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Trekkie Monster is a fictional character in the Broadway musical Avenue Q.


Character overview

In the play, he lives in a second floor apartment in a building on Avenue Q, a run-down street situated "somewhere in an outer borough of New York City." His name refers to Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, and to Trekkies.[1]

Trekkie Monster is obsessed with watching and collecting porn on the Internet, just as Cookie Monster is obsessive about cookies. He also has made millions of dollars investing in pornography on the stock market ("In volatile market, only stable investment is porn!"). He sings the song "The Internet is for Porn," which has since become a popular Internet meme.


In the original Broadway production, Trekkie was performed by Rick Lyon. Currently, Christian Anderson plays the role.

In the West End production the role was performed by Simon Lipkin, then Mark Goldthorp and currently Tom Parsons.

When the London production of Avenue Q opened, small hand-puppet versions of Trekkie Monster were sold for two days only.

On 19 July 2007, Trekkie Monster made an appearance in Leicester Square, where had an inflatable bungee run set up. He and his puppeteer took part, and had some pictures taken with fans after completing the run.


  1. ^ Pincus-Roth, Zachary. Avenue Q: The Book. Hyperion. pp. 84. ISBN 140130298X. "Trekkie Monster is much like the Sesame Street character Cookie Monster—but with a more adult weakness... Marx: We wanted his name to indicate that he was obsessed, like Cookie Monster is obsessed with cookies. So we used 'Trekkie' both because it sounded like 'cookie' and because Trekkies are, by definition, obsessive fanatics."  

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