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Tré Cool

Tré Cool playing drums on Sessions @ AOL.
Background information
Birth name Franklin Edwin Wright III
Also known as The Snoo[1]
Born December 9, 1972 (1972-12-09) (age 37)
Frankfurt, Germany
Genres Punk rock
New wave
Garage rock
Hardcore punk
Occupations Musician, Drummer
Instruments Drums, Vocals, Accordion, Guitar,
Years active 1985–present
Labels Reprise Records
Lookout! Records
Associated acts Green Day
The Lookouts
The Network
Foxboro Hot Tubs

Tré Cool (born Frank Edwin Wright III; December 9, 1972) is a German-born American drummer for the punk rock band Green Day. He replaced the band's former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990.


Life and career

Frank Edwin Wright III was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He lived in Willits, California with his father and his older sister, Lori. His father, a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War, decided to move the family there to insulate them upon his return to the United States.

Wright's closest neighbor was Larry Livermore, who at the time was the singer of the punk band The Lookouts. At age 12, Livermore recruited Wright to join The Lookouts and gave him the name of Tre Cool [2] relying on both the French word très (meaning very)[3] combined with the word cool. However, the silent "s" has been dropped in the spelling, as a play on the "third" in his name.

When Green Day's drummer, John Kiffmeyer, left the band they recruited Cool to play drums. Cool decided to drop out of high school in his sophomore year. Instead, he passed an equivalency test and earned his GED, and began taking classes at a nearby community college. He had to drop out of college, however, when the demands of Green Day's touring intensified.

Cool's father, who owned a small company, overhauled a bookmobile and even served as the driver on three separate tours. "I watched them go from a bunch of kids to a group of musicians with work ethic," he later recalled. "On their first tour or two, it was more of a party than anything else. I still scratch my head and say, 'How in the hell did they make it?' They used to practice in my living room here - a lot of the songs they did on Dookie. You hear it coming together, and you don't expect people are going to go out and buy it. But when it does, you just say, 'Wow that's so cool.'"

In 1998, after Green Day won a "Moon Man" Trophy at the MTV Music Awards, Tré Cool famously scaled the Universal globe at Universal studios, but escaped with no punishment - only compliments and cheers. Cool has been the only person to ever do so.[4]

Tré was once notorious for burning his drum kit, on stage, upon completion of every set on the "Warning" tour. He has a tradition also that if he cracks a cymbal during a concert, he gives it away at the end.

Singing and songwriting

Tré sings and plays guitar on the tracks "Dominated Love Slave" and "All by Myself", from Kerplunk! and Dookie, respectively, both of which he wrote and composed. He wrote and sang the subtrack "Rock and Roll Girlfriend" from the medley "Homecoming" featured on the album American Idiot. He also sang and composed the track "DUI" ("Driving Under the Influence"), which was recorded during the Nimrod sessions and was due to be released on Shenanigans (a compilation of B-sides), but it was omitted and can only be found online.

During a radio interview at Washington DC's alternative station DC 101, Tré sang and played the guitar to a short song titled "Like a Rat does Cheese," a song about the pleasure of fellatio. This song was acoustic.

Several live tracks also exist, usually from early dates around 1993, such as "Food Around the Corner." a song from the 1943 Elmer Fudd cartoon An Itch in Time. Another live track, "Billie Joe's Mom" was also recorded.

Tré had also recorded a version of Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain." It was posted on YouTube on August 1, 2007. His cover was mentioned in several news journals.[5]


Tré has used the drums of different companies. He currently uses Leedy drums and Zildjian cymbals. In the past, he used DW, Ludwig and Slingerland drums. Currently, he is still listed as an endorser in Ludwig's website.[6]

Drum kit: Leedy custom maple set in White Marine Nitron with Remo heads

  • 18"×22" Bass drum with a Clear Powerstroke 3
  • 9"×13" Tom with a Coated Emperor on batter and Clear Ambassador on reso
  • 16"×16" Floor Tom with a Coated Emperor on batter and Clear Ambassador on reso
  • 16"×18" Floor Tom with a Coated Emperor on batter and Clear Ambassador on reso
  • 6.5"×14" Leedy Broadway Standard Snare with a Coated Emperor x on batter and hazy snare side Ambassador

Cymbals: Zildjian

  • 14" K Constantinople/Z Special hi-hats
  • 19" K Dark Crash Medium Thin
  • 19" A Medium Thin Crash
  • 22" A Ping Ride
  • 21" A Sweet Ride
  • 20" Oriental Classic China

Drumsticks: Zildjian Tré Cool Signature


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Tré Cool (born Frank Edwin Wright III, December 9, 1972, in Frankfurt, Germany) is the drummer of Green Day.


  • I'm a drummer. I can count to four and repeat.
  • Roll, roll, roll a joint, twist it at the ends [pause] Light it up and take a puff and pass it to your friends.
  • Tré Cool plays the drums in Green Day, and he snorts [he sniffs] donut sprinkles, and [wipes his nose] . . . oh, that's a sweet drip.
  • No man can eat 50 eggs!
  • I don't want you to get the wrong idea. Not all liberals smoke lettuce.

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