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Trimark Pictures
Fate Closed
Successor Lionsgate
Founded 1985
Defunct 2000
Key people Mark Amin
Industry Film studio
Parent Vidmark Entertainment (1985-1995)
Trimark Holdings Inc. (1995-2001)
Subsidiaries Trimark Interactive[1]

Trimark Pictures Inc., was a production company formed by Mark Amin in 1985 and was the parent company of Trimark Holdings Inc. (formerly Vidmark Entertainment), Trimark Pictures specialized as a small studio, producing and distributing theatrical, independent, television and home video motion pictures.

Trimark began with Warlock in 1989, a horror/fantasy film starring Julian Sands which was a major theatrical hit with fans of the horror genre. Trimark eventually made the sequel Warlock: The Armageddon in 1994. Trimark also saw success in other familiar horror series the studio produced and distributed. Leprechaun, released in 1993 starring a young Jennifer Aniston and Warwick Davis as the sinister leprechaun grossed over $10 million dollars during its theatrical run. One theatrical sequel and four direct to video sequels eventually followed.

Other Trimark Productions familiar to the horror genre included The Dentist, a major hit on HBO, Return of the Living Dead III and Pinocchio's Revenge. Trimark also specialized in made-for-television features, which included the dramatic Eve's Bayou, starring Samuel L. Jackson, which received critical acclaim. Trimark also released Stephen King's Storm of the Century, a miniseries.

In 2000, Trimark merged with Lionsgate in which Amin became the single largest shareholder. In 2001, Mark Amin founded Sobini Films where he currently serves as the CEO.

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