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The Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor is one of the annual awards given by the Toronto Film Critics Association.



Year Winner Film Role
1997 Ian Holm The Sweet Hereafter Mitchell Stephens
1998 Ian McKellen Gods and Monsters James Whale
1999 Kevin Spacey American Beauty Lester Burnham


Year Winner Film Role
2000 Benicio del Toro Traffic Javier Rodriguez
2001 Ed Harris Pollock Jackson Pollock
2002 Nicolas Cage Adaptation. Charlie and Donald Kaufman
2003 Bill Murray Lost in Translation Bob Harris
2004 Paul Giamatti Sideways Miles Raymond
2005 Philip Seymour Hoffman Capote Truman Capote
2006 Sacha Baron Cohen Borat: Cultural Learnings of America... Borat Sagdiyev
2007 Viggo Mortensen Eastern Promises Nikolai Luzhin
2008 Mickey Rourke The Wrestler Randy Robinson
2009 Nicolas Cage Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Terence McDonagh


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