, when forced to respond to a robbery shows his anger at the situation by uttering the phase "Bollocks I haven't finished my Tizer!"

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