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Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 movie poster
Directed by John Lasseter
Lee Unkrich
Ash Brannon
Produced by Karen Robert Jackson
Helene Plotkin
Written by Andrew Stanton
Rita Hsiao
Doug Chamberlain
Chris Webb
John Lasseter
Pete Docter
Ash Brannon
Andrew Stanton
Story Supervisor:
Dan Jeup
Joe Ranft
Starring Tom Hanks
Tim Allen
Joan Cusack
Kelsey Grammer
Don Rickles
Jim Varney
Wallace Shawn
John Ratzenberger
Wayne Knight
John Morris
Laurie Metcalf
Estelle Harris
Jonathan Harris
Andrew Stanton
Music by Randy Newman
Cinematography Sharon Calahan
Editing by Lee Unkrich
Edie Bleiman
David Ian Salter
Studio Pixar Animation Studios
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s) November 19, 1999 (1999-11-19)
Running time 92 minutes
Language English
Budget $90 million
Gross revenue $485,752,179
Preceded by Toy Story
Followed by Toy Story 3

Toy Story 2 is a 1999 CGI family film, the third Disney/Pixar feature film, and the sequel to Toy Story, which features the adventures of a group of toys that come to life when humans are not around to see them. Like the first film, Toy Story 2 was produced by Pixar Animation Studios, directed by John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich and Ash Brannon, and released by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista Distribution in the United States on November 19, 1999,[1] in some parts of Australia on December 2, 1999 and the United Kingdom on 11 February 2000. Toy Story 2 was re-released in a double feature with Toy Story in Disney Digital 3-D on October 2, 2009, and Toy Story 3 is scheduled for release on June 18, 2010.

The movie keeps most of the original characters and voices from the first movie, including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, Jim Varney, Wallace Shawn, Annie Potts, John Ratzenberger, John Morris, and Laurie Metcalf. They are joined by new characters voiced by Jodi Benson, Joan Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Estelle Harris, and Wayne Knight.



Woody prepares to go to summer camp with Andy for the weekend, but Andy accidentally rips Woody's arm while playing with his toys before leaving, forcing Andy to place Woody on a shelf and stay behind. There he discovers that Andy's mother is having a yard sale, to where she takes a fellow shelved toy, Wheezy, an old rubber penguin with a broken squeaker, to be sold. Woody sneaks down to the yard sale with the help of Andy's pet dog Buster and saves Wheezy, but is accidentally left outside and found by an enthusiastic toy collector, who ends up stealing him when Andy's mother refuses to sell him. Buzz chases after the collector's car as he drives away, but quickly loses him. Back at Andy's room, Buzz and the other toys determine that the thief is Al McWhiggin, owner of Al's Toy Barn. Buzz recruits Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head, Rex and Hamm to go out and save Woody.

In Al's apartment, Woody discovers that he is a valuable collectible based on Woody's Roundup, a popular children's TV show from the 1950s, and meets three other toys from the franchise: Jessie, his yodeling cowgirl sidekick; Bullseye, his trusted horse companion; and Stinky Pete the Prospector, who is in mint condition inside his unopened box. With Woody's inclusion and his collection complete, Al plans to sell his Woody's Roundup merchandise to a toy museum in Tokyo, Japan. The three other toys are excited about the trip, but Woody, still being Andy's toy, wishes to return home, though putting himself at odds with Jessie, who fears going back to storage. Woody's arm is then fixed by a repairman, and he makes plans to escape and return to Andy once again. Stinky Pete asks Woody to talk to Jessie, who reveals that she too was once owned and by a child, a girl named Emily, until she was forgotten and given away as her owner grew up. Realizing he cannot stop Andy from one day doing the same to him, Woody warms up to the idea of going to the museum and decides to stay.

Meanwhile, Buzz and the other toys reach the Al's Toy Barn store across the street from Al's apartment. Shortly after splitting up with the other toys, Buzz encounters a newer Buzz Lightyear action figure who (like the original Buzz from the first film) believes himself to be a real space ranger. The two Buzzes fight, but Buzz #2 overpowers Buzz #1 and ends up being mistakenly taken by the others in their search for Woody. Buzz #1 chases after the team, inadvertently letting loose an action figure of Emperor Zurg, Buzz's arch-nemesis, who sets out to destroy him. Buzz catches up with the others as they find Woody and attempt to take him back home, but Woody refuses to go. Buzz vehemently reminds him that he is a toy, as Woody once told Buzz, and that toys are meant to be played with by children. Woody soon returns to his senses and convinces Jessie and Bullseye to come with him to become Andy's toys, but Stinky Pete, seeing the museum trip as his only chance to become immortal since he was never sold, breaks out of his box and separates Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye from the others.

