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Trollin Withdrawal were a band from Boston, Massachusetts that existed between 1990 and 1995, whose musical style had its roots in hip hop music and was sometimes referred to as chimp rock.

Trollin Withdrawal was characterized by vocalist Non-Robot #27's rapid-fire, seemingly stream-of-consciousness lyrics over some kind of guitar. Ron Regé was the principal percussionist and recorded much of the original audio. Rege was the architect of the "variable pitch" sound characteristic of many Trollin Withdrawal recordings. Morgan Andrews and Andy Bernick were later enlisted on "The Cedar Square Sessions", a handful of live shows and live radio broadcasts on WHRB and WMFO. The WMFO broadcast was engineered by Tim Leanse; it represented (and documented) the end of the band. Four extended play records, one 40-minute audio cassette and a few compilation tracks have been attributed to Trollin Withdrawal, although none are recognized by Non-Robot #27.

All of Trollin Withdrawal's members were either in or appear on recordings by the Swirlies.


  • Drumzena Drumpet Vol. 1 10-song EP (1993, Chimp)
  • Drumzena Drumpet Vol. 2 7-song EP (1994, Chimp)
  • Shit Power! 16-track cassette (1994, Chimp)
  • Magazine Apocalypso 8-song EP (1995 in music, 1995, Chimp)
  • Emil Eye 4-song EP (1996, Erroneous Records)
  • Live at WHRB former web download (2005, Richmond County Archives)

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