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Tourist Trap
Directed by David Schmoeller
Written by David Schmoeller
J. Larry Carroll
Starring Chuck Connors
Tanya Roberts
Jocelyn Jones
Jon Van Ness
Robin Sherwood
Dawn Jeffory
Distributed by Compass International Pictures
Release date(s) 16 March 1979 (USA)
Running time 90 min.
Language English

Tourist Trap is a 1979 horror film directed by David Schmoeller, revolving around a group of friends who wind up stranded at Mr. Slausen's "museum," where the mannequins are very lifelike. Schmoeller co-wrote the script with J. Larry Carroll.




Four teenagers searching for a missing friend stumble upon Slausen's Lost Oasis, an abandoned tourist trap featuring eerily lifelike mannequins. The owner is a genial yet slightly strange middle-aged man who explains that when the new highway was built, his museum no longer has any business. As the night goes on, one by one, the teenagers disappear into Slausen's nearby house, never to come out. What they do not know is that hidden inside the home is Mr. Slausen's younger brother Davey, insane yet gifted with telekinesis, superhuman strength, and a talent for building mannequins.


Although the film was not a success during its initial release, repeated showings on cable in the 1980s made the film accessible to many who missed its first run. Author Stephen King, in his book Danse Macabre, praised the film as an obscure classic. The film's small cult following comes from the film's unique, eerie subject matter (mannequins), as well as its offbeat sense of humor.

Also of note is the film's score, by Pino Donaggio. The film boasts an eccentric main title, featuring a slide whistle, wood blocks, and strange sound effects. The mannequins' theme features breathy, agitated female vocalizations.

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