As Al packs up Woody with the rest of the merchandise and drives off to the airport to ship them, Buzz #1 and the team carjack a Pizza Planet delivery truck while Buzz #2 remains behind to keep Emperor Zurg occupied. In the baggage-handling area of the airport, Stinky Pete faces off against Buzz and Woody, but is distracted by the other toys and stuffed in a little girl's backpack to be taken in and played with. Jessie ends up being boarded on the airplane for Japan, but Woody, Buzz, and Bullseye manage to save her just before the plane lifts off with Woody. The toys return home just before Andy comes back from camp and await his return. Andy takes in Jessie and Bullseye as his new toys and fixes Woody's arm, with extra stuffing and Wheezy's squeaker the following morning. The toys also learn that Al's business and mood have sharply declined due to his failure to sell and deliver the merchandise to the museum. As the new toys become accustomed to having a new owner, Woody and Buzz accept the fact that Andy will eventually grow up, but they will still have each other.

Voice cast



Toy Story 2 was not originally intended for release in theaters. Disney asked Pixar to make a direct-to-video sequel for the original Toy Story with a 60 minute running time. When Disney executives saw how impressive the in-work imagery for the sequel was, they decided to create a theatrical movie, and the plot was reworked to be more epic and cinematic in scope and the duration of the movie was extended to just over 90 minutes. Some animators got repetitive stress injuries rushing to complete the film, which taught the Pixar managers to arrange breaks between each project from then on.[2]

Pixar and Disney had a five-film co-production deal and Pixar felt that with its change in status, Toy Story 2 should count as one of the pictures in the deal. Disney felt that since the production of Toy Story 2 was negotiated outside of the five-picture deal, it should not count. This issue became a particularly sore spot for Pixar, leading to a falling out between Pixar CEO Steve Jobs and Disney CEO Michael Eisner, concluding in Pixar's 2004 announcement that it would not extend its deal with Disney and would instead seek other distribution partners. However, with Eisner's departure and Pixar's ultimate purchase by Disney by 2006, as well as Jobs now holding a seat within Disney's board of directors, these problems have been overcome. This was also one of Jim Varney's last movies before his death in 2000.


Randy Newman wrote two new songs for Toy Story 2 as well as the complete original score:

The film also includes two new versions of "You've Got a Friend in Me," the theme from the first film. The first is performed by the puppet Woody (Tom Hanks) "on guitar" as part of the "Woody's Roundup" show. The second is a Vegas-style finale production number sung by Wheezy (singing voice provided by Robert Goulet).



A video game for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast was released. The game featured original cast voices and clips from the movie as introductions to levels. Once earned, these clips could be viewed at the player's discretion. Another game was released for the Game Boy Color.

Box office performance

Toy Story 2 opened over the Thanksgiving Day weekend at #1 to a three-day tally of $57,388,839 from 3,236 theaters averaging $17,734 per theater over three days, making $80,102,784 since its Wednesday launch, and staying at #1 for the next two weekends. It eventually made $245,852,179 domestically and $239,163,000 overseas for a total worldwide gross of $485,015,179, becoming the third highest grossing film of 1999, and far surpassing the original, and in fact, every other animated movie to that date except for The Lion King, even though both were later eclipsed by 2 CGI movies, Shrek 2 and Finding Nemo.


Toy Story 2 was hugely a critical and commercial success earning a 100% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes (one of the only animated films to do so), with an average reviewer score of 8.6/10 (based on a sample of 142 reviews). It is currently #1 on Rotten Tomatoes' list of best rated movies[3] and the best rated animated movie[4]. The film also holds an 88 out of 100 on Metacritic[5]. It joins the rare number of sequels judged to be "as good as or better than the original."

Toy Story 2 won the Golden Globe for Best Picture Comedy or Musical at the 2000 ceremony.


