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Toad Patrol
Toad Patrol Logo.jpg
Toad Patrol logo
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Format Animated cartoon
Created by George Sarson
Peggy Sarson
Written by Clive Endersby
Mary Crawford
Alan Templeton
Bruce Robb
Katherine Sandford
Alex Galatis
Jed MacKay
Rick Jones
John Handforth
Directed by Jerry Popowich
Nelson Shin
Voices of Terrence Scammell
Sonja Ball
Nancy Neilson
Neil Shee
Rick Jones
Bryn McAuley
Brady Moffatt
Michael O'Reilly
Long John Baldry
Country of origin  Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Running time 25 minutes
Original channel Teletoon
Disney XD
Telefutura (current)
Original run September 3, 2002 – July 16, 2003
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Toad Patrol is a canadian-japanese TV program which first aired in 1999 on Teletoon and in 2002 on Disney XD, currently airing on the Telefutura Spanish-language network as Patrulla de Sapitos. It was created by George and his wife, Peggy Sarson. Although it is primarily aimed at young children, it has found popularity with pre-teens to young adults because despite the fairly young and lighthearted appearance of the show, it had some rather dark undertones beneath the surface. Its cult appreciation has also stemmed from the fact that Toad Patrol had so much time and effort put into it. This series has a very distinct beginning, middle, and end to each season it airs. The story was in the works since 1985 and was in the development stage as the creators started selling Mistle Toad chocolates to raise money. The show eventually managed to get animated overseas in both Korea, AKOM (First Season) and India, UTV Toons (Second Season). Although, a lot of the in-betweening and other works were done in America at Helix studios.

A show sponsor page has stated that 13 episodes of the series are currently in production. Several fans had assumed that with the passing of Long John Baldry, the series had been halted however, that is not the case. After discovering that Mistle Toad had two voice actors (Long John Baldry and Tatyana Loeffler-Vulpe), fans are now sure that if a third season were to appear then that voice actor would take his place. However, after more than five years without an original episode and no further news of any additional planned broadcasts, the possibility of additional episodes of the series remains doubtful at best.



The story is about a group of eight young "Toadlet" siblings and their struggle for survival in The Great Forest.

The Ancients are quite powerful and knowledgeable in shamanistic like magic. According to legend; they had created Toad Hollow, left many symbols of their existence behind and had eventually disappeared. Now, due to unknown reasons, the Toads have to abandon the forest and migrate to Toad Hollow. Toad Hollow is basically a giant haven, home to many Toads. The only way to enter Toad Hollow is a gateway known as the Fairy Ring. Or at least, this is the only way that will prevent one from becoming a Toadstool after the ring closes. This portal of sorts opens and closes in random areas of the forest annually, and any who miss the Ring end up stranded or turn into a toadstool.

Because of the dangers of the outside world, a spell was put on all of the younger Toadlets which would turn any who are outside of Toad Hollow once the ring closes into a Toadstool. This would put them in a state of suspended animation. This was to protect them - should they not be able to find their way to Toad Hollow before the Fairy Ring gate closes. However it seems to have caused more harm than good, as since the disappearance of the Ancients, the toadstools are no longer restored to their toadlet form. The main characters are late born Toadlets (how they are born is never explained, however its assumed its similar to real Toads since the series is loosely based on real events) who missed the migration of their general group. Unable to figure out what to do, they are greeted by a wandering Toad sage named Mistle Toad. Mistle Toad lived in Toad Hollow long ago, and understands the Toadlets' dilemma. He tells them about the Fairy Ring and how to find it. It's not known exactly where it is because the location changes every year. It is revealed shortly after that the youngest of the group, Panther Cap, has the ability to hear what certain "Lightning Oaks" (called Thunder Trees by the toadlets) are saying, and can also home in on these trees telepathically with the use of a "Pointer." Mistle Toad wishes them the best and tells them that they must hurry.

Along their journey, every member of the group develops a special skill which they use to contribute to the group's survival. Although none get along too well at first, they eventually come to depend on each other for survival and become a close knit family - group of friends. They meet a few other friends, some fellow Toads who like Mistle Toad, wander the outside; and some non-Toad friends as well. They also meet Earth Star, a young Toadlet musician who was part of a previous group of Toadlets who failed to find the Fairy Ring in time and all turned into Toadstools. However, Earth Star for reasons unknown, turned back into a Toadlet. He doesn't want to join the group because he deeply harbors fears of losing friends after the incident, but yet he continues to randomly appear to help them in times of need.

