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(Toriko )
Genre Comedy, Action
Author Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Publisher Shueisha
English publisher United States Viz Media
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump
Original run May 19, 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 7 (List of volumes)
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Toriko (トリコ Toriko ?) is a manga series by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. At San Diego Comic-Con International 2009, Viz Media announced they had licensed the series for their Shonen Jump imprint.[1] The series is making its first premier in Shonen Jump magazine in the February 2010 edition. Toriko will hold a 3 issue preview in the magazine where after it will begin printing in volume format.



In a world where the taste and texture of food is extremely important there exist individuals known as Bishoku-ya (luxury food providers) who specialize in the acquisition of rare ingredients and animals. Toriko is one of these hunters and it is his dream to find the most precious foods in the world and create the ultimate dinner course. As one of the most skilled hunters in the world he is regularly hired by restaurants and the rich to seek out new ingredients and rare animals. A man with inhuman ability, he utilizes his incredible strength and knowledge of the animal kingdom to capture ferocious, evasive and rare beasts to further his final goal, the ultimate dinner course composed of the most delicious food in the world. He is currently accompanied by a weak and timid chef who, inspired by Toriko's ambition, travels with him to improve his culinary skills and find rare ingredients.



Main Characters


A Bishoku-ya with an abnormally large appetite (A food serving for 500 people could only get him 1/10 full). He is known as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings", and his nickname is "The Glutton". Despite having a huge appetite and massive power, he doesn't indiscriminately kill and eat any animal; he only kills those animals he decides to eat. He has immunity to seventy different poisons, created by injecting himself with a near fatal dose of each poison and causing his body to create antibodies. He also has an animal-like sense of smell. He has adopted the Battle Wolf's new born pup and named it Terry Cloth. Like the other Kings, Toriko started of as a chain animal.

Hunting Method: Toriko relies on his sheer monster-like strength to capture his targets.

  • Intimidation: When Toriko fights his intimidation is so strong that Toriko appears as a hannya demon to both friend and foe.
  • Fork and Knife: The first of Toriko's hunting attacks. He places his right hand in a claw position (Fork) and his left in a chop position (Knife), with his strength he can easily dig into and grab hold of a beast with his 'fork' then quickly cut them with his 'knife'. After eating the BB Corn, Toriko's fork and Knife are now able to be used as long-range attacks
  • (#)-Hit Nail Punch: By focusing his power into one of his arms he can create a punch so powerful that it can give any large beast a concussion, he will often fire it in multiple blows consecutively, thus a "multi-hit" Nail Punch. He can use it up to 5 times in a row, recently it has changed to 10 being the limit, but doing so requires that he gather up his strength, which takes a while, and his muscles will be sore afterwards. There is a "Scattered" and a "Concentrated" type for the Nail Gun, Toriko usually use the "Scattered" type as the "Concentrated" type requires many times higher levels of concentration. Furthermore, the burden on the arm increase. However, "Concentrated" type compared to the "Scattered" type impact scope is drastically narrower. That part give birth to stronger piercing power.
  • "Knocking": Using a special knocking gun, he paralyzes a animal, this is only used for animals he doesn't want to eat.
  • "Ice Pick": used against Bei's GT Robot Toriko uses his 'fork' hand then he places his middle finger over his ring and index fingers to have more piercing power the his 'fork' has. Ice pick can be combined with Nail Punch to further the piercing power.
  • Flying Fork and Knife: After consuming the Jewel Meat of an adult Regal Mammoth, Toriko's fork and knife have gained ranged attack capability, though currently they seem only effective at mid-range.

Full Course Menu: Currently, Toriko has yet to fill his menu in any slot but Hors-D'oeuvre and dessert. He decided that the Dish God will be his main dish.

Hors-D'oeuvre: BB Corn
Soup: Blank
Fish Dish: Blank
Meat Dish: Blank
Main: GOD (Has yet to acquire it)
Salad: Blank
Dessert: Fruit of Rainbow
Drink: Blank


