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Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
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The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (OJ C 115, 9.5.2008, 1-388) is a consolidated treaty, which resulted from the changes coming from the Treaty of Lisbon. It sets out the basic functions and policies of the European Union, as it concerns the internal market, employment and social policy, competition policy, monetary union, the four freedoms and so forth. It is the latest update of the treaties, which go back to the Treaties of Rome of 1957.




  • Part 1 Principles
    • Title I Categories and areas of Union competence
    • Title II Provisions having general application
  • Part 2 Non-discrimination and citizenship of the Union
  • Part 3 Union policies and internal actions
    • Title I The internal market
    • Title II Free movement of goods
    • Title III Agriculture and fisheries
    • Title IV Free movement of persons, services and capital
    • Title V Area of freedom, security and justice
    • Title VI Transport
    • Title VII Common rules on competition, taxation and approximation of laws
    • Title VIII Economic and monetary policy
    • Title IX Employment
    • Title X Social Policy
    • Title XI The European Social Fund
    • Title XII Education, vocational training, youth and sport
    • Title XIII Culture
    • Title XIV Public health
    • Title XV Consumer protection
    • Title XVI Trans-European networks
    • Title XVII Industry
    • Title XVIII Economic, social and territorial cohesion
    • Title XIX Research and technological development and space
    • Title XX Environment
    • Title XXI Energy
    • Title XXII Tourism
    • Title XXIII Civil protection
    • Title XIV Administrative cooperation
  • Part 4 Association of the overseas countries and territories
  • Part 5 External action by the union
    • Title I General provisions on the Union's external action
    • Title II Common commercial policy
    • Title III Cooperation with third countries and humanitarian aid
    • Title IV Restrictive measures
    • Title V International agreements
    • Title VI The Union's relations with international organisations and third countries and union delegations
    • Title VII Solidarity clause
  • Part 6 Institutional and financial provisions
    • Title I Institutional provisions
    • Title II Financial provisions
    • Title III Enhanced cooperation
  • Part 7 General and final provisions

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