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Tone Aanderaa is a painter born in 1957 in Bergen, Norway. She achieved a Master of Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute New York [1] and private studies with Stephen Rettegi.

Since her return to Norway, she was involved in art coaching of young children and adults. As Oil painter, author of a novel and poems, she’s a working member of Harding Puls, the association of the artists related to the Hardangerfjord region in Norway [2].

In 1993 Tone Aanderaa translated 'Håpets Harpe', a novel about Ireland in the 1850s, by B.J.Hoff. In 2004 she published the novell "Det store puslespillet"[3].

Konkyliekvinnen by Tone Aanderaa

In 1999 Tone Aanderaa and the music group Secret Garden started a collaboration[4]. It resulted in animations used for their DVD and the home-page of their official web-site. Elements from paintings made by Tone Aanderaa are used also to build up the stage[5].

In 2007 Tone Aanderaa used the "Raspirit Heron" avatar in Second Life to build a 3D virtual world based on her paintings. This site was used to organise multi-media cultural events in Second Life.

Since 2008, she started with a Belgian studio situated at Jodoigne, Brabant Walloon, Belgium. Still she has here studio at Årvik, Hardangerfjord, Norway. The combination of landscapes, cultural backgrounds, and ways of living, artistic expressions positively influences her artwork. Examples of the paintings made in Norway are "Konkyliekvinnen" and "Akvariefiskens nye tilvaerelse" re-using the Norwegian myths and landscape. Examples of the paintings made in Belgium are "Belgian Triptyck" and "This is not the last piece of the puzzle".

Akvariefiskens nye tilvaerelse by Tone Aanderaa

In 2009 she started together with Ignace Clarysse, the Crabe group at Jodoigne a cultural collaboration between Brabant-Walloon in Belgium and Hardangerfjord Norway [6] Her official site is since begin/Feb/2009 operational link "The Official Site of Tone Aanderaa" and contains detailed information about Tone Aanderaa, paintings, poems, exhibitions and events.



  • NBK (Norske Billedkunstnere or Association of Norwegian Visual Artists);
  • LMN (National Association for Painters);
  • BKFH (Visual Artists of Hordaland County);
  • Harding Puls (Association of the artist related to the Hardangerfjord region in Norway) [7]


  • Pedagogical studies, Bergen College, 2001-2003;
  • Master of Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, New York, 1983-1989;
  • Private Studies with Stephen Rettegi (oil painting), New York, 1977-1978.

Selection of Solo Exhibitions since 2000

Year Title Description Where
2009 Tone Aanderaa Encounters ... An encounter with Belgian, Dutch and Norwegian artist to exchange ideas, concepts and techniques. She was the curator selecting the artists and the artworks. She introduced a new exhibition concept to enhance the 'you enter another world' feeling. The concept emphasises the sequence of the paintings Hardanger Folkemuseum, Utne, Norway and Jodoigne, Belgium
2007 Art Sanctuary It is a 3D evocation of the paintings made by Tone Aanderaa in the virtual world of Second Life. The site was created in collaboration with WieBenIk Beaumont (SL)/Ignace Clarysse (RL). Also in Second Life Tone Aanderaa organised '2nd Dream in 2nd Life',-- a permanent exhibition of paintings and 3D versions on the 'Muse Isle', -- and 'Northern Light' at the 'Hardangerfjord site' Second Life
2001 Sanctuary She organised also an exhibition at his place in 1995 Galleri Parken, Bergen, Norway

Other experiences and activities

  • She wrote the cultural pages for the 'SLEnquirer' with art life news, events, and awards. The 'SLEnquirer' reports over the events in Second Life, 2007;
  • She was a contributing writer in KrystalEpic, a website publishing poems and short novels, 2007;
  • Tone Aanderaa translated the 'Håpets Harpe', a novel about Ireland in the 1850s, by B.J.Hoff, 1993
  • She was the curator of the 'HUMAN-sign-HUMAN' and the 'EARTH-sign-EARTH' exhibition organised by the Unesco, Galleri Sandven, Hardanger, Norway, in 1992 and 1994;
  • She worked for artists Herman Cherry and L.Alcopley, New York, USA, 1986-89.

Awards and nominations

  • Raspirit Heron (aka for Tone Aanderaa in Second Life) and the Art Sanctuary where nominated as 'Best Creation Artist' - 'Best of SL Art'.

Further reading

  • 'Pair at peace in Art Sanctuary' an interview published in the SL Newspaper, 2007;
  • Krystal Traveler - Art; Renaissance (Featured in Machinima), 2007;
  • Guest in the TV show click to watch the talkshow 'Tonight with Paisley Beebe', 2007;
  • 'Art Gallery in the Virtual Sky', article in AvaStar, June 1, 2007;
  • 'Art Sanctuary Opening', article in the 'Events of the Week', AvaStar, June 8, 2007;
  • 'Designers in the Spotlight', article in the AvaStar, June 15, 2007;
  • 'Sanctuary',

    Sanctuary and dream; An air of dream and fairy tale, quiet and afterthought characterizes Tone Aanderaa's images. Birds, animals and flowers live in secret gardens. There is an indefinable space between dream and reality, a world in itself. My images are like tableaus, that could also be fragments of a story, she says. We encounter imaginary landscapes, with castles, a lonely boat, a mysterious well, and a door or a trail into the unknown.

    (Sissel Hamre Dagsland, Bergens Tidende);
  • Presentation in the New York Times, New York, USA, 1989.


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