A five-star chef who works for Hotel Gourmet, part of the prestigious IGO (International Gourmet Organization). He is timid but greatly interested by what he finds in his travels with Toriko. As a result, he tries to overcome his fear and does his best to help. It is shown that he is a highly skilled and competent chief capable on carrying out delicate procedures such as the removal of a puffer-whale's poison sack. He is also able to create delicious plates from any food giving to him and he has such a large knowledge of foods that he knows which foods would work well together. He is also very observant, being easily able to discover edible organisms in the area. His skills didn't go unnoticed since he has impressed all three of "The Four Heavenly Kings" he he's met Toriko who notes skills are even higher than five-star class, Coco who was surprised since Komatsu's skill is most likely world class and Sani who seems to be in love with the way Komatsu's skill as a chef since it produces the "harmony" in food that Sani holds in such high regard. Because he is otherwise normal, he'll write a will whenever he come along on Toriko's hunts.
  • Toriko Cracker: special fire crackers created by Toriko for the purpose of scaring away animals by creating a loud noise. Its force is equivalent to a bomb, and the sound can stop Komatsu's heart and destroy his eardrums, because Toriko forgot to warn him to wear earplugs before using it. Because of this, Komatsu died for a short time and was than saved by Knocking Master Jirou.

Four Heavenly Kings


The "Gentleman" of the "Four Heavenly Kings" he is good friends with Toriko. While Toriko mostly relies on his brute strength, Coco prefers using stealthy techniques and cunning strategy to subdue aggressors. He is also strong defensively; he is immune to five hundred different kinds of poison. He earns most of his living by working as a fortuneteller, and his fortunes have a 97% accuracy rating, this has also made him extremely popular with women and results in him being mobbed by costumers when he is in public. He also has the ability to see non-visible spectrums of light and can read electromagnetic auras in order to predict an animal's next action.

Hunting Method: Due to having so many poisons in him Coco's body has developed its own kind of poison stronger then anything any animal can produce. But he does have a limit on the amount of poison; he can only produce 15 liters, as the poison is made by converting his body fluids into poison, thus making too much would result in severe dehydration. This poison can be secreted from any part of his body and can control the concentration and effect of it, however, its main weakness is that the poison is easy to dodge. Coco's poison also becomes darker when he increases its lethelness. His body can also instantaneously create antibodies to venoms he is not immune to.

  • Intimidation: Most animals instantly sense the danger of Coco's poison, frighting them in a similar manner to Toriko's. Coco projects the image of a Japanese ghost.
  • Poison Dressing: Coco cause his body to 'sweat' poison therefore covering himself with it, the rest of his attacks follow this one.
  • Poison Cannon: Coco fires a blob of poison at the target.
  • Poison Rifle: Coco fires a minuscule amount of poison from a small area and gives adds spin to it in order to increase the chance of it hitting. Compensates for the fact that Coco's venom lacks speed.
  • Poison Sword: Coco combines blood from his body into a blade and then hardens the poison using some of his blood cells to clot inside the poison and hold it together.
  • Hell Poison: A powerful poison Coco uses when he wishes to destroy his foe entirely. As such he tends to make sure no other animals around when he is using it. The poison itself is a chemical made by Coco rapidly vaporizing his bodys' waste products and has a similar composition to volcanic gas. As well as being deadly when inhaled the poison is highly corrosive and even flammable making a massive explosion when ignited by a laser from a GT Robo.
  • Aqua Regina: A liquid poison Coco creates using concentrated hydrochloric acid and nitric acid at a ratio of 3 to 1.

Full Course Menu: Currently, Coco's is missing three dishes.

Hors-D'oeuvre: Blank
Soup: Lee Dragon's Tear (CLVL 21)
Fish Dish: Bureau Kadziki (CLVL 18)
Meat Dish: G2 Phoenix (CLVL 25)
Main: Blank
Salad: Neo Tomato (CLVL 12)
Dessert: The Fruit of Domu(CLVL 30)
Drink: Blank


One of the "Four Heavenly Kings", he is first shown to have great strength, like Toriko, introduced carrying a Regal Mammoth with one arm, although this was merely a clever trick due to the fact that he was actually using his monstrously strong hair, each one of its strings being strong enough to lift nearly 50 pounds. He is Rin's older brother. He is a calm and collected pretty boy who judges the 'beauty' of people's actions and speaks in an elegant almost flirting manner. He has a way of 'knocking' without even touching the target, mostly related to his 'sensor' talent which allows him to know the physical state of those around him. His 'sensor' is actually thousand upon thousands of super thin hairs that can reach a maximum of 25 feet (7.6 m) in length. Sani's body has a very high body tempreture and powerful sense of touch, being touched by his hair or any part of his body can only be described as Sani tasting whatever his touching. He seeks "harmony" in his dishes which is the perfect use of ingredients, perfect handling of the food and most importantly producing a prefect taste. He seems to be slightly in love with Komatsu (or at least his skills since they seem to produce the "harmony Sani looks for in meals). When he saw Rin his calm personalty disappears and is replaced by that of an over-protective older brother that is shocked by how much her body changed (gained wight from too many sweets), this leads to a rather comical sibling spat between the two. He also expresses a great sense of disgust towards the Bishoku-kai, displaying anger after seeing the slaughtered, one bite taken out of creatures that followed a GT Robo's path of destruction.

