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Totally Spies
Totally Spies logo.jpg

Spies, from left to right: Clover, Alex and Sam
Genre Action, Comedy, Teen , Drama
Format Animated series
Created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay
David Michel
Voices of (English version)

Katie Leigh as Alex (Season 1-2), Dominique and Carmen
Katie Griffin as Alex (Season 3-5)
Jennifer Hale as Sam, Mandy and Gabby
Andrea Baker as Clover, Caitlin and Crimson
Jess Harnell as Jerry Lewis (Season 1-2)
Adrian Truss as Jerry Lewis (Season 3-5)
Lindsay Ridgeway as Britney (Season 2)
Kath Soucie as Stella (Season 2)
Joshua Seth as Arnold

Tara Strong

(French version)
Céline Mauge as Alex, Mandy and Carmen
Claire Guyot as Sam and Gabby
Fily Keita as Clover and Stella
Jean-Claude Donda as Jerry and Terence
Laura Préjean as G.L.A.D.I.S.
Donald Reignoux as Arnold
Dan Hennessey
Janet-Laine Green

Country of origin  France
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 130 (List of episodes)
Running time approximate 22 minutes
Distributor Disney XD Europe
Canal France International
Original channel TF1, TELETOON
Original run November 3, 2001 – March 31, 2007(France)
Followed by Totally Spies: The Movie
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Totally Spies! is an animated television series produced by the French company Marathon Production. Production began in 2001; in 2008 the show ran its fifth season. The movie aired in France on July 22, 2009.



Totally Spies features the adventures and missions of three Totally Spies! (Sam, Clover, and Alex) led by the founder and administer of WOOHP, Jerry Lewis. The surnames for the Spies are either not revealed or unknown. For example, Sam introduces herself as "Samantha Simpson" in one episode, and in another she is called "Sammy Kins," though that was only a nickname that Alex gave to her.

Samantha is usually referred to as Sam. She has long, wavy red hair with a widow's peak . She wears a green catsuit. She is the most intelligent, responsible, and mature of the girls. She always comforts the girls when they are in trouble. She also prevents the others from getting distracted. She is the leader of the spies.

Clover has short, straight blonde hair. She wears a red catsuit. She is the show's most stereotypical character. Clover is addicted to shopping, boy-crazy, and an overall teenage "fashionista".She also sometimes leads the spies. Her biggest rival Mandy manages to torment her in nearly every episode mostly over boys and clothes.She is the leader of the spies in Season 5, with Sam being the leader in the past seasons.

Alexandra has short, straight black hair and dark skin. She wears a yellow catsuit. Despite her clumsiness, Alex excels in athletics-- particularly in soccer. She is funny and always there for her friends. Though she is somewhat of a tomboy compared to Clover and Sam, Alex is just as eager when it comes to fashion and boys.

Britney has long, straight, dark-blue hair. She wears a blue catsuit. She is a friend of the spies who is sometimes featured in their missions. When introduced to the other spies she was eager to become friends and seems oblivious to Alex's jealousy. Eventually the two girls put aside their differences and become friends.

Mandy is the girls' rival. She is a bit of a show off. She is insensitive, controlling and a typical popular girl. She also challenges Clover to beat her at certain things like fashion and boys. It is obvious that she is high up in the social chain and is constantly trying to prove this, much to Clover's annoyance.

Jerry is founder and administrator of WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection). He is a middle-aged, very serious British gentleman. He briefs the girls on their missions, distributes their gadgets, and provides mission support with information or direct involvement. He often annoys the girls with his attitude and constant missions but when in danger the girls are there to help. It is also known that he has trouble keeping his spy identity a secret from his nosy mother who has only been mentioned a few times in the season.


Every mission assigned to the spies by WOOHP involves several gadgets given to them by Jerry (or, in seasons 3 and 4, G.L.A.D.I.S.). Missions not assigned by WOOHP usually use old gadgets kept by the girls in case of emergencies. WOOHP gadgets often have acronyms that spell out ironic or comical words (often accompanied by reactions from the spies) such as RASH and KURTT. Almost all missions involve the red, green and yellow catsuits, but these are sometimes overridden by other apparel (for example the UPWATI). Most gadgets are pink, but in season 3 the color purple mostly replaced pink as the primary colour for gadgets. There are more gadgets, for example: the heart shape jet backpacks, lazer lipstick, the compowder and many more.

Jerry also uses gadgets, but, being middle-aged instead of adolescent, he uses more "adult-friendly" gadgets. These are often disguised as regular objects, and are usually colored red, green or yellow.


For the first three seasons, the villains featured in the series were generally one-shot characters used for a single episode. Most of them intend to oppose the world because they have suffered some major disappointment (such as being constantly rejected by men or women) or trauma. Only a few villains ever made a second appearance, which always focused around them attempting to get revenge on the girls for foiling their original scheme.

In the Season three finale, the show gave the Spies an actual arch-nemesis in the form of Terry Lewis, Jerry's evil twin brother. Terence was supposed to be the show's final villain, being the main antagonist of the three-part episode "Evil Promotion Much?", originally intended as the series finale. When the show was renewed for a 4th season, Terence was brought back and given a major role as the main enemy of the girls. He forms a Legion of Doom-style organization called LAMOS, composed of the show's recurring villains, in order to battle the spies.


