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Tony Halme
Ring name(s) The Viking[1][2]
Finland Thor[3]
Finnish Hellraiser Thor[2]
Tony Halme[1][2]
Ludvig Borga[1][2]
Billed height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)[1][3]
Billed weight 300 lb (140 kg; 21 st)[1]
Born January 6, 1963(1963-01-06)[2][3]
Helsinki, Finland[3]
Died January 8, 2010 (aged 47)[2][3]
Helsinki, Finland
Billed from Helsinki, Finland
Trained by Verne Gagne[1]
Debut 1989[2]
Retired 1997[2]

Tony Christian Halme[1][2][3] (January 6, 1963 – January 8, 2010) was a member of the Finnish Parliament, representing the True Finns party. He was also known by the pseudonym Viikinki he used while appearing in the Finnish version of the TV game show American Gladiators in the 1990s (Gladiaattorit). He has also been a professional wrestler best known for his appearances with World Wrestling Federation under the name Ludvig Borga, an MMA fighter and a professional boxer who held the Finnish Heavyweight Championship.


Professional wrestling career

Early years (1989-1990)

His earlier career in show-fighting and boxing have given Halme a "tough guy" image, enhanced by well-publicized instances when he defended himself in bar brawls. Halme was trained by Verne Gagne as a powerhouse professional wrestler.

Universal Wrestling Federation (1990)

He made his professional wrestling debut for Herb Abrams's Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) on October 29, 1990 as The Viking. In his first match, he defeated The Patriot.[1][4]

New Japan Pro Wrestling (1990–1993)

On December 26, 1990, Halme debuted in the Japanese promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling after defeating Shinya Hashimoto in a boxer versus wrestler match.[3][5] On April 30, 1991, Halme defeated Seiji Aoyagi in a boxer versus karate match.[3][6] In 1992, Halme was teamed in matches with Scott Norton, Bam Bam Bigelow and Barry Windham.[3][7] He also competed in the NJPW Super Grade Tag League II teaming with Masahiro Chono, together scoring 8 points and finishing fourth overall.[3][8] The tournament was won by Shinya Hashimoto and Riki Chōshū.[8] On November 22, 1992, Halme and Norton won the IWGP Tag Team Championship from The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott).[3][7][9] However, the next night, Halme and Norton were forced to face each other with separate tag team partners with Halme and Ron Powers losing to Norton and TNT.[3][7]

On December 14, Halme and Norton lost the IWGP Tag Team Championship to the Hell Raisers (Hawk Warrior and Power Warrior).[9] At Fantastic Story in Tokyo Dome (in North America aired on PPV as WCW/New Japan Supershow III), Halme was featured in a match against fellow powerhouse, Ron Simmons which he lost after a spinebuster.[3][10] On February 16, 1993, Halme got a shot for the IWGP Tag Team Championship, where he was teamed up with Matthew Rambo against the Hell Raisers for the title. However, Halme and Rambo lost the match.[3][11] On June 17, Halme wrestled his last match in NJPW, as he teamed up with The Barbarian and lost to John Tenta and Haku.[3][11]

World Wrestling Federation (1993–1994)

On the July 6, 1993 television tapings of Superstars (aired July 2), Halme debuted in the World Wrestling Federation as Ludvig Borga, beginning a streak of easy victories over enhancement talent.[12] He had the heel gimmick of a man who disliked America because of its pollution. His entrance music was Maamme, the Finnish national anthem. At SummerSlam, Borga defeated former Intercontinental Champion Marty Jannetty.[3][13] Borga then ascended straight to main event status against the "All-American" Lex Luger. On the September 28, 1993 episode of Superstars (aired October 30), Borga ended Tatanka's undefeated streak of nearly two years, pinning him with one finger after hitting him with a steel chair while the referee was distracted.[12] At Survivor Series, Borga participated in the main event, teaming up with Yokozuna, Quebecer Jacques and Crush as the "Foreign Fanatics" against "All-Americans" (Lex Luger, The Undertaker and the Steiner Brothers).[14] Borga and Luger were the final two remaining participants and Borga was eliminated by Luger after a running forearm smash.[14] On December 14, Borga defeated Razor Ramon at a house show to win the Intercontinental Championship. However, the contest continued because Razor's foot was on the bottom rope. Shawn Michaels interfered and hit Razor with a fake Intercontinental Title belt and Borga pinned Razor again to win the title. However, the decision was reversed, making Razor the winner.[1][15] On January 17, 1994, Borga injured his ankle in a match with Rick Steiner. This injury forced the WWF to cancel plans for Borga, including his scheduled appearance at the Royal Rumble and a proposed WrestleMania match with Earthquake, and he left the WWF soon after.[16]