Hunting Method: Sani's hunts by using his hair to capture his prey. He can also use it to stop then counter enemy attacks.

  • Intimidation: Like most of the other hunters including the other kings Sani uses a form of intimidation to scare an enemy into surrender. However because of his love of beauty Sani only uses intimidation when his foe has truly disgusted him to the extent he no longer cares about his beauty, such as when he encountered the GT Robo responsible for taking a single bite out of the creatures of an area and leaving the rest of them to rot. His intimidation is the creation of an evil spirit out of his hair, which also makes his intimidation the only one openly visible and not just sensed by killing intent.
  • Spatula: using his hair Sani can reflect the force of his enemies attacks right back at them.
  • Hair Net: Sani uses his hairs to trap his prey and due his high body temperature slowly 'cooks' them while they are trapped.

Full Course Menu: Note, all the food on Sani's menu all have to do with skin care. (His Full Course has been called the most unbalanced)

Hors-D'oeuvre: Beautiful Skin Caviar(CLVL 30)
Soup: Charis Lobster Soup (CLVL 19)
Fish Dish: Skin Whitening Tuna (CLVL 25)
Meat Dish: Perfect Beauty Cattle (CLVL 21)
Main: Regal Mammoth - Jewel Meat (CLVL 48)
Salad: Mochi Skin Bean Sprouts (CLVL 15)
Dessert: Blank
Drink: Charis Dragon Scale Sake (CLVL 35)


One of the "Four Heavenly Kings" he is jail for an as of now unknown crime. He is said to be the best at disrupting IGO's food order.



A very arrogant and annoying bishoku-ya who wields a large axe to hunt. He is very self-centered and boasts about his completed full course menu which is made of dishes that probably don't have a capture level of more than three, the only really dangerous dish being Galala Grocodile he had just killed (it was also a newborn making it no where near as strong/tasty as the one Toriko fought). Despite all his boasting he is a very big coward using other as shields and making excuses when confront by a beast he can't take down.

Full Course Menu: Note, all the food on Zonge's list seem like very easy to find foods and are mostly fish or reptile animals.

Hors-D'oeuvre: Golden Salmon Roe
Soup: The Soup of Serpent Snake
Fish Dish: Stripe Salmon
Meat Dish: Crab Pork
Main: Galala Crocodile
Salad: Almond Cabbage
Dessert:White Apple
Drink: Energy Hennessey


Known as the Knocking Master, he is a legendary retired Bishoku-ya who is a complete master of Knocking, able to use it to not only to stun animals but alter his muscle size to become a giant and even revive the recently deceased, meaning that he is a master acupuncturist. He is old and a heavy drinker, when first introduced he asked Toriko for some sake, although at the time he seems to have absolutely no significance. He is later seen in the cave Toriko, Komatsu, and Coco were in with a bucket full of unpoisoned puffer whales. He revives Komatsu (who was going into cardiac arrest) as a way to thank Toriko and him for the sake.

Full Course Menu: Note, all the food on Jirou's menu have incomprehensible CLVLs.

Hors d'oeuvre: Hundred-leaf Clover
Soup: Consumme Magma
Fish Dish: King Land Shark
Meat Dish: Ashurasaurus
Main Vegetable: ET-Rice
Salad: Grana Lettuce
Dessert: Oasis Melon
Drink: Dotham's Sake



