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Mohuna village, Deobun, Northwest of Landour, in Tons valley, 1850s

The Tons is the largest tributary of the Yamuna and flows through Garhwal region in Uttarakhand, touching Himachal Pradesh. The Tons thrust is named after this river.

Its source lies in the 20,720 ft (6,315 meters)[1]) high Bandarpunch mountain, and is one of the most major perennial Indian Himalayan rivers. In fact, it carries more water than the Yamuna itself, which its meets below Kalsi near Dehradun, Uttarakhand [2][3].


Tons valley

Tons valley lies in Jaunsar Bawar region, as it emerges from the Himalayas has Dehradun on its eastern bank. In this phase, it passes the Cantonment, the Forest Research Institute Campus and the Indian Military Academy Campus on its western banks. Toward the southern tip of IMA, near Premnagar the river starts to emerge from its valley. The cantonment town of Chakrata is situated between, the Tons and Yamuna rivers.

Tons River,flowing near Paonta Sahib,Himachal Pradesh. The Bridge seen in the picture links Dehradun (uttarakhand) with Paonta Sahib (Himachal)


The Pabbar River is a tributary of the Tones River connecting to it from the west. The Pabbar River is the westernmost river that drains east to the Ganges. The Sutlej River is the next watershed over and is the easternmost river that drains west into the Indus.


The top of the Tons river is in the Greater Himalayan Crystalline complex. It then flows through Tethan Himalaya rocks before connecting to the Pabbar River in the Lesser Himalayan Sequence. The Tons flows into the Yamuna River after crossing into the Sub-Himalaya Sequence.

Adventure sports

Along with Ganges, it has now become a major destination for water-based adventure sports like white-water rafting in Uttarakhand.You can stay at Jaunsar Bawar region on the banks of the Tons river and enjoy the grade 4 rafting .Typical season for rafting in Tons is till July.


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Coordinates: 30°29′49″N 77°48′06″E / 30.49694°N 77.80167°E / 30.49694; 77.80167



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