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Tomoharu Saitou
齋藤 友晴
Tomoharu Saitou.JPG
Born 14 December 1983[1]
Tokyo, Japan[1]
Residence Toshima-ku (Japan)
Nationality Japan Japanese
Pro Tour debut 2000 Pro Tour Chicago[1]
Winnings US$87,517[1]
Pro Tour wins (Top 8) 1 (5)[2]
Grand Prix wins (Top 8) 3 (13)[3 ]
Lifetime Pro Points 287[4]
Highest Limited Rating 2220[1]
Matches Played 2,490[4]

Tomoharu Saitou (齋藤 友晴 Saitō Tomoharu ?) is one of the most successful professional Magic: The Gathering players.


Saitou debuted at Pro Tour Chicago 2000.[1]An 83rd place finish saw him fall just short of making money. Later the same season, he made his first standout finish by reaching the top eight of the Asia Pacific Championship. His top eight opponent was to have been Peter Chao of Singapore. However, Chao was not able to attend the final day of competition, and ask Saitou for a prize split. The judges ruled this to be bribery and disqualified Saitou, Chao, and Satoshi Nakamura who hadacted as their interpreter.[5]

After two seasons off tour, Saitou returned the Pro Tour in 2003-04, and to the elimnation rounds at the premier level by finishing eighth at Grand Prix Nagoya. Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour season 2005, he made his first Sunday appearance on the Pro Tour. Alongside Tomohiro Kaji, and Kenji Tsumura, he reached the top four of Pro Tour Atlanta. Saitou's team, One Spin, lost in the semifinals to the eventual champions Nova, with Saitou loosing to Gabriel Nassif.[6]

In 2006, Saitou won Pro Tour Charleston as member of Team Kajiharu80, along with Tomohiro Kaji and Shouta Yasooka.[7]. The next Pro Tour, held in Kobe, Saitou made his first individual top eight appearance. He lost in the quarterfinals to Pro Tour first-timer and eventual champion Jan-Moritz Merkel.[8] At the end of the 2006 season, Saitou was dubbed the PoY maker, because in the past two seasons his teamates, Tsumura and Yasooka, had won the Player of the year title. The following year, it would be his turn.

In 2007, Saitou made his fourth Pro Tour top eight that year, in Yokohama, loosing to Kazuya Mitamura in the semifinals.[9]. He also top eighted Grand Prix Singapore, and won Grand Prix Strasbourg. At the end of the season, he won the Player of the year title, making him the first player to do so without either winning a Pro Tour or reaching the top eight of multiple Pro Tours.[10]

The 2008 season saw Saitou finishing third at Pro Tour Berlin[11] and making the Top 8 of three Grand Prix, but falling 20 points short of defending his title.[12].

In 2009 Saitou won back to back Extended Grand Prixs in Singapore and Kobe.


Season Event type Location Format Date Place
2000–01 APAC Region Championship Kuala Lumpur Special 22–24 June 2001 DQ1
2003–04 Grand Prix Nagoya Standard 28–29 August 2004 8
2005 Grand Prix Osaka Team Limited 8–9 January 2005 4
2005 Pro Tour Atlanta Team Limited 11–13 March 2005 4
2005 Grand Prix Matsuyama Limited 14–15 May 2005 7
2005 Grand Prix Beijing Extended 26–27 November 2005 6
2006 Pro Tour Charleston Team Constructed 16–18 June 2006 1
2006 Nationals Japan Standard and Booster Draft 25-27 August 2006 8
2006 Grand Prix Sydney Limited 7–8 October 2006 3
2006 Pro Tour Kobe Limited 20–22 October 2006 7
2007 Grand Prix Singapore Extended 3–4 March 2007 8
2007 Pro Tour Yokohama Block Constructed 20–22 April 2007 4
2007 Grand Prix Strasbourg Block Constructed 19–20 May 2007 1
2008 Grand Prix Vienna Extended 15–16 March 2008 4
2008 Grand Prix Copenhagen Standard 23–24 August 2008 2
2008 Pro Tour Berlin Extended 31 October–2 November 2008 3
2008 Grand Prix Atlanta Limited 15–16 November 2008 6
2009 Grand Prix Singapore Extended 21–22 March 2009 1
2009 Grand Prix Kobe Extended 18–19 April 2009 1
2009 Grand Prix Melbourne Limited 10–11 October 2009 2

Last updated: 29 October 2009

  • Note 1: Tomoharu Saitou reached the top eight of the 2001 APAC Championships as the number 1 seed after two days of competition. He was disqualified for bribery, along with Satoshi Nakamura and Peter Chao.[5]

Other accomplishments:

  • Pro Player of the Year 2007


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Preceded by
Japan Shouta Yasooka
Pro Player of the Year
Succeeded by
Japan Shuhei Nakamura


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