IGO's Development Bureau Director and Gourmet Research Facility Chief, he is IGO's #3 person, with authority below the CEO and President. He is an old friend of Toriko's and has the same body type. He runs IGO's Garden One, a facility where 30% of the world's gourmet foods are made. It also clones long extinct animals and performs selective breeding. He has an incredibly high pain tolerance, able to live through being stabbed in the gut and a hole blown through his throat by a laser beam and heals himself by drinking alcohol. It is possible (but currently only speculation) that he was once Toriko's teacher, as they have similar fighting styles and techniques.He appears to be able to use the same muscle enhancing abilities that Jirou the Knoking master uses. When someone says his name he thinks they are calling him handsome; this is a pun as his name sounds similar to the english word handsome. He seems to be always drunk or just in a really happy state most of the time, only one someone mentions a job need doing or when he is gets angry does he change to a more serious manner.
  • Techniques:
  • Fry Panch: a pun as in Japanese pan and punch are pronounced similarly, the technique is similar to Toriko's "Fork and Knife" except this is of course a punch, but the arm is shaped like a frying pan.
  • Fry Pan Sandwich: Fry Panch using both hand slam in of opposite sides, hence the sandwich.
  • Intimidation: The same as Toriko's and Coco's except Mansam projects the image of a Ashura except the projection has eight arms instead of the six arms.

Full Course Menu: Note, all the food on Mansam's menu contain alcohol.

Hors-D'oeuvre: Alcohol Thief Snail (CLVL 28)
Soup: Alcohol Shell Soup (CLVL 25)
Fish Dish: Bacchus Shark (CLVL 31)
Meat Dish: Drunk-Fighting Bull (CLVL 30)
Main: Bacchus Dragon (CLVL 37)
Salad: Bacchus Onion (CLVL 15)
Dessert: Drunkard Melon (CLVL 19)
Drink: Bacchus Whale Water (CLVL 33)


A tomboyish pheromone and other odor composition user who acts as a beast handler at the gourmet colosseum, a fighting ring run by IGO that pits beast against each other to both validate the accuracy of CLVL rankings and as entertainment for world officials, her nickname is "the wild beast tamer". She apparently has a crush on Toriko as when she heard he was at the colosseum she busily began applying makeup. She is the younger sister of one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Sani. She blush's whenever Toriko talks to her (even if he just says her name) or does something kind (like calling terry to eat with him, even if this is more cute then kind). She seems to have a weakness for sweets. She is protective of Toriko shown when Sani touched his cheek and commented on his skin Rin got flustered and told Sani not to touch Toriko, this lead to Sani seeing her and began critizing her body saying she was eating too many sweets. She also seems to have been inplanted with Gourmet Cells.
Pheromones are how she handles the beasts.
  • Odor: dirivied from the 'battle flower' on an island where battle never ends, the flower affects the animals central nerve system making them violent while at the same time stimulating the body into its peak form, due to this it is also called the 'doping flower'.
  • Super Relaxing Fragrance: created from the pheromones of the Nikoniko Manatee which use the smell to relax nervous female manatee during mating season. The pheromone has been adapted by humans and is used in animal therapy.
  • Endorphin Smoke: a smoke laced with a high endorphin, use is restricted by law.


Bishoku-kai (literally: Beautiful Food Organisation), a rival organisation to the IGO, their headquarters are Castle Shokuyokubou (Appetite's Desire) located in the Forest of Sorrow "Thorn Wood".


The Head Chef of the Bishoku-kai, he has black eyes with white pupils, a thin yet long mustache and he wears a chef's uniform with a very tall chef's hat but both are black instead of white.


Vice Head Chef of the Bishoku-kai, has a currently unexplained ability to roast things with a touch. His name is sometimes pronounced Star-Jun. He is not one to mince words and will admit his mistakes, e.g. he operated the GT Robo the Toriko defeated in the Regel Mammoth. He appears noble or at least respectful to those he considers strong since in his fight with Toriko he set the GT Robo's pain sensors to 100% to test and feel Toriko's maximum power, later he claims that it would be hard NOT to test Toriko. He has a habit of scratching his head with one finger.


Vice Head Chef of the Bishoku-kai. He can suck up large amounts of food with his tube-like straw and has an extra pair of arms. He has the same eyes as Kuromado and Yuu except he has three pupils in each eye instead of just one. He is seemingly very lazy as he didn't fulfill his mission of retrieving the GT Robots because he didn't feel like fighting the Gourmet Association's 2nd and 3rd. He agrees with Staajyun that it is hard NOT to test Torkio's strength. His lung capacity is inhuman, as shown during his brief fight with Toriko, as he can use his breath like a gun or bazooka. After their brief battle, Toriko realizes that he was just playing around the entire time.


Vice Head Chef of the Bishoku-kai. Having a bug-like appearance, complete with wings, Tommy raises "parasite bugs" inside his body and can spew them out at will. The Insect Beasts he spits out have high capture levels ranging from 30's to 40's.