The film premiered in the US on ABC in 2001.

In Spain, it premiered in 2002 on Telecinco. It is broadcast sometimes on Antena 3, a channel that actually has a partnership with Disney. The last broadcast was on February 14, 2009 after airing of the first Toy Story.

Premiered on RTE Two in December 31st 2006.

3-D re-release

Poster for 3-D re-release.

On October 2, 2009, the film was re-released in Disney Digital 3-D.[6] The film was released with Toy Story as a double feature for a two-week run[7] which was extended due to its success.[8][9] In addition, the film's sequel, Toy Story 2, was also released in the 3-D format.[6] Lasseter commented on the new 3-D re-release: "The Toy Story films and characters will always hold a very special place in our hearts and we're so excited to be bringing this landmark film back for audiences to enjoy in a whole new way thanks to the latest in 3-D technology. With Toy Story 3 shaping up to be another great adventure for Buzz, Woody and the gang from Andy's room, we thought it would be great to let audiences experience the first two films all over again and in a brand new way."[10]

Translating the movies into 3-D involved revisiting the original computer data and virtually placing a second camera into each scene, creating left-eye and right-eye views needed to achieve the perception of depth. Unique to computer animation, Lasseter referred to this process as “digital archaeology.” The lead stereographer Bob Whitehill oversaw this process and sought to achieve an effect that impacted the emotional storytelling of the film.[11]

Unlike other countries, the UK and Argentina received the films in 3-D as separate releases. Toy Story 2 was instead released January 22, 2010 in the UK, and February 18, 2010 in Argentina.[12]

Home Video

Toy Story 2 was released as a two-pack with Toy Story on October 17, 2000. That same day an "Ultimate Toy Box" set was released containing both films and a third disc of bonus materials. On September 6, 2005 it was again re-released as a "2-Disc Special Edition" alongside the 10th Anniversary Edition of the first film. Both editions returned to the vault in January 31, 2009. The film will be available on Blu-ray for the first time in a Special Edition Combo Pack that will be released on March 23, 2010.[13]

Pixar themes


One Pixar tradition is to create trailers for their films that do not contain footage from the released film.[citation needed] In one trailer for Toy Story 2 (released theatrically with Tarzan), the green squeeze toy aliens watch the metal claw they worship coming down. The claw first brings down the words Toy Story, and the aliens react with their trademark "Oooooh." The claw next brings down the number '2'; in reaction, the aliens turn to face the camera and parody themselves with a 'Twoooo.' Then Woody appears, saying "Hey howdy hey, folks! It's good to be back." He is swiftly disappointed when Buzz shows up as well, and expresses his annoyance that the Space Ranger is also in the sequel. Buzz retorts, "Excuse me, Pullstring Boy, what would Toy Story 2 be without Buzz Lightyear?" "A good movie," counters Woody.

Attached short film

The initial theatrical and video releases of this film include Luxo Jr, Pixar's first short film released in 1986, starring Pixar's titular mascot,. Before "Luxo Jr.", a message states: "In 1986 Pixar Animation Studios produced their first film. This is why we have a hopping lamp in our logo".

References to other Pixar films


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Toy Story 2 is a 1999 film about toys who come to life when their owner leaves the room, and their adventures trying to rescue one of their members after he is stolen by obnoxious toy collector.

Directed by John Lasseter, Ash Brannon and Lee Unkrich. Written by John Lasseter, Peter Docter, Ash Brannon, Andrew Stanton, Rita Hsiao. Doug Chamberlain and Chris Webb.
The Toys Are Back In Town! taglines



  • [frustrated that he can't find his hat] This'll be the first year I'll miss Cowboy Camp, all because of my stupid hat!
  • [voicebox] There's a snake in my boot.
  • Ride like the wind, Bullseye!
  • You're right, Prospector. I can't stop Andy from growing up. But I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Buzz Lightyear

  • [as the toys depart to rescue Woody] To Al's Toy Barn... and beyond!
  • Woody once risked his life to save me. I couldn't call myself his friend if I weren't willing to do the same. So, who's with me?
  • [As the second Buzz shoves him into a box] Listen to me! Listen to me! You're not really a space ranger! You're a toy! We're all toys! Do you hear me?!
  • [As the toys take the second Buzz instead of himself] No, no, guys! You've got the wrong Buzz! You've got the wrong Buzz!
  • [To Woody] Woody, you're not a collector's item, you're a child's plaything. You... are... A TOY!! [the exact same thing Woody said to him in Toy Story]
  • [catches Woody's hat from falling] What's a cowboy without his hat?!