The World Organization Of Human Protection (or WOOHP) is a fictional worldwide spy agency in the animated series Totally Spies. Founded and headed by Jerry James Lewis, WOOHP uses cutting-edge technology and highly skilled agents to fight crime and diffuse humanitarian crises all over the world. Its headquarters is located in Downtown Los Angeles. The building itself has been shown to be in the shape of a W.

Clover, Sam, and Alex are their top three superspies, frequently called in to solve the most difficult cases worldwide. When he needs them, Jerry can "WOOHP" them to his office at the press of a button from wherever they might be. This is usually done via vacuum tunnels that lead to the office, but they have also been blasted to their destination via rocket ship, teleported, picked right off the freeway via helicopter, and scooped up by a passing train. On missions, Jerry provides the spies with information, analyzes clues, and occasionally steps in to give them a hand.

In season three, Jerry added the computer system G.L.A.D.I.S. (Gadget Lending And Distributing Interactive System) to help him run his office but GLADIS tends to have a mind of her own. GLADIS has been met with a fair share of hostility from fans , which claim that because she now distributes the gadgets she tends to reduce Jerry to a subordinate role in WOOHP, even though he is the founder and administrator. After two seasons, GLADIS. was written off the show in Season five as have been deactivated due to its attitude.

WOOHP is shown to actually have three branches. One in America, one in Europe, and one in Australia. In addition, it was revealed to have a sister organization: WOOAP, the World Organization of Animal Protection.[1]


Totally Spies features a total of 5 seasons with 130 episodes, even though the last season was only shown in Canada, France, Brazil, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Romania, Estonia, Australia, Russia, and Southeast Asia (through Disney Channel Asia).

Video games

The Totally Spies series was initially followed up with two video games titled Totally Spies! and Totally Spies! 2: Undercover. Both were developed by Mistic Software and published by Atari for the Nintendo GBA and/or DS.. [2][3] IGN rates Totally Spies! 2: Undercover with a score of 4.0/10 citing poor overall game presentation. Totally Spies! 3: Secret Agents has been recently released in Europe and Australia for the Nintendo DS. [4] Totally Spies! Totally Party was released in North America, Europe and Australia for the PlayStation 2, Wii and PC. [5][6]


It has been confirmed by Guillaume Rostain, executive producer of Marathon Media, that there will be a Totally Spies spinoff.[7] The show is called The Amazing Spiez and will feature new characters as spies, but Sam, Clover, and Alex are said to be making appearances throughout the series. Jerry is also seen saying his famous "Hello, Spies!" phrase. It focuses on 4 young 12-year-old siblings Lee, Megan, Marc and Tony Clark with more improvement on their gadgets.[8] The show did have its world premiere on March 15, 2009 on Disney Channel Asia.


A Totally Spies! comic book comes out 12 times a year in Sweden.[9] A book with about 90 pages come out every month in Brazil as well. Each book represents an episode. They have another comic called Totally Spies Unleashed, this opens with “I Hate the 80s!” in which a bad guy has invented a retro ray that also de-ages people. The story is fast-moving, with something new on every page, and plenty of subplots. The second story, “Attack of the 50 Ft. Tall Mandy”, turns their nemesis into a giant in a plot that involves a beauty contest and an escaped evil scientist.[10]


The reception for Totally Spies! has been mostly positive. The show is elected as 'Best performing cartoon' (Channel 4, UK), has the best ratings (Fox kids UK), and is number 1 in its timeslot in France (TF1 and Jetix), Italy (Italia Uno), the Netherlands (Fox Kids, now Disney XD), Brazil (TV Globo) and the US (Cartoon Network), The Den in Ireland was the first TV station in Europe to show new series and episodes. The show has sold to more than 100 countries. In 2004, it was Cartoon Network's second highest rated show.[11] The show is popular among girls and boys, with, according to David Michel (Co-creator and co-producer of Totally Spies) "a 50% boys 50% girls audience ratio, whereas everybody was predicting the show would score very low on boys". It is also so popular, that, in some parts of the world, a whole range of merchandising was put on the market, with Totally Spies stationary, dolls, DVDs, computergames, quilt covers, and even costumes.[12] McDonalds also had their own Totally Spies merchandising, having Totally Spies gadgets put with ones McDonalds happy meal,[13] and a performance of 'the spies' in the nearest restaurant if one would finish a colouring picture.[14]

Most of the negative reactions and criticism are because the show is said to mimic anime. Anime Insider, a magazine formerly published by Wizard Entertainment, was especially harsh on the show. According to the Oban Star Racer Artbook, Savin Yeatman-Eiffel creator of (Oban Star Racer) was concerned when the scripts writers of Totally Spies was hired for his animation show he said that Totally Spies has good qualities but that their work didn't fit in with his own story and characters. Some of their lines in the script was rather stereotypical girlish which was something Savin greatly opposed. Most of the scripts and lines did not make it into the show after Savin made a deal with the script writers. [15]


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