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For the 1960 film, see Tormented (film)

Directed by Jon Wright
Produced by Cavan Ash
Tracy Brimm
Arvind Ethan David
Kate Myers
Written by Stephen Prentice
Starring Alex Pettyfer
Sophie Wu
April Pearson
Calvin Dean
Dimitri Leonidas
Tom Hopper
Georgia King
Tuppence Middleton
Olly Alexander
Larissa Wilson
Mary Nighy
James Floyd
Music by Paul Hartnoll
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release date(s) May 22, 2009 (UK)
Running time 91 mins
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget Under £1 million ($1.5 million)

Tormented is a 2009 horror/comedy film starring Alex Pettyfer, April Pearson, Dimitri Leonidas, Calvin Dean and newcomer Tuppence Middleton[1] and Orbital member Paul Hartnoll composed the music. It was released on the 22 May 2009 in the UK. Tormented is produced by BBC Films, Pathe, Slingshot Studios, Forward Films and Screen West Midlands. It is distributed by Warner Brothers.



The film opens with Justine Fielding (Tuppence Middleton) being escorted out of school by the police, as other pupils look on. It then has a flashback to 5 days earlier, where Justine is reading at the funeral of Darren Mullet (Calvin Dean). She starts to talk about him, when Jason Banks (Olly Alexander) stands up in church and calls her a hypocrite because she didn't really know him. He is then thrown out of church by the sadistic PE teacher.

Later on, Justine is talking to her friend Helena (Mary Nighy) about staying in and watching a Keira Knightley DVD, when Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas) decides to invite her to a party his friends Bradley (Alex Pettyfer), Tasha (April Pearson), Khalliah (Larissa Wilson), Sophie (Georgia King), and Marcus (Tom Hopper) are having. She decides to go to the party, rather than staying in with Helena.

At the party, Justine arrives and Tasha tells Jez, the DJ to say something about her appearance. He begins to rap about her, when Alexis tells him to stop, and he is thrown out of the party by Bradley. Later, Alexis and Justine go somewhere quiet, and he tells her they are on a date, at which point they kiss. Bradley, Tasha, Khalliah, Marcus and Sophie all receive horrible text messages from Mullet's number. During this, someone puts on a clown costume and grabs a chainsaw, before heading up to the room where they are kissing. The figure is revealed to be Bradley, who is playing a prank on them.

Jez goes to the cemetery to celebrate Mullet's death, and urinates on his grave, but is killed by an unseen figure, who stabs him with a cross. Later, the group have a toast to Mullet's life, and Justine reveals that she can't even remember who he is.

The next day, they arrive at school, and the headmaster mentions that Jez never came home the night before. Bradley threatens another pupil about removing a website he had put up about him. Justine is persuaded to hang around with the cool gang, and tells Helena that she won't be able to make it to her Keira Knightley DVD evening. She finds a teddy bear (stolen from Mullett's grave) in her locker and assumes it is from Alexis. He asks her on another date after this, which she agrees to. She goes to see Jason and he tells her that Mullett was in love with her, and hands her his suicide note. While she is reading the note, a teacher tells her that she will make a great pupil at Oxford university.

The pupil threatened by Bradley, Nasser (James Floyd), is then attacked, and sees Mullet's ghost. The ghost increases the volume of Nasser's music and forces him to listen, rendering him deaf.

Over the course of the day, the gang get more messages, and Bradley believes Jason is sending them. Jason, meanwhile is in art class, and the teacher tells everyone that the guillotine is faulty and they shouldn't touch it. A boy sent by Bradley fetches him out of class, and then Bradley and Marcus chase him into the gym, where they give him a wedgie, but are interrupted by another message, meaning Jason cannot have sent it. The sadistic PE teacher then arrives and gives Jason detention. The girls decide that Helena has been sending the messages and attack her, with Tasha smashing her phone. Sophie tells Justine that she should sleep with Alexis that night, but goes back into the swimming pool, where she is attacked by Mullet's ghost and drowns.

Later that night, Justine and Alexis sleep together, but are seen by Mullet, who tears the badge from her uniform, and re-arranges her fridge magnets, calling her a slut. She returns to school and shows Alexis the suicide note, but his friends tell her she cannot hand it into the police, because she would implicate herself in his death.

Marcus is then in PE class, where he sees Mullet's ghost, and the teacher tells him to go and have a shower, just as the art teacher arrives and tells the head that they have found Sophie's body. In the shower, he is whipped with a towel by the ghost of Mullet. He manages to fight him off and heads outside, running into Helena, who accuses him of trying to rape her because he is semi naked. He manages to get outside, and is impaled upon a fence by the ghost.

Later on, the gang are at Bradley's house, and they have an argument, where Tasha and Justine get into a fight, and Justine is thrown into the swimming pool. Bradley decides to go and dig Mullet's body up at the cemetery.

