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Tōbu 100 series Spacia limited express

Tōbu Railway Co., Ltd. (東武鉄道株式会社 Tōbu Tetsudō Kabushiki-gaisha?) is a Japanese commuter railway company in the Greater Tokyo Area as well as an intercity and regional operator in the Kantō region. It operates in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Tochigi, and Gunma Prefectures. It operated freight services until September 30, 2003.

The Tōbu Group of which the company stands at the center also is engaged in road transportation (bus/taxi), real estate, and retail.

The name "Tōbu" is formed from the kanji for east (東) and Musashi (武蔵), the initial area served.


Railway network

Excluding the Japan Railways Group companies, Tōbu's 463.3-kilometre rail system is the second longest in Japan after the Kinki Nippon Railway.

Tōbu has two isolated networks which are connected by the Chichibu Railway for ferrying of its railroad cars.

The Tōbu Main Line network has a tree topology starting at Asakusa Station in Tokyo, with the Isesaki line as the trunk, and the Tōbu Kameido Line, Daishi Line, Noda Line, Tōbu Sano Line, Koizumi Line, Tōbu Kiryū Line and Nikkō Line forming the branches, with further branches into the Tōbu Utsunomiya Line and Tōbu Kinugawa Lines. It offers surcharged, seat-reserved limited express services from Tokyo to Nikkō and Kinugawa.

The Tōjō Line runs northwest from Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo to central and western Saitama Prefecture. A branch, the Ogose Line, runs to Ogose from Sakado station.


Tōbu Main Lines

Tōbu Tōjō Lines

Rolling stock

Express EMUs

  • 1800 series EMU
  • 6050 series EMU
  • 300/350 series EMU
  • 200/250 series EMU Ryōmō
  • 100 series EMU Spacia

Commuter EMUs


Single fare (Adult)

km Fare (JPY)
1-4 140
5-7 160
8-10 190
11-15 240
16-20 300
21-25 350
26-30 400
31-35 450
36-40 500
41-45 570
46-50 630
51-60 700
61-70 780
71-80 860
81-90 940
91-100 1,030
101-120 1,160
121-140 1,320
141-178 1,500

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