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Triangle (2009 film)

Theatrical poster for Triangle
Directed by Christopher Smith
Produced by Jason Newmark
Julie Baines
Chris Brown
Written by Christopher Smith
Starring Melissa George
Liam Hemsworth
Rachael Carpani
Music by Christian Henson
Cinematography Robert Humphreys
Editing by Stuart Gazzard
Distributed by Dan Films (UK)
Icon Entertainment International
Release date(s) August 27th, 2009 (UK's Frightfest)
Running time 99 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $12,000,000
Gross revenue $894,985 (UK)

Triangle (2009) is a British horror film, directed by Christopher Smith, and starring Melissa George, Rachael Carpani and Liam Hemsworth,[1] the film was released in the UK on 16 October 2009.[2]



This film is an adaptation of the story of Sisyphus whose fate is for all eternity to push a rock up a mountain; on the top, the rock rolls down again and Sisyphus has to start over. Jess tries to save the lives of her son and friends only to watch them die.

Jess is a single mother to Tommy, who is autistic. Encouraged by her friend, Greg, to take some time for herself, she joins him and his friends for a day of sailing. Soon, they get caught in a freak electrical storm which capsizes their boat, forcing them to seek refuge in a passing ocean liner. Once on board, they realize that the ship is empty. Jess, however, feels that she has been there before.

As the group explores the ship further, strange things begin to happen. Jess finds her keys tossed on the floor, food appears to have been prepared for the group, and footsteps are heard in the halls. A masked figure stalks the group while Jess attempts to unravel the mystery as well as survive.

There are two distinct phases to the total cycle denoted by A and B. Events happening in these phases are similar but not identical. By having an A and B phase the audience is fooled into thinking that Jess is altering the cycle when in fact she is simply playing her proper role in the alternate phase. In each phase there are three versions of Jess denoted by 1, 2 and 3. The phase alternates between A and B each time all the minor characters are killed and the tertiary Jess character is thrown overboard. The surviving two Jess characters advance from primary to secondary and secondary to tertiary, respectively and a new primary Jess character boards the ship.

A phase: (Film focuses on A1-Jess)

Once the group is on the Aeolus they read about the story of Sisyphus at which point A2-Jess drops her keys and the keys are found by the group. The entire group enters the ballroom of the ship where A1-Jess catches a glimpse of A2-Jess. Victor runs after A2-Jess and ends up outside where he is confronted by A2-Jess. A2-Jess accidentally fatally injures Victor. A3-Jess has her character shift and becomes the masked killer.

Gregg and Jess walk away from Sally and Downey and discover the note written in Downey’s blood to go to the theatre. A1-Jess walks away from Gregg and heads for the ballroom.

Sally and Downy are told to go to the theatre by A3-Jess. On their way they see blood trails from where A3-Jess dragged Greg's body out of the theatre. A1-Jess kills Victor in the ballroom after he attacks her. We are tricked into thinking A1-Jess then runs to the theatre but in fact A2-Jess shows up in the theatre. This is because after escaping the theatre unharmed this Jess obtains a knife. This knife is used by tertiary Jess in the next cycle to attack Sally and Downy in the bedroom.

A3-Jess kills Gregg, Sally and Downey in the theatre while A2-Jess flees the theatre and gets the knife. A2-Jess, with the knife, is on the top deck of the ship and is heard running by A1-Jess who is immediately attacked by A3-Jess. A2-Jess has no further role in the A cycle. A1-Jess eventually wins the struggle and throws A3-Jess overboard. The cycle is complete. A1-Jess becomes B2-Jess. A2-Jess becomes B3-Jess.

B phase: (Film focuses on B2-Jess)

B2-Jess resets the skipping record and then sees the new group about to board the Aeolus. In the hallway she drops her keys for the new primary group to hear and runs into the bedroom to see the note to go to the theatre written in Downey's blood. Downey was killed in the theatre in the preceding A phase so this note was made using Downey's blood from the B phase that preceded this B phase.

B2-Jess fatally injures Victor on the deck then goes below deck, scribbles another note “If they board kill them all”, takes a shotgun and loses her locket down the grate. This scene shows the audience that Jess cannot alter the total cycle and is in fact playing her proper role in the B phase of the total cycle.

B2-Jess prevents B1-Jess from killing Victor in the ballroom. B2-Jess then saves Downey and Sally from being killed in the theatre where Gregg is killed. B3-Jess is grazed in the head by B2-Jess.

B2-Jess gives Downey the shotgun and goes to look for Victor. She returns to the ballroom where his body has been thrown overboard.

B3-Jess tricks Sally and Downey into following her into a bedroom where she attacks them using the knife she obtained as A2-Jess. Sally escapes with a fatal wound to her chest while Downey is killed.

