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Trenton Doyle Hancock
Born 1974 (1974)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Nationality  United States
Training Texas A&M University, Temple University
Movement Speculative fiction, Collage novel
Influenced by abstract expressionism, surrealism, Henry Darger

Trenton Doyle Hancock is an American fine artist who was born in 1974 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Hancock received a BFA from Texas A&M University, Commerce, Texas and an MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Philadelphia. Hancock makes prints, drawings, and collaged felt paintings which tell stories of a fantastical nature.

The characters which populate his imaginary worlds include the Mounds, half-animal, half-plant creatures, which are preyed upon by evil beings called vegans. The usual meaning of the word vegan is a human who avoids leather, meat, milk and other products considered by the vegan lifestyle to be unethical, but in Trenton Doyle Hancock's work these people with their ethical lifestyle are merely being used by these "vegan" creatures.

The style of Doyle's paintings and other visual work appears to be influenced by abstract expressionism and surrealism.

Hancock was included in the American Folk Art Museum's "Dargerism", an exhibition that proved the impact Henry Darger's work has made on contemporary artists.

One is reminded of Max Ernst's famous recurring character Loplop.

He is represented in New York by James Cohan Gallery and was featured in PBS' Art21.

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