Catch Wrestling Association (1995–1997)

He wrestled for Catch Wrestling Association in 1995. On December 20, Borga won the World Heavyweight Championship, his first and only singles championship, by defeating Rambo. After holding the title for over a year, Borga lost it back to Rambo on December 21, 1996.[17]

Mixed Martial Arts

After retiring from professional wrestling in 1997, Halme went on to fight in the RINGS and Ultimate Fighting Championship, though without appreciable success, losing to future UFC champion and Hall of Famer Randy Couture.[3]

Political career

Halme did not hide his nativist views and tended to speak in a rash, direct manner, which tended to catch the public ear. He also suggested that Finland should send drug dealers to Russian prisons as this would result in considerable cost savings, and a prison term in Russia would be a more effective deterrent. The populist party of True Finns took him as an independent candidate in the parliamentary elections of 2003. His share of about 17,000 votes was the 7th highest in the Helsinki parliamentary district. Most of his voters were from the poorest suburbs where unemployment is high. Some political analysts believed the Halme phenomenon to be a form of protest, but some feared this would mark the rise of a political racist right-wing movement.

During his parliamentary career, Halme raised controversies. The day after the elections, Halme referred to president Halonen as a lesbian in a radio interview. Halme stated that if a lesbian can be president of Finland and he can be a member of Parliament, anything seems possible. A huge uproar ensued as much of the Finnish media treated the statement as a personal attack on Halonen; Halonen herself made no comment. Halme later apologized, stating that he was sorry that the statement had been interpreted as an insult and that he had been under the genuine impression that Halonen was a lesbian.[18]

Personal life

In July 2003, a handgun was fired inside Halme's apartment, probably after a domestic quarrel. Nobody was hurt, but the gun was unlicensed. Halme had only days before been in a boxing match and was using prescription medication because he was in pain. The dangerous combination of drugs and alcohol was a decisive factor in the incident. His blood contained trace amounts of amphetamine. Illegal steroids were also found in his apartment. Halme said that somebody had put the illegal substance into his drink without his knowledge. He was unconscious for several days following the incident. The police searched Halme's office at the House of Parliament. In January 2004 his trial was shown live on television by the MTV3 digital television channel. Halme received a four-month suspended sentence and a fine,[19] but continued to serve as Member of Parliament. In 2006, he was convicted for driving under the influence.

In early March 2006, Halme was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, reportedly due to delirium caused by excessive alcohol use. Earlier in 2006 he had been diagnosed with alcohol-related cirrhosis and acute pancreatitis. After being on sick leave for almost the entire year of 2006, he went on disability pension at end of the Parliamentary term.

In December 2009, Halme said in a newspaper interview that he was suffering from issues with his short-term memory and had trouble remembering anything, but was still trying to write a book of his political career.[20]


On January 10, 2010, Halme was found dead in his apartment in Helsinki. A post-mortem confirmed that he committed suicide with a gun and that he had been dead for two days before he was found. [21]

Other media

He has also written four books and recorded one album called Mestarit salilla. He has also starred in the Finnish movies Ponterosa and Kohtalon kirja and in 1995 had a small role overseas in Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