The series lasted two seasons and lasted 26 episodes. The first follows the Toadlets as they find the Fairy Ring. Eventually they reach their goal in the season's rather dramatic climax, and the Toadlets are finally safe. However, in the second season, when in Toad Hollow, Panther Cap hears Mistle Toad calling out for help. Eventually after telling the others, they set out to find and rescue him. They're no longer worried about becoming toadstools, as they've been to Toad Hollow. However, the dangers of the Forest are still very real and they have to contend with the added pressure of winter weather. They're not as safe as they might think when it comes to the toadstool aspect. The second season delves much more heavily into the Toad's Ancient backgrounds, visiting many Ancient ruins and eventually when finding Mistle Toad, also find an Ancient method which can supposedly reverse the Toadstool effects and free all the Toadlets who suffered this fate. In the second season, Panther Cap has a potential of becoming a great sage and also begins to hear the words of the ancients' spirits.

Production notes

This series was first realized by George and Peggy Sarson in 1985. He created the character of Mistle Toad back then, and penned a series of short stories about Toad Tunnels, tunnels dug in some areas of the world for groups of toads who migrate. The tunnels act as a way to give the Toads a safe passageway past freeways and roads, as this had been known to destroy whole groups of migrating toads before the invention of the tunnels. George found the perilous journey of the toads fascinating and created a story about it which eventually was noticed by Teletoon and Disney XD. It was eventually animated in a full animated series in 1999. It was moderately popular, and eventually even managed to finish itself neatly with a dramatic conclusion to the series in the second season. After this the series was moved to a rather poor timeslot and its ratings dropped, but ironically at this timeslot early in the morning the show gathered a quiet but dedicated cult following. Years later, after going off air, it continues to hold on to quite a few of its followers.

Some may notice that the series has many similarities in setting and atmosphere to Watership Down and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (and its animated counterpart The Secret of NIMH). Aside from the obvious toning down of the urgency of survival for the sake of a young viewing audience, the series shares the two stories' secret world of the animals style as well as its dark and foreboding natural setting. Many believe this to be the reason why, despite the series' rather childish appearance and tone, it has a great deal of appeal to older audiences as well with its subtle undertones.

It is rumored that an additional 13 episodes are in production currently, although this hasn't been officially confirmed by Disney XD, Nova Productions Ltd or Teletoon as of yet. However, a company that has licensing rights for the series has posted a page saying that there will be 13 new episodes. The series is now on DVD with all nine episodes. It currently no longer airs on any station for the time being. However, a Spanish version is available on the Telefutura network every Sunday at 8/7 a.m. Central.

Before any further work progresses with Toad Patrol (releasing of DVDs, possible continuation of the series, etc), it will need to go back to airing on Teletoon, Disney XD, France 5 or other English/French networks or will air on Nickelodeon.


Main Characters

  • Fur Foot
  • Beauty Stem
  • Elf Cup
  • Shaggy Mane
  • Puff Ball
  • Oyster
  • Slippery Jack
  • Panther Cap
  • Earth Star
  • Mistle-Toad(TM)


DVD Episodes

  • One for All
  • The Giver of Names
  • The Fire
  • The Crystal Caverns
  • Scooped
  • The Stay Away Place
  • Trojan Duck
  • Night Fright
  • Trapped

DVD releases

It was only released 3 DVDs. The entire series will be coming early 2011 by Phase 4 Films.

DVD cover DVD Name Release Date Episodes Contains
The World of Toad Patrol DVD Cover.jpg The World of Toad Patrol April 26, 2005 1 - 3|align="center"|"One For All"
"The Giver of Names"
"The Fire"
Special Features align=center Character Profiles, Toad Speak Dictionary
The Crystal Caverns DVD Cover.jpg Toad Patrol: The Crystal Caverns July 26, 2005 4 - 6 "The Crystal Caverns"
"The Stay Away Place"
Special Features|align="center"|Bookmark and Wallpaper Downloads
Toadlets to the Rescue DVD Cover.jpg Toad Patrol: Toadlets to the Rescue December 6, 2005 7 - 9 "Trojan Duck"
"Night Fright"
Special Features Toad Patrol Trading Cards, TEKKEN 5 Demo Disc
Toad Patrol: The Fairy Ring 10-13|Bird's Eye View
The Cure
Temple of Bufonidae
The Fairy Ring


Even though the show is over, that doesn't mean events don't continue on. Yearly, there is an event that runs called Run For The Toad which raises money for various reasons. This takes place at Pinehurst Conservation Area and other than the running, they also run the Thunder Tree cinema. You can send your kids in to watch episodes of Toad Patrol.


The first season was produced by Universal Studios Animation while the second season was produced by Toadbag Productions. The first season had bad writing, the second season had good drawings and new elements. The season two's animation is far superior than season one's animation.

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