While he is there, Tasha gets drunk in his car, and invites him to have sex with her. During the act, Mullett appears and pulls him out of the car, and kills him. Tasha runs away, but falls into an open grave, where she lies to Mullet that she fancied him, causing him to decapitate her with a shovel.

Justine goes home, and demands that Alexis shows her the site, where she tearfully witnesses the diabolical stunts Bradley and his friends- including Alexis (who refers to Justine as "Head Girlus Frigidus Bitchus) - played on Mullet. Justine is even more revolted when she realises that she was rude to Mullet because he interrupted a conversation about her going to Oxford, and ignored his pleas for her to stop the in-crowd torturing him. She tells Alexis that he is deceitful and a liar, and that their relationship is over.

The next day, she arrives at the art class, where Jason painted Munch's "The Scream" painting, and tells him that she was responsible for Mullet's death. He tells her that it has been his fault, because he was scared of being bullied, so he told Bradley that Mullet fancied her. She leaves the room, and Mullet appears, and kills him by jamming two pencils up his nose and slamming his head against the table.

Justine approaches Helena and tells her that she is sorry, that her friends, including Alexis were all horrible. Khalliah runs over and asks her where Tasha is, but Justine tells her she doesn't care. Khalliah then gets a text message from Tasha telling her to meet her in the art room.

Before Justine can follow, she is confronted by Alexis, who tells her he is going to kill Mullet for what he has done to everyone. Justine tells him that Khalliah is in danger. Khalliah gets to the art room, and sees "The Scream" with her name on it, at which point Mullet puts a bag over her head, before using the guillotine to slice her hands off. She tries to call the headteacher, but he is too busy with the police, who tell him that Justine's badge has been found near the bodies of Bradley and Tasha.

They get to the art room, and find Jason's and Khalliah's bodies, but are attacked by Mullet. They break free, by stabbing him in the stomach with a screwdriver and head to the common room, where Mullet follows them. Alexis tries to stop him, but is stabbed in the hand with the screwdriver. Justine gets him to stop, but he begins to choke her to death. She grabs his inhaler and throws it across the room, telling Alexis to smash it. He does, and the ghost begins to die.

Justine tells Alexis to leave, but he punches Mullet, knocking a sofa over, and finding Mullet's other inhaler which Alexis had hidden from Mullet when he was alive. Mullet then uses it and then stabs Alexis in the throat with the screwdriver. As Justine cradles his body, she looks up at Mullet, disgusted and says "You know what, they were right, you do look like fucking Shrek!". Mullet then flees just as the police arrive. Justine is then led out and into the police car seen earlier, having been arrested for the murders. She sees Mullet's ghost but then it disappears.

During the credits, there is a sequence where the PE teacher is telling students off, and Mullet is shown getting ready for revenge on him.


Actor Character
Alex Pettyfer[2] Bradley White
April Pearson Tasha Cummings
Dimitri Leonidas Alexis
Georgia King Sophie
Larissa Wilson Khalliah
Calvin Dean Darren Mullet
Tom Hopper Marcus
Tuppence Middleton Justine Fielding
Mary Nighy Helena
Olly Alexander Jason Banks
Sophie Wu Mai Lee
Hugh Mitchell Tim
James Floyd Nasser
Ruby Bentall Emily
Geoff Bell PE Teacher

This is the second time Larissa Wilson and April Pearson have worked together, having previously been castmates in the first two seasons of Skins. This is also the second time Alex Pettyfer, Georgia King and Sophie Wu have worked together, having previously been in the film Wild Child, and this is the second time Calvin Dean and Georgia King have worked together, having previously been in the film The Duchess together.


The film was released in the UK on 22 May 2009.[3] The world premiere took place on 19 May at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square followed by a national premiere at Cineworld in Birmingham on 21 May. Although a US release date of July 10 has been speculated, sources are lacking. The US release come over Paramount Vantage.[4] The film runs on the IFC Festival 2009 on 21 September 2009.[5]

The budget of the movie was under £1 million ($1.5 million).[6]

IFC Films will release the film in the USA via on-demand service in late October 2009.[7] [8]


The film has received mostly positive reviews from critics. It holds a 78% rating and an average rating of 6.0 on Rotten Tomatoes from 27 reviews.[9]

Total Film magazine described the film as "A slasher for the Skins generation" and goes on to say "Tormented catches the spirit of the times without being too try-hard. Quips and snogging take precedence over scares, but its commentary on new technology’s power to intimidate is chillingly apt." and awarded the film 3 stars out of 5. [10] Empire called it "cynical, gruesome fun" and "consistently funny" and awarded the film 4 stars out of 5. [11] Sky Movies also awarded the film 4 stars out of 5. In the news awarded the film 9 out of 10[12], and Real awarded the film 5 stars.[13]


The DVD of Tormented was released in the UK on 28th September 2009. The DVD included an in-vision cast and director commentary and documentaries about the making of the film.


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