The 1st Branch Chef.


The 2nd Branch Chef, he has the same kind of eyes as Kuromado, dresses in renaissance-like clothes, and is somewhat of a blond pretty boy. He appears to be the most polite of the Chefs.

Jerry Boy

The 3rd Branch Chef, a tan blond man who greatly resembles Toriko in appearance and clothes save his fanged teeth and his veins that show from his nose to his forehead as well as extended earlobes with multiple piercing.

Barry Gamon

The 4th Branch Chef, a stocky, bearded man with protruding tusks. He wears very little clothing, even in frigid conditions, and displays incredible resilience to these temperatures.

Bogie Woods

The 5th Branch Chef, he wears a jogging suit, sport shades, and some kind of shell with a mask.


The 6th Branch Chef, the operator of the GT Robo that Sani defeated. He uses the skulls of animals as shoulder pads and has some kind of sick interest with eyeballs since he wears a necklace of eyeballs, which he collects from the animals he kills and throws them when they rot and stop moving.


The man responsible for the GT Robot attacks Mansam seems to know him. A member of the Bishoku-kai, Staajyun claims he has bad taste. Looks like some kind of monster, a major glutton.


An old man in a black robe that works for the Bishoku-kai who monitors the GT robots for them. His mouth is stitched.

Gourmet Yakuza

An organisation much hated by the constitutional countries, seemingly made up completely of orphans and slumdogs from the crime slum, Nerg, a non-IGO affiliated city. 10% of the prisoners in Gourmet Prison come from this city, giving it the nickname "Criminal Producing Factory".

The Yakuza, seemingly altruistic, are told by the Boss upon joining to repay their debt not to him, but to the "hungry children of the slums".


Vice Chief of the Gourmet Yakuza, he is covered completely in scars received at the hands of Zebra of the Four Heavenly Kings. He wields a single sword and is adept at the art of Iai, unsheathing, striking and resheathing the sword in a single movement. His ability allows his strength to be proportional to his exhaustion, so the more tired he is, the more powerful he becomes.

Gourmet Knights

Following "gourmet doctrine", entrusting one's life completely to nature. This means shunning man-made medicines, putting Takimaru at odds despite his affiliation.


Leader of the Gourmet Knights, nothing more is known except that she is afflicted with an illness.


A new member highly skilled in martial arts, he joins Toriko's party as they enter the Ice Hell in search of Century Soup, as he needs money to buy medicine for Aimaru.

Other Characters

Terry Cloth

A new born Battle Wolf pup that has been adopted by Toriko, it sees Toriko as a parental figure a big surprise since the Battle Wolf by no means become attached to humans. Terry got his name from how Toriko described his fur. Only few foods suits its taste like gourmet world's foods.


A Gourmet Living National Treasure, Setsuno is Jirou's long time partner, and has the same full course menu as him. She has the skill and is capable of working to the level of 8 top level chefs easily. Setsuno attempted to recreate the legendary Century Soup Jirou gave to her at some point, however it is incomplete and she requests Toriko and Komatsu to find the missing ingredient after being impressed by their relationship and strong knowledge and respect of the gourmet ingredients.


A ship captain and old friend of Toriko's, he can tell how much someone weighs the moment they set foot on his ship. He sells ingredients captured by Toriko.


An Emperor Crow (a long thought to be extinct bird) it lives with Coco and is Coco's family. Since Coco's home is on a pillar with no stairs, Kiss is the only way for him to get back.


A large mammal beast Mansem keeps one, called an Hayanpanter. Rikky is surprisely obideant to Mansem. Rikky's favorite food is Horohoro Parfait. It's capture level is 31.

Foods and ingredients

Most of the foods in the Toriko world are mixed from different animals and parts or have been mutated into some totally different. They level depends on how hard it would be to find them. Only level one has been described: a group of ten pro hunters with shotguns can barely take the beast down (this mostly applies to aggressive animals).


