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Tomb of Gia Long (Vietnamese: Lăng Gia Long), officially Thien Tho Tomb (Vietnamese: Lăng Thiên Thọ), is a royal tomb of Nguyen Dynasty which located at Thien Tho mount, some 20 kilometres south of the city of Huế. The tomb was originally built for empress Thua Thien after her deaths in 1814 but later became Gia Long and some of his family members' burial site.

The tomb is a group of tombs and was well known for its beauty. The tomb originally had a main complex that formed by the double-grave tomb of the emperor and empress Thua Thien in the center; Minh Thanh Temple, the dedicated temple of Gia Long and Thuan Thien in the right, and the monument of Gia Long in the left. They were built at a plain and large hill of Thien Tho mount. Later, a lot of Nguyen Dynasty royal family members, including empress Thuan Thien, were buried here. Their burial sites made the tomb's perimeter rise to approx. 11,234 m.

Today, the tomb is badly damaged and some of its structures have been destroyed.


Coordinates: 16°22′30″N 107°35′46″E / 16.375°N 107.596°E / 16.375; 107.596



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