  • [to Woody] Yeee-HAAAAAAAA!!! It's you! It's you! It's you! It's you! It's really you!
  • You never forget kids like Emily or Andy...but they forget you.
  • [after she and Woody have successfully escaped from Al's plane to Japan] That was definitely "Woody's Finest Hour"!

Al McWhiggin

  • You, my little cowboy friend, are going to make me big buck-buck-bucks!
  • [takes snapshots of Woody and his Roundup gang] It's like printing my own money!
  • To overnight 6 packages to Japan is how much? What? That's in yen, right? Dollars?! D'OH! You are deliberately takin' advantage of people in a hurry! Ya know that?!


Wheezy: What's the point in prolonging the inevitable? We're all just one step away from here, to there. [he points out the window to a yard sale]

Green aliens: [to Mr. Potato Head, after he saved them from flying out of the car window] You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.


[Buzz leaps onto the car, which takes off the track, spins through the loop, and goes off a jump, where Buzz jumps off and lands next to Woody to help him up]
Buzz: Woody, are you all right?
Woody: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, Buzz. Okay. Here's your list of things to do while I'm gone. Batteries need to be changed. Toys in the bottom of the chest need to be rotated. Oh, and make sure everyone attends Mr. Spell's seminar on what to do if you or a part of you is swallowed. Okay? Okay, good. Okay.
Buzz: Woody, you haven't found your hat yet, have you?
Woody: No! And Andy's leaving for Cowboy Camp any minute, and I can't find it anywhere!
Buzz: Don't worry, Woody. In just a few hours, you'll be sittin' around a campfire with Andy makin' delicious hot "sch'moes".
Woody: They're called s'mores, Buzz.
Buzz: Right. Right. Of course.

[Geri the cleaner rings the bell at Al's apartment. Al opens the door]
Al: Oh, thank goodness you're here.
Geri: Is the specimen ready for cleaning?
[Geri sets his tools up and ready to fix and clean Woody]
Al: So, uh, how long is this gonna take?
Geri: You can't rush art.

[After minutes of process, Geri has finished fixing and cleaning Woody and places him back into the glass case]
Geri: Here you go. [he closes the case] He's for display only. Ya handle him too much, he's not gonna last.
Al: (excitedly) Oh, it's amazing! You're a genius! He's just like NEW!

[Woody walks over to Jessie, who is sitting at the window, depressed, looking outside]
Woody: Look, Jessie, I know you hate me for leaving, but I have to go back. I'm still Andy's toy. Well, if you knew him, you'd understand. See, Andy's--
Jessie: [sarcastically] Let me guess. Andy's a real special kid, and to him, you're his buddy, his best friend, and when Andy plays with you it's like... even though you're not moving, you feel like you're alive,... because that's how he sees you.
Woody: How did you know that?
Jessie: Because Emily was just the same. She was my whole world.

[In the video game, Buzz reaches for Zurg's power source, only to find that it is a mirage. Suddenly, it disappears and Zurg emerges out from the center of the stage]
Zurg: So, we meet again, Buzz Lightyear, for the last time!
Buzz: Not today, Zurg!
[Both start battling, with Buzz holding a footprint that fell down after he was jumping to each one and fell down. Buzz throws the footprint to Zurg and groans, then Buzz jumps over and Zurg blasts the top half of Buzz's body off, then laughs maniacally. The words "Game Over" then appears.]
Rex: [in disbelief] Oh, no! No! No, no, no, no!
Buzz: Oh, you almost had him!
Rex: I'm never gonna defeat Zurg!
Buzz: Sure, you will, Rex. In fact, you're a better Buzz than I am.
Rex: But look at my little arms! I can't press the "fire" button and jump at the same time!