  • Toro Eel
  • Friday Monkey
  • Red Haired Pig
  • Galala Alligator: Capture Difficulty Level: 5
The beast with the top ranked alligator meat, it is said that it lives to 150 years and that the older it is the tasty its meat becomes, but so does its aggressiveness and appetite. It appears like a normal alligator only much bigger (larger than an elephant) and has eight legs.
  • Baron Tiger: Capture Difficulty Level: 3
  • Serpent Frog: Capture Difficulty Level: 1
A mostly passive animal its liver is a delicacy.
  • Swamp Snake: Capture Difficulty Level: 5
  • Sharkenodon: Capture Difficulty Level: 4
A dragon like winged beast
  • Troll Kong: Capture Difficulty Level: 9
The strongest gorilla of all, a child can easily flip over a tank. It has four arms.
Silver Back: Capture Difficulty Level: 10
the leader of the the Troll Kongs it has the same strenght as the normal Troll Kong but is more intellect and has long silver fur all over its body.
  • Zombie Taipans
snakes with venom
  • Emperor Crow
considered the ruler of the sky and believed to be extinct. (one lives with Coco and acts like his pet)
  • Puffer Whale (Daphnia Whale): Capture Difficulty Level: 29 but this is the capture level without breaking the poison sack. The actual Capture level otherwise is 1. Classified as a "special caution food"
a fish thats about as small as a normal puffer fish, it is sold in the black market every sixteen years plus being incorrectly handled by many chefs about 100,000 people die from food poisoning. It has the highest nerve poison in a sack in its body and when it breaks not one inch of the fish is left edible. Puffer Whale is extremely difficult to catch and cook based on three factors: The chance of someone getting close enough without scaring it (an action that would cause the whale to release its poison) is probably 25%, The chances of someone effectively 'knocking' the fish is around 5%, and the chances of removing the poison sack without it breaking are about .1 %.
  • Battalion Yeti
  • Elephantsaurus: Capture Difficulty Level: 17
  • Gauchi: Capture Difficulty Level: 13
  • Gerold: Capture Difficulty Level: 15
  • Battle Wolf: Capture Difficulty Level: Unmeasured
The largest and most powerful wolf in the world, it was extinct but due to IGO's cloning it was brought back to life. Its presence is enough to make even some of the worlds most dangerous beasts shake in fear, earning it the name "Legendary King". It can go from zero to 100 km/h in under 1.5 seconds making it the fastest animal in the world. It is says that a group of them lives in the gourmet world.
  • Hayanpanther: Capture Difficulty Level: 31
A large mammal beast it can attack at high speeds (althouge no where near as the Battle Wolf) Mansem keeps one as a pet he named it Rikky. Rikky's favorite food is Horohoro Parfait.


  • Fruit of Shellfish
  • Almond Cabbage
  • Fruit of Rainbow
A fruit that changes its taste to seven different colors depending on humidity and is says that its juice is so concentrated that putting just one drop into a 25-meter pool full of water will change all the water into juice.
  • Cigar Tree
a tree that's branches are like natural cigars anyone who wants to smoke need only light them then enjoy.
  • Platinum Lemon
  • BB Corn (originally from the gourmet world), it suits Terry's taste.


Bishoku-ya: Means "Luxury Food Providers", people who are hired to hunt exotic or dangerous ingredients. It seems that the strongest Bishoku-ya keep a wild animal as a sort of pet/ally/transport of such.
IGO: The International Gourmet Organization, a group in charge of creating and development of new foods and animals. They also are the ones that decide a food's Capture Level.
Capture Level: AKA CLVL, the difficulty of capturing a specific animal or food. To put things in perspective: at Capture Level One, ten pro-hunters with shotguns can barely take a beast down.
Knocking: the usage of stick needles to sting the nerves control the movement in the cerebellum to paralyze a beast. This allows normally dangerous animals to be shipped alive. This technique requires a great deal of knowledge and experience as many beast have complex internal structure.
GT Robo: The Gourmet Telexistence Robot, a high tech robot that transmits one's power and presence, the time difference between the operator and robot is less than 1/1000 of a second.
Bishoku-kai: An organization that opposes the IGO, desiring to control the world's gourmet ingredients, not much is known about them, except that they use GT-Robots in their hunting. They also seem to be made up of gluttons.
Gourmet Cells: The all-purpose cells of a creature called the Phantom Jellyfish, when combined with other cell structures, they enhance the structure's strong points. When combined with humans, the person becomes superhuman and further grows by eating delicious food. Many of the superhuman characters have been combined with Gourmet cells.

Manga Volumes and Chapters


Toriko is currently enjoying considerable success, readers have consistently ranked it among the top five Shōnen titles in the Shōnen Jump popularity polls alongside the likes of best sellers One Piece, Naruto and Bleach.[2] This prompted Shueisha to release the first two volumes of Toriko simultaneously.


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