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A traffic count is a count of traffic along a particular road, either done electronically or by people counting by the side of the road. Traffic counts can be used by local councils to identify which routes are used most, and to either improve that road or provide an alternative if there is an excessive amount of traffic. Also, some geography fieldwork involves a traffic count. They are useful for comparing two or more roads, and also can be used alongside other methods to find out where the CBD of a settlement is located.

Counting methods

To permanently monitor the usage of a road, an electronic traffic counter can be installed as a way of measuring road usage. In other places people either draw up a table and use a tally to keep a record of vehicles which pass. This data can then be used to convince a local council that a particular road needs to have more work done on it or an alternative route needs to be built.

Example Table from a Traffic Count

This is an example of a traffic count, showing the type of vehicle and the data collected at a particular place in each direction. As you can see, this data has been compiled into numbers from each direction and a total count. The original table (which was used out on the road) used data recorded in tally form.

Vehicle Type Direction X Direction Y Total
Car 48 47 95
Lorry 2 0 2
Van 5 7 12
Bus 1 0 1
Bike 3 1 4
Pedestrian 3 4 7


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