[After Buzz kicks a display of toys and games at the front and all the toys and games fall down, one of them with the Zurg action figure, Zurg pops out of box, then Zurg chases Buzz]
Zurg: [laughing] Destroy Buzz Lightyear! Destroy Buzz Lightyear! Destroy Buzz Lightyear!

[The toys head for the elevator where they encounter a Zurg action figure]
Zurg: So, we meet again, Buzz Lightyear, for the last time!
Rex and Buzz #2: AAH! It's Zurg!
Rex: Watch out! He's got an ion blaster!
[Zurg fires at Buzz #2, and Buzz #2 jumps into battle with Zurg]

Zurg: Surrender, Buzz Lightyear. I have won!
Buzz #2: I'll never give in! You killed my father!
Zurg: No, Buzz. I am your father!
Buzz #2: NO!!!

Rex: Buzz, you could've defeated Zurg all along. Ya just need to believe in yourself!
Zurg: Prepare to die!
Rex: Aaaah! I can't look!
[As Rex turns away, he knocks Zurg down the elevator shaft with his tail]
Rex: I did it. I finally defeated Zurg!
Buzz #2: [forlornly reaches down to the abyss] Father.

Bo: This is for Woody, when you find him.
[She gives Buzz a kiss]
Buzz: [coughs] Um, okay, but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me.
Wheezy: Mr. Buzz Lightyear, you just gotta save my pal Woody. [He coughs and wheezes]
Buzz: I'll do my best, son.

Rex: What are we gonna do, Buzz?!
Buzz #2: Use your head!
[Cut to the toys using Rex as a battering ram]
Rex: But I don't wanna use my head!
[All toys scream and ram the vent open]

Woody: Buzz. Help, Buzz! Guys!
Prospector: It's too late, Woody! That silly Buzz Lightweight can't help you.
Woody: His name is Buzz Lightyear!
Prospector: Whatever! I've always hated those upstart space toys.

Hamm: Hey, Buzz? Can we slow down? May I remind you that some of us are caring over $6 in change.
Rex: Losing health units. Must rest.
Buzz: Is everyone present and accounted for?
Mr. Potato Head: Not quite everybody.
Buzz: Who's behind?
Slinky: Mine.

Buzz: Good work, men. 2 blocks down, and only 19 more to go.
Rex: What?!
Other toys: 19?!
Mr. Potato Head: Are we gonna do this all night? My parts are killing me.
Buzz: Come on, fellas! Did Woody give up when Sid had me strapped to a rocket?
Other toys: No.
Buzz: No! And did he give up when you all threw him out of that moving van?
Mr. Potato Head: Oh, ya had to bring that up.
Buzz: No, he didn't! We have a friend in need, and we will not rest until he's safe in Andy's room! Now let's move out!

[Buzz reaches for Buzz #2's utility belt. Suddenly, Buzz #2 grabs Buzz's arm]
Buzz: Ow! What are you doing?
Buzz #2: You're in direct violation of code 6404.5, stating all Space Rangers are to be in hyper-sleep until awakened by authorized personnel.
Buzz: Oh, no.
Buzz #2: [presses Buzz against the display case] You're breakin' ranks, Ranger! [opens his wrist communicator] Buzz Lightyear to Star Command: I've got an AWOL Space Ranger.
Buzz: Tell me I wasn't this deluded.
Buzz #2: No back talk! I have a laser, and I will use it.
Buzz: You mean a laser that's a light bulb? [activates Buzz #2's "laser"]
[Buzz #2 gasps, then jumps onto the moon]
Buzz #2: Has your mind been melded?! You could've killed me, Space Ranger! Or should I say "traitor"?! [turns on "laser", which beams down on Buzz's forehead]
Buzz: I don't have time for this. [walks away]
Buzz #2: [keeping his "laser beam" on Buzz] Halt! I order you to halt!

Slinky: We've been down this aisle already.
Mr. Potato Head: We haven't been down this aisle. It's pink!
Slinky: Face it, we're lost.

Woody: [after his arm finally rips completely off] AAH! It's gone! I can't believe it! My arm is completely gone!
Prospector: All right, come here. Come on. Let me see that. Oh, it's just a popped seam. Easily repaired! You should consider yourself lucky.
Woody: Lucky?! Are you shrink-wrapped?! I am missing my arm!
Jessie: Big deal! [shoots a plunger onto a cardboard display of Woody] Let him go! I'm sure his precious "Andy" is dying to play with a one-armed cowboy doll.
Prospector: Now, Jessie, you know that he wouldn't last an hour on the streets in his condition. It's a dangerous world out there for a toy.

