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Since there is already a separate division for combinatorics, the pre-requisite combinatorics necessary to study this subject can be introduced as necessary or shared with that division. Graph theory is one of the largest areas of modern mathematics, and also has interesting applications in the physical, life, and computing sciences. The area is so broad that learning materials may vary from the level of a high-school student (the introduction below) to that of a mathematics graduate.

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Offsite Learning Materials

Recommended Reading Material

If you want to learn graph theory, you will need to read and complete the exercises in at least one of the following books. While this site provides a supportive community of peers and teachers, nothing beats having a well-organized and well-written text that you can study anywhere to learn. Mathematics is not a spectator-sport. You must do mathematics to learn it.

  • Bollobas, Bela. (2002). Modern Graph Theory Springer. ISBN 0387984887



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