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Tritons (Τρίτωνες) are a race of sea gods and goddesses born from Poseidon's and Amphitrite's son Triton. Triton lived with his parents, Poseidon and Amphitrite, who was also known as Celaeno, in a golded palace on the bottom of the sea. According to Homer it was called Aegae. Like their ancestor, Poseidon, Tritons' lower half is that of a fish, while the top half is presented in a human figure. This is debated often because their appearance is described differently throughout history. It is said by Pausanias that the "Tritons have green hair on their head, very fine and hard scales, breathing organs below their ears, a human nose, a broad mouth, with the teeth of animals, sea-green eyes, hands rough like the surface of a shell, and instead of feet, a tail like that of dolphins. [1] They are often compared to other Merman/Mermaid like beings, such as Merrows, Selkies, and Sirens. They are also thought of as the aquatic versions of Satyrs. Another description of Tritons is that of the Centaur-Tritons, also known as Ichthyocentaurs who are depicted with two horse's feet in place of where their arms would be.

Tritons were the trumpeters of the sea, using trumpets made out of a great shell, mostly known as a concha. They would blow this shell throughout the sea to calm the waves, or stir them up, all at the command of Poseidon.

Universities, Colleges, and High School's Mascot

There are numerous Universities, Colleges, and High Schools that use the Triton as their mascot to represent their school. Also many club sports teams use the symbol of Tritons as their mascot as well, such as Junior Football Leagues, and numerous swimming leagues.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a well known Walt Disney Pictures film in which one of the characters happens to be a Triton, Ariel's Father, King Triton.


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