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Train of Thought
Studio album by Reflection Eternal
Released October 17, 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre Hip hop, neo soul
Length 65:73
Label Rawkus/UMVD
Producer Hi-Tek, Weldon Irvine, Talib Kweli
Professional reviews
Talib Kweli chronology
Black Star
Train of Thought
Hi-Tek chronology
Train of Thought
Singles from The Blueprint 3
  1. "Move Somethin'"
    Released: July 18, 2000
  2. "The Blast"
    Released: July 16, 2001
  3. "Down for the Count"
    Released: 2001 (UK only)

Train of Thought is the debut album of American hip hop duo Reflection Eternal, released October 17, 2000 on Rawkus Records. Collaborating as a duo, rapper Talib Kweli and DJ and hip hop producer Hi-Tek recorded the album during 1999 to 2000, following their individual musical work that gained notice in New York's underground scene during the late 1990s.[1][10] Kweli had previously worked with rapper Mos Def as the duo Black Star,[11] and Hi-Tek had served as producer on the duo's debut album.[12]

Produced primarily by Hi-Tek, the album's is characterized by dynamic, high-tempo tracks and a Soulquarians-influenced, neo soul sound.[10] It showcases Kweli's rapping and features lyrical themes that concern revolutionary mentality, love, the state of hip hop, and modern African-American culture.[13] Upon its release, Train of Thought earned moderate sales success and received generally positive reviews from most music critics.



Chicago Sun-Times writer Kyla Kyles gave the album 3½ out of 4 stars, stating "With a flurry of metaphors and below-the-basement underground beats, this train is on the right track. This disc proves that Kweli is a deep-thinking, gifted MC, and Hi Tek is an emerging wax master."[3] Allmusic's Matt Conaway gave it 4½ out of 5 stars and compared Reflection Eternal's music to the work of the Native Tongues collective, while writing that the album "houses enough merit to establish Talib as one of this generation's most poetic MCs".[1] PopMatters writer Dave Heaton gave Train of Thought a favorable review and described Talib Kweli as "a hyper-articulate MC with a revolutionary's mind and a sensitive poet's heart, but he's also a world-class battle MC, able to rip other MCs' rhymes apart in a quick second".[7] Rolling Stone magazine gave the album 3.5 stars and called it "the rare socially aware hip-hop record that can get fists pumping in a rowdy nightclub".[14]

Despite giving the album a rating of 7.9/10, Pitchfork Media critic Sam Eccleston wrote gave mixed criticism towards Kweli's boastful lyrics, stating "Kweli uses the rhythm as a foundation, building rambling, baroque rhyme structures on top of them, exhibiting his cock-eyed 'skills'. This kind of braggadocio doesn't weaken the effort in the same way his moralizing self-canonization does, if only because he can often back those claims up".[6] Vibe magazine gave it 3 out of 5 stars and shared a similar sentiment, writing "Reflection Eternal's great weakness is Kweli's excessive preaching about the state of hip hop, but atleast he cares".[10] A retrospective Rolling Stone review gives the album 4 out of 5 stars and calls it "thick with fierce street raps ('Down for the Count' and 'Ghetto Afterlife'), maudlin soul ('Love Language'), and the type of insightful versifying Kweli has made his stock-in-trade ('Memories Live' and 'This Means You')".[8]

