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Welcome to the Wikiversity Department of Geological Engineering.

The Department of Geological Engineering is a Wikiversity content development project where participants create, organize and develop learning resources for Geological Engineering.

Geological engineering is the engineering science of applying engineering principles to the study of geological materials as part of the engineering design of facilities including roads, tunnels, and mines especially as related to minerals and mineral products. Some see it as a merging of the disciplines of geology and engineering and materials science, but, while it includes aspects of all, it has several specializations unique to the field.

Geological engineers are particularly prized in the field of mining, including the fields of mine development, exploration, and operation. Geological engineers conduct slope stability analyses, and design remediations for unstable slopes including landslides for mining concerns and civil engineering projects. They are involved in both civil and mining tunneling projects. Some geological engineers choose to specialize instead on geotechnical or environmental aspects of the field.

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Department news

  • 25 December, 2006 - Department founded!

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