[after Al leaves the room with Woody's broken arm]
Woody: What is your problem? Look, I'm sorry I can't help you guys out. Really, I am. But you didn't have to go and pull a stunt like that!
Jessie: What? You think I did that?
Woody: Oh, right, right. The TV just happened to turn on, and the remote magically ended up in front of you!
Jessie: You callin' me a liar?!
Woody: Well, if the boot fits...
Jessie: [quietly] Say that again.
Woody: [enunciating] If the boot... fits.
Jessie: [ominously] Okay, cowboy.
[Jessie jumps on Woody and the two start fighting]

Aliens: You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.
Mr. Potato Head: Oh, no.
Mrs. Potato Head: You saved their lives?! Oh, my hero! And they're so adorable! Let's adopt them!
Aliens: [embrace Mr. Potato Head] Daddy.

Woody: I don't have a choice, Buzz. This is my only chance.
Buzz: To do what, Woody? Watch kids from behind glass and never be loved again? Some life.

Slinky: Pardon me, gentlemen, but have either of you seen a cowboy doll with a bad arm?
Blue Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot: Why, no, I haven't.
Red Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot: Hey! He was talkin' to me!
Blue Robot: No! He was talkin' to me!!
Red Robot: Why, you! I'll...!!!
[They start fighting each other until Blue wins]

Buzz: We'll be back before Andy gets home.
Mrs. Potato Head: Don't talk to any toy ya don't know!
Buzz: To Al's Toy Barn and beyond!

Buzz: Hold it right there!
All toys: Buzz?!
Buzz #2: You again?!
Buzz: Woody! Thank goodness you're all right!
Woody: Buzz, what is going on?!
Buzz #2: Hold on! I am Buzz Lightyear, and I'm in charge of this detachment.
Buzz: No. I'm Buzz Lightyear.
Buzz #2: I am Buzz Lightyear!
Buzz: I'm Buzz Lightyear!
Woody: So, who's the real Buzz?
Buzzes: I AM!!
Buzz #2: Don't let this impostor fool you! He's been trained by Zurg himself to mimic my every move.

Buzz #2: Will somebody please explain what's going on?
Buzz: It's all right, space ranger. It's a code 546.
Buzz #2: [gasps] You mean it's a...?
Buzz: Yes.
Buzz #2: And he's a...?
Buzz: Oh, yeah.
[Buzz #2 runs up to Woody and gets down on his knees]
Buzz #2: Your Majesty!

[Stinky Pete is out of his box, and is tightening the screw back onto the heat duct.]
Jessie: Prospector?!
Woody: You're outta your box!
Prospector: I tried to reason with you, Woody, but you keep forcing me to take extreme measures. (turns off the TV with his pick)
Woody: Wait a minute. You turned on the TV last night! Not Jessie!
Prospector: Look, we have an eternity to spend together in the museum. Let's not start by pointing fingers, shall we?
Woody: You really are Stinky Pete, aren't you?!
Jessie: Prospector, this isn't fair!
Prospector: FAIR?! I'll tell you what's not fair: Spending a lifetime on a dime store shelf watching every other toy be sold! Well, finally, my waiting has paid off, and no hand-me-down cowboy doll is gonna mess it up for me now!

Prospector: Idiots! Children destroy toys! You'll be ruined! Forgotten! Spending eternity rotting on some landfill!
Woody: Well, Stinky Pete, I think it's time you learned the true meaning of playtime. [points to something off-screen] Right over there, guys!
Prospector: No. No! NO!! [The toys place him into a Barbie backpack]

[Last lines]
Buzz: You still worried?
Woody: About Andy? Nah. I'll be fun while it lasts.
Buzz: I'm proud of you, cowboy.
Woody: Besides, when it all ends, I'll have ol' Buzz Lightyear to keep me company, for infinity and beyond.


Buzz: [after seeing "THIS SPACE FOR RENT" on his wings] Darn it, Woody!

