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Trapezoid is an American folk music group led by Paul Reisler. Founded in 1975 by Sam Rizzetta, they began as a quartet of hammer dulcimer players.[1] Two of the four played the traditional hammer dulcimer, while the other two played baritone and treble hammer dulcimers specially designed by Rizzetta. Since 1975, the group's membership and instrumentation has changed repeatedly, always with Paul Reisler as a member.[2]

In 2004 and 2005, the 1984 lineup that recorded Winter Solstice with John McCutcheon reunited with McCutcheon to perform acoustic concerts, called the Winter Solstice tour. This lineup included fiddler Freyda Epstein, who was killed in 2003 in a car accident.[1][3]


  • Trapezoid (Traditional, 1975)
  • Three Forks of Cheat (Rounder, 1978)
  • Now and Then (Flying Fish, 1980)
  • Another Country (Flying Fish, 1982)
  • Cool of the Day (Sugar Hill, 1985) (Lorraine Duisit, Freyda Epstein, Ralph Gordon and Paul Reisler)
  • Moon Run (Narada/MCA, 1990)
  • Remembered Ways (Azure, 1994) Featuring Trapezoid; Paul Reisler, guitars and hammered dulcimer; Bobby Read, keyboards, winds, and percussion; Cecil Hooker, violin; Martha Sandefer, vocals, rhythm guitar and a bunch of Trapezoid’s favorite musician friends including; Ysaye Barnwell, Howard Levy, Mike Auldridge, Lorraine Duisit, Peter Mark Prince and others.
  • Dissin’ the Diz with John McCutcheon (Azure, 1994)
  • Long Time Down This Road (Azure, 1995) A 20th Anniversary retrospective featuring 65 minutes of music. Includes lots of music for hammered dulcimer including a dulcimer quartet and 3 previously unreleased songs. Featuring the haunting duet vocals of Lorraine Duisit and Freyda Epstein.


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