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Trinity Universe
Developer(s) Nippon Ichi Software, Gust Corporation
Publisher(s) Idea Factory
Native resolution N/A
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s) JP August 2009[1]
Genre(s) Console role-playing
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Blu-ray Disc
Input methods Gamepad

Trinity Universe is an upcoming Console role-playing game, currently in development by Nippon Ichi Software and Gust Corporation for the PlayStation 3. The game was announced in the June edition of Famitsu. The game will feature characters from Atelier Viorate and the Disgaea series, with fully 3D character models for the first time.


Original characters

  • Kanata
  • Lizerial
  • Tsubaki
  • Lukius
  • Receipt
  • Miyu
  • Suzaku
  • Mizuki

Nippon Ichi characters

  • Etna (エトナ Etona ?) from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
  • Flonne (フロン Furon ?) from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
  • Prinny (プリニー Purinī ?) from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Gust characters

  • Viorate Platane (ヴィオラート・プラターネ Biorāto Puratāne ?) from Atelier Viorate: Alchemist of Gramnad 2
  • Pamela Ibis (パメラ・イービス Pamera Ībisu ?) from Atelier Viorate: Alchemist of Gramnad 2


In Trinity Universe's battle system, each attack uses a certain amount of AP, and skills are assigned to three different buttons. If players execute a string of skills, they can deal more damage. Time is said to be an important element, with players having a set period in which to destroy a gravitation field and escape a dungeon.

The game will feature two different scenarios, Goddess side which features Gust characters, and a Demon Lord side with Nippon Ichi characters. The protagonist in the Demon Lord story line is a devil dog named Kanata.[1]


[1] Official Game Website



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