Rex: What are we gonna do, Buzz?
Buzz: Use your head.
[Cut to the toys using Rex as a battering ram]
Rex: But I don't wanna use my head!
[all toys scream, but the vent is screwed on, therefore Rex could not ram the vent open and they could not break in]
Rex: Oww!

Buzz #2: [burps] Whew, I don't remember eating that!
Buzz #2's [talking to each other]: [all groan] I can't believe it! That's the 5th time! What's was that guy in?
Buzz #2: Sorry, everyone, I had that bean burrito for lunch. Okay, I'm alright now. Sorry.

[in segment 1]
Mrs. Potato Head: I'm packing you an extra pair of shoes and your angry eyes just in case. And if you get hungry, here's some cheese puffs and a key. I don't know what it's for, but you never know.
[in segment 2]
Mrs. Potato Head: And a golf ball, if you have time for golf, and a plastic steak, and a rubber ducky, and a yo-yo.
[in segment 3]
Mrs. Potato Head: And an extra bouncy-bouncy ball, and some extra teeth. Be careful, they chatter.
Mr. Potato Head: [teeth chatter and Mr. Potato Head jumps up] Whoa!
[in segment 4]
Mrs. Potato Head: And crayons in case you get bored, and some blue Play-Doh.
[Mr. Potato Head grunts as it doesn't fit, and it also causes his ears to pop out and making spaghetti-molded Play-Doh, but Mr. Potato Head holds his eyes, nose, and mouth to keep them in position without popping]
[in segment 5]
Mrs. Potato Head: And a dime, call me, and monkey chow.
Mr. Potato Head: Monkey chow? For what?
Mrs. Potato Head: Well, for the monkeys, of course! Come on, monkeys!
[the monkeys from the Barrel of Monkeys (as seen in the original Toy Story) come along and get carried away]
Mr. Potato Head: That's it! I draw the line at monkeys! Get my agent on the phone!

Jessie: [Jessie pulls Woody's string, but it comes off and Woody crashes into the box with styrofoam (and possibly Stinky Pete "mint in the box"!) Woo-Wa!
[Woody laughs throughout, Jessie also laughs]
Jessie: Can--should we just--should that just be part of the movie now? He lost his string. [laughs]


  • The Toys Are Back!
  • The Toys Are Back In Town!


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Toy Story 2
Box artwork for Toy Story 2.
Developer(s) Tiertex Design Studios
Publisher(s) THQ
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action
System(s) Game Boy Color
Mode(s) Single player
ESRB: Everyone
Preceded by Toy Story
Followed by Toy Story Racer
Series Toy Story
For console and PC version, see Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!.

Toy Story 2 is an arcade game based on Pixar's computer animated movie Toy Story 2. It was released for the Game Boy Color on November 30, 1999. A different version was released for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and PC.

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Getting Started
  • Controls


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Disney/PIXAR'S ACTION GAME, Toy Story 2

Developer(s) Pixar
Publisher(s) Disney
Release date 2000
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) ESRB: E
Platform(s) PC, N64
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough

Toy Story 2 is a basic role-playing game for the PC and the N64.