Track listing

# Title Songwriters Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "Experience Dedication" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Dave Chappelle, Talib Kweli
2 "Move Somethin'" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Talib Kweli
Nonye (background)
3 "Some Kind of Wonderful" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Talib Kweli
4 "The Blast" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Hi-Tek, Talib Kweli, Vinia Mojica
5 "This Means You" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, Dante Smith Hi-Tek Mos Def, Talib Kweli
6 "Too Late" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Res, Talib Kweli
7 "Memories Live" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Talib Kweli
Big Del (background), Donte (background)
8 "Africa Dream" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, Weldon Irvine Talib Kweli, Weldon Irvine, Hi-Tek (co-producer) Talib Kweli
9 "Down for the Count" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, Rashia Fisher, Alvin Joiner Hi-Tek Rah Digga, Talib Kweli, Xzibit
10 "Name of the Game" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Talib Kweli
11 "Ghetto Afterlife" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, Nathaniel Wilson Hi-Tek Kool G Rap, Talib Kweli
12 "On My Way" Tony Cottrell, E. Isaacs, J. Thomas Hi-Tek Kendra Ross, Tiye Phoenix, Vinia Mojica
13 "Love Language" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, Helene Faussart, Celia Faussart Hi-Tek Les Nubians, Talib Kweli
14 "Love Speakeasy" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek
15 "Soul Rebels" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, Kelvin Mercer, David Jude Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason Hi-Tek Pasemaster Mase, Posdnuos, Talib Kweli, Trugoy the Dove
16 "Eternalists" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Talib Kweli
17 "Big Del From da Natti" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, D. Geralds Hi-Tek Big Del, Talib Kweli
18 "Touch You" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene, D. Stanford Jr., Dave West Hi-Tek Dave Chappelle, Piakhan, Supa Dave West, Talib Kweli
19 "Good Mourning" Tony Cottrell, Talib Kweli Greene Hi-Tek Talib Kweli
20 "Expansion Outro"
* "For Women" Nina Simone Hi-Tek, Talib Kweli (co-producer) Talib Kweli
Darcel (background), Imani Uzuri (background), Katushia (background), Neb Luv (background), Tiye Phoenix (background), Tiyi Willingham (background), Tracie (background)

Sample credits

Sample information for Train of Thought adapted from TheBreaks.[15]

Move Something

This Means You

  • "Cloud in My Sunshine" by Redbone

Too Late

Memories Live

Ghetto Afterlife

Love Language

Love Speakeasy

Soul Rebels


Big Del from Da Natti

Good Mourning

Album singles

Single information
"The Express" (Non-album single)
  • Released: 2000
  • B-side: "Some Kind Of Wonderful"
"Move Somethin'"
  • Released: July 18, 2000
  • B-side: "Good Mourning"
"The Blast"
  • Released: July 16, 2001
  • B-side: "Down for the Count" & "Train of Thought"
"Down for the Count" (UK Only release)
  • Released: 2001
  • B-side: "Down for the Count (Solo Version)"

Chart history

Year Album Chart positions
Billboard 200 Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums
2000 Reflection Eternal 17 5
Year Song Chart positions
Billboard Hot 100 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks Hot Rap Singles
2000 Move Somethin' - 32 1
2001 The Blast - 48 2


  • Rick James - Producer
  • Hi-Tek - Producer, Engineer, Executive Producer, Mixing
  • Weldon Irvine - Keyboards, Producer
  • Tracie - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Owen Brown - Fiddle
  • De La Soul - Performer
  • Derrick Gardner - Trumpet
  • Troy Hightower - Engineer, Mixing
  • Kool G Rap - Performer
  • Guy Snider - Engineer
  • Teodross Avery - Saxophone
  • Ken Ifill - Mixing
  • Vinia Mojica - Vocals
  • Les Nubians - Performer
  • Xzibit - Performer
  • Steve Souder - Mixing
  • Chris Athens - Mastering
  • Mos Def - Performer
  • Talib Kweli - Vocals, Producer, Executive Producer
  • Monique Walker - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Carlisle Young - Mixing
  • Rah Digga - Performer
  • Asi - Design, Layout Design
  • Rikki Stein - Liner Notes
  • Bassi Kolo Percussion Group - Percussion
  • Big Del - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Crossfader Chris - Cutting Engineer
  • Dave Dar - Engineer, Mixing
  • Darcel - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Donte - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Katushia - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Jerome Lagarrigue - Illustrations, Cover Illustration
  • Little Tone - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Neb Luv - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Nonye - Vocals
  • Tiye Phoenix - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
  • Kendra Ross - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
  • Imani Uzuri - Vocals (bckgr), Vocal Arrangement
  • Tiyi Willingham - Vocals (bckgr)
  • Willo - Design, Layout Design


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