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Alternate spelling

  • chootiya


It derives from the Hindi word “choot”/Chut with in turn has the following two theories of origin:

  • Since antiquity the word “Chootad” or “Chootar” has been used for a person’s arse in the Ancient India. Since Choot is quite similar in pronunciation to the afore mentioned word, and also quite close to it anatomically, it is said to have either been derived from a common root or could have come out of the ‘chootar’ itself.



  1. (formal) Someone who is born normally i.e. born through the vaginal tract (not a caesarean).
  2. (informal) Moron, asshole, someone who doesn't have any common sense.
  3. Uncouth
    Us chutiye ko khane ki to tameez hain nahi, jayga date par!
  4. Imbecile
    Yaar vo to itna badawala chutia hai ki chalti metro se challang laga gaya!
  5. Moron
    Abe chutiye, kuch samajh me aata hai teri?
  6. One who’s born of ‘choot’
  7. Often used to refer to the superiors esp. emphasizing on their overbearing demeanor.
    Sala chutia, mai chutti mangne jata hoon to mera band baja deta hai.
  8. A word of love
    Are vah! aagye chutia sahib, ab jamega rang.
  9. To dote upon
    Kitna chutiya hai reh tu?
  1. "Chut maare chutiya, lund moot mein jaye

Akalmand to gand mare, lund bhi halwa khaye "

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