Level Overview

Level # Level Name Hamm's Location[1] Collector Collectibles Racer Race Type Puzzle Boss Boss HP Mr. Potato Head Part[2] Power-ups present on level
Zone 1, Level 1 Andy's House On the sofa Bo Peep - Kitchen table Sheep R.C. Car - Garage 3 lap race Navigating across the basement and pushing boxes Tin Robot - Attic _Red, 3 Yellow, or _ Green lasers Ear - Basement Cosmic Sheild
Zone 1, Level 2 Andy's Neighborhood First level of branches in the tree Sarge - Andy's back porch Troops[3] R.C. Car - Middle of map 3 lap race Blowing up a Rubber Duck and stomping on it in a swimming pool Kite Boss - Top of tree 3 shots, Yellow or Green lasers - Booster
Zone 1, Level 3, Boss Bombs Away - - - - - - Airplane - Takes three tokens to unlock 3 shots if using charged-up laser - -
Zone 2, Level 4 Construction Yard In the trailer Mother Tyke - On the left rack next to the trailer. Tyke Workers Slinky Find all 5 wrenches Solving the color puzzle inside the trailer Jackhammer - top of the girders 10-15 shots using the Disk Launcher Eye - third level of the girders Disk Launcher
Zone 2, Level 5 Allies and Gullies Under an umbrella in the market place Mother duck - near the central drain Ducklings - (Grappling Hook needed to get the other 2 ducklings) Slinky Find all 5 bones Activating the fan and getting on a balloon Clown Top - top of the apartment (Grappling Hook needed to get to the boss) 5-6 shots using yellow or green lasers - Disk Launcher, Grappling Hook
Zone 2, Level 6, Boss Slime Time - - - - - - Slime Monster, takes 10 tokens to unlock. 5 HP using standard laser and green laser - -
Zone 3, Level 7 Al's Toy Barn In a table in Al's office Mother Chicken - past the Bike section Chicks - (Hover Boots needed to get the last chick on the boxes) Rooster Get the chick in the egg in 50 seconds, get the token in the egg in 22 seconds Using disk launcher to destroy 3 locks, jump on the moving drawers Dinosaur - In a big room filled with radioactive waste. 5-6 using Yellow or green lasers, 10-15 shots using Disk Launcher Arm - In the third counter Booster, Hover Boots
Zone 3, Level 8 Al's Space Land At the end of the laser battle zone Mothership - Near a pile of boxes Green aliens Flying saucer 1 lap using the ziplines Using the machine crane to pick up the token. Buzz Lightyear Buggy - In a room where it can be only reached by using the poles. 5 shots using Green or yellow lasers - Cosmic Shield
Zone 3, Level 9, Boss Toy Barn Encounter - - - - - - Big UFO, takes 18 tokens to unlock. 6 shots to destroy the carriages containing enemies, 2-3 final shots using charged-up laser - -
Zone 4, Level 10 Elevator Hop In the electricity room that can be reached by swing from pole to pole. Mother mouse - In the control room Baby wind-up mouse Father mouse Beat the token at the bottom of the elevator shaft. Lining up the wires to activate elevators and open the door. Spider Gunro - At the top of the elevator shaft. 5-6 shots using Green or Yellow lasers Shoe - in the electricity room next to the first baby wind-up mouse Grappling Hook
Zone 4, Level 11 Al's Penthouse On a bath tub in the bathroom, destroy the lock to open the small door Jesse - kitchen table Bunny critters Bullseye Find all 5 horseshoes Make the train stop at the dead end by stomping a yellow button to change the train tracks, then push the box. Gunslinger - In a cowboy-styled room on the set of Woody's roundup 5 shots using Green or Yellow lasers - Comsic Sheild
Zone 4, Level 12, Boss The Evil Emperor Zurg Very Hard and Unbeatable boss in PC - - - - - - The Evil Emperor Zurg, takes 28 tokens to unlock 10-15 shots using spin attack (lasers will not affect him) -
Zone 5, Level 13 Airport Infiltration At the top of the x-ray machine. Attendant Tyke - In a big room beside the small airplane toy. Passenger Tykes Rocky Gibraltar (the muscular guy) Find all 5 dumbbells Use the hover boots to reach the token near the ceiling in a big room The Prospector - On a Conveyor belt that can be reached using Hover Boots. 10-15 shots also using spin attack Mouth - In a big room near the snake enemy Hover Boots
Zone 5, Level 14 Tarmac Trouble On the corner in Zone 5. Passenger Tyke - Zone 3 Luggage Bag Slinky Get to the token in less than 67 seconds without jumping or touching the sludge. Solving the puzzle by turning on 2 different lights to make the token reachable. Blacksmith - In Zone 7 that can be reached by jumping from the wings of the airplane. Same number of shots using spin attack - Booster
Zone 5, Level 15, Final Boss Prospector Showdown - - - - - - - Gunslinger, Prospector and the Blacksmith, takes 40 tokens to unlock the final level. 40-50 different shots using lasers and spin attack -

*Denotes given name in absence of in-game name

Notes and References

  1. All cardinal directions are in relation to the direction Buzz is facing at the beginning of the level
  2. Blank every other level, excluding Boss levels. One per Zone
  3. Only collectibles to use flares

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Toy Story 2 is a 1999 computer-generated animation movie and the sequel to Toy Story. It is the third Disney / Pixar full-length movie. It is about toys that come alive when people are not around.

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