B2-Jess searches for Sally who makes the distressed call to the next primary group. She finds Sally amongst a pile of dead Sallies and gives her the brown jacket.

B3-Jess finds B1-Jess and is thrown overboard after a struggle. When Sally dies the cycle resets. B1-Jess becomes A2-Jess. B2-Jess becomes A3-Jess.

A phase: (Film focuses on A3-Jess)

A3-Jess has a character shift when she realizes that she must kill everyone in order to save them. She goes below deck and writes “Go to the theatre” in Downey’s blood before dragging his body out of the bedroom and throwing him overboard. Next A3-Jess drags Gregg out of the theatre. Victor's body has already been disposed of.

A3-Jess tells Sally and Downey to go to the theatre then leaves to get another shotgun and become the masked killer.

When Gregg offends A1-Jess she leaves him alone and A3-Jess confronts him in a balcony above the theatre where Sally and Downey are waiting. A3-Jess kills Gregg, Sally and Downey in the theatre. A2-Jess flees the theatre and gets the knife which she will use as B3-Jess.

A2-Jess is on the top deck of the ship with the knife and is heard running by A1-Jess who is immediately attacked by A3-Jess. A2-Jess has no further role in the A cycle. A1-Jess drops down one level and grabs an axe. A1-Jess attempts to distract A3-Jess by throwing an object. A3-Jess remembers having done this when she played the part of A1-Jess and cuts her off. A3-Jess ultimately loses the struggle and is thrown overboard where she washes up on shore.

Jess goes home and we find out that the real Jess is abusive towards her son. The real Jess is killed by Sisyphus-Jess. In an attempt to escape the loop she puts the body in her car, takes her son and flees. She hits a seagull and throws its body onto a pile of dead seagulls. She gets back into her car and is involved in a head on collision with a truck. She escapes 'unharmed' and is greeted by a taxi driver. Sisyphus-Jess is in fact already dead and the entire film has taken place inside her constructed punishment.

It is likely that the loop started when real Jess, distracted because she was abusing her son, died in the head on collision along with her son. After dying, real Jess becomes Sisyphus-Jess. The cab driver, playing the role of Hermes, escorts her to the harbor where she will join the next primary group about to board Aeolus.

Cast and characters


The movie was budgeted at an estimated $12 million, and was written and directed by Christopher Smith (Creep, Severance). The UK Film Council awarded public money from the National Lottery fund towards the development, production and distribution of the movie, in eight awards totalling just under £1.5m, or $2.9m (using mid-market exchange rates on the date of awards).[3]



Triangle was well-received critically, prior to and after it was released. Rotten Tomatoes reports an 81% acceptable "fresh" rating based on 26 reviews collected; 21 "fresh" and 5 "rotten".[4] Empire gave the film a 4/5 stars rating, and called it a "satisfying mind-twister, with an unexpectedly poignant pay-off" film.[5]

Variety said that Triangle only makes some kind of sense on its own fantastic level.[6] Time Out reviewer Nigel Floyd praises Melissa George's "fearless, credible performance" that "grounds the madness in a moving emotional reality."[7] The Guardian critic, Philip French compared it to a "Möbius strip" in which the viewer "wonders how Smith will keep things going" and adds the viewer will "leave his picture suitably shaken."[8] Fellow Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw remarked Triangle is a "smart, interestingly constructed scary movie", complimenting Smith for "creating some real shivers."[9]

Less impressed was Entertainment Ireland's Mike Sheridan, who does praise George's "fine committed performance, but that can't shield the fact that this still an exceptionally non-scary horror, that will have you scratching your head more than jumping out of your seat," ultimately rating it 2/5 stars.[10][11]


The movie premiered in the UK at the London FrightFest Film Festival on August 27, 2009. Triangle was theatrically released on October 16, 2009, in the UK;[12] December 30, 2009 in Belgium;[13] January 21, 2010 in the Netherlands.[14]

Triangle was critically successful but was not a commercial success. Debuting at 217 theaters in the UK, the film grossed £260,626 ($426,145) on its opening weekend, resulting into a number seven debuted in the top 10.[15] The following week, the film disappeared out of the top 10, falling to number 11. As of October 25, 2009, the film has a domestic gross of £548,903 ($894,985).[16]

Home media

Icon Home Entertainment will distribute Triangle through standard DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK with a release date of March 1, 2010.[17]

The DVD contains, aside from the movie itself, some extras:[18]

  • The Making of Triangle
  • Audio commentary by the director Christopher Smith
  • 3 Storyboards (The Storm, Jess Walking through the Mirror, The Car Crash)
  • Deleted scenes
  • Competition Winners Poster Design
  • The Storm Special Effects Featurette
Region Date
United States February 2, 2010
United Kingdom March 1, 2010


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