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Shematic map of the main railway line (the Tell Line)

There are a total of 3,973 km (2,469 mi) of railways: 2,888 km (1,795 mi) is standard gauge, with 283 km (176 mi) of that being electrified and 215 km (134 mi) of that being double tracked. There are also a total of 1,085 km (674 mi) of 1,055 mm (3’61/2”) gauge track.


Railway links to adjacent countries



  • Planning starts on suburban electrification at 25 kV AC. [1] June 2009, opened. [2]


  • 18 May 2006 SNTF is to spend $US5 billion (about R30bn) in the next five years on improvements.[3] It has awarded a 39-month-duration contract worth €248.3 million to a joint Algerian and Spanish consortium which will double the Annaba-Ramdane Djamal portion of the 626 km Algiers-Annaba line and upgrade the track for 160 km/h operation.
  • SNTF is to electrify 420 km of the route west of Annaba at 25 kV AC, including the branches from Ramdane Djamel to Skikda (19 km) and Beni Mansour to Bejaia (88 km), as well as the line from Khemis Miliana to Oran (303 km).
  • 18 May 2006 - By early 2009, it is hoped to open the first 16.3 km section of the new light rail line in Algeria’s capital city, linking Carl du Ruisseau to Bordj El Kiffan. [4]
  • Under construction: there are 3 projects to build tramway networks in 3 major cities: Alger, Oran and Constantine (9 km, planned opening 2010)[5].
  • CAF is to supply 17 non-tilting diesel multiple-units based on the RENFE Series 598 tilting trains. [3]

Stations served


New highway construction near Aïn Turk - part of the east-west Algerian Highway

There are 71,656 kilometers of paved roads including 640 kilometers of expressways and 32,344 kilometers of unpaved roads for a total road system of 104,000 kilometers.

Regional highways

Algeria has two routes in the Trans-African Highway network, including the Trans-Sahara Highway, soon to be complete as a paved road running from north to south through the country. The country has also embarked (as of 2006) in the construction of a new east west highway.[6]


There are 456 kilometers of crude oil pipeline, 298 kilometers of refined petroleum pipeline, and 2,948 kilometers of natural gas pipeline. There are also 4 gas exportation pipelines, two existing ones to Spain (Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline) and Italy (Trans-Mediterranean Pipeline) and 2 under construction, Medgaz between Oran and Almería, Spain and GALSI between Annaba and Sardinia, Italy. Both pipelines will be extended to France and Germany.

Ports and harbors

Mediterranean Sea

Merchant marine

AlgeriaStatistics for the Shipping Industry of Algeria
Total: 41 ships (1,000 gross register tons (GRT) or over)
Totalling: 744,406 GRT/766,764 metric tons deadweight (DWT)
Cargo ships
Bulk ships 7
Cargo ship 10
Roll-on/Roll-off ships 3
Tanker ships
Liquefied gas tanker ships 9
Chemical tanker ships 2
Specialized tanker ships 1
Petroleum tanker ships 5
Passenger ships
Combined passenger/cargo 4
Source: This article contains material from the CIA World Factbook which, as a US government publication, is in the public domain.


An extensive air service used an estimated 137 airports and airstrips in 2004. As of 2005, a total of 52 had paved runways, and there was one heliport. The main international airport, Houari Boumedienne Airport, is about 20 km (12 mi) from Algiers. Constantine, Annaba, Tilimsen, and Oran have smaller modern airports that can accommodate jet aircraft. Air Algérie, the national airline, provides international service. In 2003, a total of about 3.293 million passengers were carried on domestic and international flights.

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