  • Books
    • Jumala armahtaa, minä en (1998) (Title translation: God Has Mercy, I Don't)
    • Tuomiopäivä (2001) (Title translation: The Judgment Day)
    • Viikingin voimaopas (2003) (Title translation: The Viking's strength guide)
    • Kovan päivän ilta (2003) (Title translation: A Hard Day's Night)
    • Testamentti (unfinished) (Title translation: Will)[22]
  • Singles
    • "I Am Ironman" (1998)
    • "Viikinki" (Title translation: "The Viking") (1999)
    • "Mä oon tällainen" (Title translation: "I am like this") (2000)
    • "Painu pelle hiiteen" (Title translation: "Sod off, clown") (2001)
    • "Isätön poika" (Title translation: "The fatherless son") (2002)

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

Professional boxing record

13 Wins (10 knockouts, 3 decisions), 6 Losses (5 knockouts, 1 disqualification), 0 Draws [1]
Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
Win Kenya Chris Sirengo Unanimous decision 6   November 29, 2002   Helsinki, Finland
Loss United States Garing Lane TKO 5 (6) October 13, 2001 Copenhagen, Denmark
Win Russia Almaz Gismejev TKO 3 (8) February 20, 2001 Helsinki, Finland
Loss France Yacine Kingbo KO 2 (12) October 3, 2000 Helsinki, Finland Bout was for the vacant NBA Heavyweight title.
Win Finland Mika Kihlström KO 4 (10) April 17, 2000 Helsinki, Finland Won Finnish Heavyweight title.
Win Hungary Ferenc Deák KO 1 November 22, 1999 Helsinki, Finland
Loss Mexico Agustin Corpus KO 3 September 6, 1999 Helsinki, Finland
Win United States Iran Barkley Split decision 12 April 19, 1999 Helsinki, Finland Won vacant WBF Americas Heavyweight title.
Win United States Ken Woods KO 2 November 16, 1998 Helsinki, Finland
Loss Finland Mika Kihlström TKO 5 (10) September 14, 1998 Helsinki, Finland Lost Finnish Heavyweight title.
Win United States Terry Armstrong KO 1 March 16, 1998 Helsinki, Finland
Win Finland Jukka Järvinen KO 1 (10) September 29, 1997 Helsinki, Finland Won Finnish Heavyweight title.
Win United States Paul Genick KO 1 September 6, 1997 Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Loss Finland Jukka Järvinen Disqualification 3 (10) September 9, 1996 Helsinki, Finland Bout was for the vacant Finnish Heavyweight title.
Win United States Robert Swenson KO 1 May 26, 1996 Helsinki, Finland
Loss United States Patrick Freeman KO 4 April 27, 1996 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Win United States Tony Messenger TKO 1 March 4, 1996 Helsinki, Finland
Win United States Archie Perry Points 5 June 26, 1995 Inglewood, California, USA
Win United States Bradford Powell KO 1 June 10, 1995 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Mixed martial arts record

Result Opponent Method Rd. Time Date Event Notes
Loss United States Randy Couture Submission (rear naked choke) 1 1:00 May 30, 1997 UFC 13: Ultimate Force Heavyweight tournament semifinals.


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Tony Christian Halme (January 6, 1963-January 10, 2010) was a controversial member of the Finnish Parliament, representing the True Finns party, and prior to that a professional wrestler/mixed martial artist.



  • We have a lesbian president, and me as a member of parliament. Everything seems indeed possible.
    • Statement by Halme on Finnish radio, universally interpreted as an insult. Halme later apologized for the misunderstanding, stating that he had not intended to insult President Tarja Halonen and simply thought that because of her former chairmanship of SETA, a gay rights organization, she was a lesbian.
  • I apologize for calling Madam President names in my statement on the radio. My purpose was to encourage every Finnish person to strive forward in life and try to realize their dreams. The statement I gave on the radio could have been phrased otherwise, for example: Everything in life seems possible when someone brought up on the streets can become a Member of Parliament and the ex-president of SETA the President of Finland. The Finnish people have elected you President and I respect their decision. Your politics I will continue to criticize.
    • His open letter to President Tarja Halonen.
  • Show me a satisfied feminist, then I'll show you Jari Sillanpää's girlfriend.

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