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Tom Howard
Also known as Dorian
Born February 23, 1950(1950-02-23)
Died January 29, 2010 (aged 59)
Nashville, Tennessee,
United States
Genres Jesus music
Contemporary Christian
Christian Meditation Music
Instruments Piano, Vocals
Years active 1977–2010
Labels Solid Rock Records
NewPax Records
A&S Records
Maranatha! Music
Myrrh Records
Word Records
Media Arts Group
Unison Music
Vineyard Music
Associated acts Daniel Amos
Randy Stonehill
Larry Norman

Tom Howard (born February 23, 1950[1][2]) was an American pianist, musical arranger and orchestral conductor.

In 1983, Howard helped the rock band Daniel Amos form the Alarma! Records label.

On January 29, 2010, Howard suffered a fatal heart attack while hiking at Edwin Warner Park in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Dori. [3] [4]





  • View from the Bridge, 1977, Solid Rock Records
  • Danger in Loving You, 1981, NewPax Records
  • One by One, Tom Howard & Billy Batstone, 1985, A&S Records/Maranatha! Music
  • The Harvest, (Colours Series), 1985 Maranatha! Music (reissued in 2001 on Maranatha!'s Sanctuary series under the title Reflection)Commentary: This solo album is one of the most delightful solo piano albums I have ever heard, and it has provided a great deal of enjoyment and inspiration to me over the years. To my knowledge, it is no longer in distribution, but it should be. I have yet to meet anyone else who knows Tom Howard's music, but they should.
  • The Hidden Passage, Tom Howard Ensemble, 1986, Maranatha! Music (reissued on Maranatha!'s Sanctuary series under the title Shelter)
  • Solo Piano, 1987, Horizon/Maranatha! Music (reissued in 2000 on Maranatha!'s Sanctuary series under the title Serenity and on Ambient Records' Emerging Artist Series as Flight to Boston renaming some of the titles.)
  • Bamboo in Winter, 1991, Myrrh Records
  • Beyond the Barriers, 1992, Word Records/Epic Records
  • Breathe, 2006, Vineyard Music
  • Tom Howard - Piano Christmas: Fifteen Classic Piano Carols, 2009, Kingsway Music

For Thomas Kinkade

  • Reflections of Light, 1998, Media Arts Group
  • This Quiet Place, 1999, Media Arts Group

Under pseudonyms

as Dorian

  • Passage to Adventure, 1999, Unison Music
  • Passage to Tranquillity, 1999, Unison Music
  • Passage to Mystery, 1999, Unison Music
  • Passage to Peace, 1999, Unison Music
  • Passage to Joy, 1999, Unison Music
  • Passage to Romance, 1999, Unison Music

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