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Tokyo Game Show
Tokyo Games Show Logo.png
Status Active
Genre Video Games
Venue Makuhari Messe
Location Chiba
Country Japan
First held 1996
Organizer Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Filing status Non-profit
Attendance 185,030 (2009)
Official Website

The Tokyo Game Show (東京ゲームショウ Tōkyō Gēmu Shō?), commonly known as TGS, is a video game expo / convention held annually in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan. It is presented by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) and the Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. It is used by many international video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware, though the main focus is on the Japanese market rather than overseas. Like the Leipzig Games Convention, but in contrast to the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Tokyo Game Show allows the general public to attend during the final two days.[1] As a result, it has much higher attendance than E3.

Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association is still deciding if the next show in 2010 will be a three or four day event so Tokyo Games Show 2010 will be held either from September 16 to September 19 in 2010.[2]



The first Tokyo Game Show was held in 1996.[3] Until 2002, the show was held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn (in the Tokyo Big Sight), when the show was held only in the autumn.[4] The show is still held once a year.


The 2009 show involves a total of seven areas which consists of both public, business and educational areas.[5]

General Area

Booths at the Tokyo Game Show in 2004

The largest and main area of the show, it houses most of the video game companies such as Capcom, Sony and Square Enix as well as groups of overseas companies which are housed in pavilions such as the Beijing Pavilion and Canadian Pavilion.[5]

Advanced Mobile & PC Area

It houses major Japanese computing companies which are showcasing its products at the show such as Japanese desktop and notebook computers. Also housed here are Japanese mobile phone companies.[5]

Kids’ Area

Another area which is used to showcase new games that are aimed at a younger audience such as children. Companies such as Taito and Sega are housed here.[5]

Game School Area

Gamers play PlayStation 3 in TGS 2006

This area focuses on companies and universities which offer gaming courses to students to educate them on game creation and design. It houses colleges such as Numazu Professional College of Information Technology and Tokyo Designer Gakuin College.[5]

Sales Area

It is the main area in the games convention where most of the sales and business transactions between companies and consumers are carried out. Companies housed here include Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.[5]

Business Solution Area

It is the main business area of the games convention and is not open to the public.[5]

Business Meeting Area

It is mainly a location for businessmen of different companies to interact with one another.[5]

Media coverage

Many international websites and blogs have a history of providing extensive coverage of TGS with live webcasts, game previews, game media and blog entries covering popular press events. Some of the more popular sites include, but are not limited to IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku, and GameTrailers.

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Up to date as of February 01, 2010

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Year Days Total attendees Total exhibitors
TGS 2008 Oct 9 - Oct 12 estimated at 180,000 expecting 170
TGS 2007 Sept 20 - Sept 23 193,040 217
TGS 2006 Sept 22 - Sept 24 192,411 134
TGS 2005 Sept 16 - Sept 18 176,056 131
TGS 2004 Sept 24 - Sept 26 160,096 117
TGS 2003 Sept 26 - Sept 28 150,089 111
TGS 2002 Sept 20 - Sept 22 134,032 85
TGS 2001 March 30 - April 1
Sept 12 - Sept 14
TGS 2000 March 31 - Apr 2
Sept 22 - Sept 24
TGS 1999 March 19 - Mar 21
Sept 17 - Sept 19
TGS 1998 March 20 - Mar 22
October 9 - Oct 11
TGS 1997 April 4 - April 6
Sept 5 - Sept 7
TGS 1996 August 9 - Aug 11 109,649 87

The Tokyo Game Show, or TGS, is an annual gaming exposition held in Tokyo, Japan. It's pretty much the Japanese E3, except for the kick-ass fact that the last two days of the expo are open to the general public, not just industry insiders. 2007 marked the first year that the Tokyo Game Show was held for four consecutive days. This was done to give more time to the business trade show aspects of the event. The very first years TGS was held biannually, once in the spring and then again in the fall. Holding two events a year ended in 2001 and ever since TGS has been an annual event.

Nintendo tends not to participate heavily in TGS, though, at times they have had people like Satoru Iwata give speeches. In the past Nintendo has sometimes put on their own convention, Nintendo SpaceWorld.


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Tokyo Game Show

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The Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest conferences for video games in the world. held in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

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